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Canada sends anti-American UN ambassador to Paris

by Judi McLeod,

September 4, 2004

The Canadian Jewish community is understandably outraged that the seriously anti-Semitic Yvon Charbonneau has been dispatched to the plum Paris post as ambassador and permanent delegate to UNESCO by Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Never recanting, Charbonneau, former Marxist president of Quebec’s second largest union, has been vociferously outspoken against Jews.

Only last January, Charbonneau was quoted as saying that "on the Middle East question, I hope that Canada contributes in a more active fashion to the restoration rights of the Palestinian people, without which no hope of a lasting peace can be envisaged."

A long time Liberal MP, Charbonneau stepped aside in the prelude to last June’s federal election after being duly nominated for his Anjou-Riviere-des-Prairies seat. Charbonneau relinquished his nomination to make way for Martin’s handpicked candidate, Pablo Rodriguez, and it now looks like payoff time.

Jew hating is not the new Martin-appointed UN ambassador’s only claim to fame.

Add Charbonneau’s name to the list of anti-American Canadian public officials, along with MP Carrolyn Parish and MP. Colleen (Baghdad) Beaumier. In fact, add him at the very top of the list.

In April of 2003, Charbonneau was flaying President George W. Bush for "his arrogance" for going into Iraq. "He is playing a very dangerous game by riding roughshod over the U.N. He is acting in a very dangerous and irresponsible manner." (New Catholic Times, April 6, 2003).

For some time, Canada has been decidedly more pro-UN than it has pro-US.

In light of the appointment of Charbonneau to UNESCO in Paris, the champers is already going the rounds.

Through Quebec, a veritable hotbed of support for the Fascists and European Nazis in the days of World War 11, Canada maintains the kinds of ties that bind with France.

Martin’s predecessor is former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Chretien’s daughter, France is married to Andre Desmarais. Andre’s father Paul Desmarais is the largest shareholder and director of TotalFinaElf, the largest oil corporation in France, which held tens of billions of dollars in contracts with the deposed regime of Saddam Hussein.

In unprecedented nepotism, Canada’s controversial governor-general Adrienne Clarkson awarded Chretien’s son-in-law with the coveted Order of Canada last August.

Although much has been made of their rivalry by the mainline media, both Chretien and Martin share a mentor in Maurice Strong, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s number one pointman.

Canada is a member of inter alia the commonwealth, la Francophonie.

In 2001, France became Iraq’s largest trading power with roughly 60 French companies conducting an estimated $1.5 billion in trade with Baghdad, under the now scandal-ridden UN oil-for-food program.

Iraq owes France an estimated $6-billion in foreign debt accrued from arms sales in the late 70s and 80s.

Banque Paribas, headquartered in Paris, with a significant portion of shares owned by Saddam Hussein’s cousin, Nadhmi Auchi moved money for the Al-Mahdi network in the 1980s and was the bank chosen to handle the Iraqi oil-for-food payments.

Meanwhile, the recent appointment of Charbonneau to UNESCO, provides fuel to the school of thought that a cabal, populated by French Canadians and European French politicians are working to undermine the United States.

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at:

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