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Politically Incorrect

Damn women Liberal MPs--I hate those bastards!!

by Arthur Weinreb

March 10, 2003

The above headline does not represent the views of this newspaper. It doesn’t even reflect my views. If anyone is baffled by that last statement, it is exactly what Liberal backbencherette Carolyn Parrish said when she was walking away from a media scrum on Parliament Hill on February 26 and was overheard saying, "Damn Americans--I hate those bastards". Parrish claimed those words didn’t represent her views. As Rex Murphy so eloquently put it in a Globe and Mail piece, Parrish’s logic was something "between a non sequitur and an oxymoron". Without knowing it, Murphy has just come up with the best definition of the Liberal Party in Canadian history.

Parrish’s first reaction was to bemoan having been caught, blaming herself to not paying attention to the boom microphones that were all around her. Next she threatened a Globe reporter, telling him that if he wrote about what she had said, she would have the media barred from Parliament Hill. Security guards can’t bar the press from the Hill so whatever possessed her to think that a lowly government backbencher could is anyone’s guess.

After making the obligatory apology in Parliament for her anti-American remarks, Parrish decided to go on television to explain herself. If a politician in a real country wound up in the same predicament, he or she would go on a television show like Good Morning America or Breakfast with Frost. This being Canada and Parrish being Parrish, she opted to make an appearance on the Comedy Network’s Mike Bullard Show. Perhaps the reason Parrish chose that venue is that she identifies the Comedy Network’s motto with her political life--time well wasted. Parrish beamed a broad smile as Bullard showed the tape of her offending remarks to the wild applause of the audience. Chuckling and chortling throughout her appearance, she said that she might even do it again. Her only regret was that she should have named the 8 or 9 Americans that she was referring to and not labelled the entire population, bastards. So taking a cue from Parrish I’ll name names. Parrish is one of them and if I happen to miss one, well, I just might do this again.

MP Bonnie Brown is living proof of the maxim that those who forget history are bound to repeat it and those that never learned it in the first place wind up in the Liberal Party of Canada (can John McCallum tell his Vimy from his Vichy yet?). Brown likened the upcoming war with Iraq to the attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s hard to tell why she thinks the Iraqi war is like the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Saddam Hussein will only not see the attack coming if he forgets to turn to CNN.

Brown also compared the U.S. to the Nazis moving across Europe and pondered why the U.S. wants to attack the country--oil, improve the bad U.S. economy, political advantage, create business for arms dealers, deflect attention away from Enron? Most normal people and even the French realize that Saddam has to be disarmed; they just think it can be done without the use of force.

Brown ruminated on the War on Terrorism saying: " We’ve been bending over backwards and I don’t see any payoff". The payoff, sweetie, is that since the U.S. declared war on the terrorists, no airplanes have been flown into buildings by Islamofascists. But this is Canada--we don’t worry about things like that. Protecting the country’s citizens is not a Canadian value.

Last, but not least, there is Colleen Beaumier. This backbencheress, the Liberal caucus’s chief Saddamite, travelled to Iraq, a country that she described as a "progressive nation". After a delightful meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, Beaumier returned to Canada spewing that a war with Iraq would be a war on children. Much like Parrish on the Mike Bullard Show, Beaumier chuckled and chortled when told that she was being called "Hanoi Jane" and "Baghdad Beaumier". The only difference between Jane Fonda and Colleen Beaumier is that no one can ever accuse Colleen of having starred in On Golden Pond.

When MP Carolyn Bennett achieved her 15 minutes of backbencher fame by being yelled at by the Boss for criticizing a cabinet shuffle that did not include enough women, Carolyn Parrish said: "We’re not gaining any ground. The glass ceiling is disappearing in business. It’s not disappearing in politics".

Is it any wonder?