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Royal Bank Eliminates "Rainbow Triangle" Sticker

October 18, 2004

In a dramatic reversal, the Royal Bank of Canada announced that its Rainbow Space initiative for employees to display a "Rainbow Triangle" at their workstation has "unintentionally created divisiveness." Therefore they have made the decision to eliminate the Rainbow Sticker program. 

Dr. Charles McVety, President of The Canada Family Action Coalition says, "I applaud the Bank's sensitivity and quick response eliminating the contentious "Rainbow Triangle Sticker" program, and therefore CFAC calls for an immediate end to the boycott of the Royal Bank".

"The Royal Bank 'heard and listened to concerns raised by some employees and clients' demonstrating that if you exercise freedom, you keep it," said McVety.

 " In a letter dated October 14th, from Royal Bank's Senior Vice-President David Moorcroft, they announced, 'Effective today, the sticker component of the program is being eliminated.' Thousands and thousands of people, across Canada took a stand and voiced their concerns. The Royal Bank heard their voices and did the right thing."

McVety said, "The Bank realized 'based on the feedback received' that the Rainbow Triangle Sticker program 'has unintentionally created divisiveness'.  Without such feedback, the Royal Bank would have continued its practice of marginalizing those who do not support homosexuality." 

Brian Rushfeldt, Executive Director, CFAC said, "Each person that acted by closing their accounts, sending emails, telephone calls or letters should be commended for taking a stand for freedom of thought, conscience and religion."

"The majority of Canadians are not used to taking a stand. However, in this day and age it is very necessary. Aggressive crusades are at work attempting to strip away fundamental freedoms of democracy. The lines of separation of Church and State have already been violated with activist judges redefining a sacred Church institution, marriage. Militant parliamentarians have amended the criminal code of Canada which now labels teaching of morality as a crime punishable by up to two years in jail. Further attacks will be successful if people of faith and good will do not take a stand for freedom."

"The Royal Bank eliminated their attack due to the voices of those who acted to protect rights, however we must continue to be attentive", said McVety.

The Bank will review this program after December 31 " to see if there are any other learnings that can help improve RBC's overall success with diversity."

Dr. McVety believes: "Many other attacks are coming your way so be alert, pay special attention and know that your voice will be heard if you take a stand".

For further information contact

Charles McVety, President, Canada Family Action Coaliton: 416-391-5000

Brian Rushfeldt, Executive Director, Canada Family Action Coalition:

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