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The silver-tongued liars’ playbook

By Paul Driessen

Coal-fired power plant scrubbers now remove 80-90 % of airborne particulate, mercury, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other pollutants. But that means “fly ash” and noncombustible residues (what we used to call clinkers) must be sent to landfills. That’s opened a new front for anti-energy activists, who use accidents, “detectable” pollutants in water, and scary stories about health threats to advance their agenda.

Veil Dropped on Congress-Impeach-Trump Plans

By Judi McLeod

Canada Free Press reader Bette Hayes sent a note this morning commenting on the bleak look in FBI director James Comey’s eyes during yesterday’s Congressional hearings.  My response back to her was that the eyes are the windows of the soul and Comey’s have ‘that haunted look of a lost and tortured soul’.

Shadow Government’s Tyrannical ‘Twofer’ Doubles Down on Treachery

By Judi McLeod

In the real time of the present, Presidential Election Campaign 2016 is not over, it is only just beginning.

Election Campaign 2016 is not over because it was never meant to be over if Hillary bit the dust.  What’s unraveling now is Backup Plan II, the contingency plan that would be dropped on unsuspecting masses in the event of haughty Hillary losing the election.

Disastrous National Security Breach in U.S. Congress

By Doug Hagmann

Unless you’re plugged in to the independent media, there’s a good chance that you’ve not yet heard of one of the largest and arguably most important cases of government infiltration in recent history.

On February 2, 2017, three Pakistani brothers with top access to the computer systems inside the U.S. House of Representatives containing some of the nation’s most sensitive information were removed from their positions by U.S. Capitol Police.

Tell us again, Kellyanne, we need to hear it

By Judi McLeod

Tell us again, Kellyanne Conway about how Huma Abedin called you so that haughty Hillary Clinton could concede to President-
elect Donald Trump on Election Night.

Tell us again about that 2:30 a.m. telephone call.  Tell us tomorrow, the day after and any day there after when you can.

Even Michael Savage’s beloved poodle,’Teddy’ not safe from crazed anti-Trump attac

By Judi McLeod

Anyone who knows radio talk show host Michael Savage, knows of his heartfelt love for his little toy poodle, Teddy.

At 74 years or at any other age, Savage would defend Teddy to his very last punch,  and woe betide any assailant—no matter how much taller or how much weightier—who would dare to shove his constant companion aside in any scuffle.

Russian conspiracy an Elaborate Computer Ruse

By Judi McLeod

It won’t need face recognition to catch agent provocateur operatives behind the Russian conspiracy that President Donald Trump and surrogates were in league with Russia “to steal the election from Hillary Rodham Clinton”, because the provocateur in this case was a specially set-up computer.

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An OPEC Deal Extension Isn’t As Simple As It Sounds

It’s been six months now that oil prices have been reacting to OPEC, first to the possibility of an agreement, and then to the production cut deal itself, forged by OPEC to rebalance the market. The deal—initially aired as ‘an agreement to agree on a deal’ in September and signed at the end of November—will likely impact the market for at least the next six months.

The American Health Care Act is a great, and necessary, start

In my commentary this past Sunday, I broadly explained why there is no before the Unaffordable Care Act to go back to. Maybe it was too broad, because some Senators and House Republicans are still saying the American Health Care Act does not go far enough on delivering what was promised to the American people.

RINOcare: it still sucks

Speaker Paul Ryan’s proposed “American Health Care Act” (a.k.a. RINOcare) got a bit of a makeover on Monday. Now the pig has rouge and eye shadow in addition to lipstick.

Do tax cuts pay for themselves?

Many Republicans still believe that tax cuts will unleash so much new economic activity that the tax revenue from that new activity will pretty much make up for any revenue foregone by cutting taxes.


BELLEVUE, WA – Renewed interest by Seattle news outlets in the revenues generated by the City of Seattle’s so-called “gun violence tax” demonstrates that the media is wondering why the city continues to withhold that information, especially considering an ongoing lawsuit by the Second Amendment Foundation and its publication,

The Rock

Following a tour of Nobel Prize-winning novelist William Faulkner’s home, I asked students in my creative writing class how the great writer felt about mankind’s capacity for endurance.

Trump vs. Fox News on Wiretapping

President Donald Trump is usually a fan of Fox News, but his opinion may now be changing. Fox News has been caught misrepresenting its own interview with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on the subject of alleged wiretapping of President Trump, in order to make Trump look bad. The cable channel also threw one of its own commentators, Judge Andrew Napolitano, under the bus for highlighting a possible British role in gathering intelligence on Trump and his associates.

Yes, The FBI Is Investigating the Trump Campaign

Embattled FBI Director James Comey finally acknowledged publicly in congressional testimony that his agency is indeed investigating President Trump’s campaign for alleged ties to the Russian government and collusion regarding the November election.

The real face of Jordan

Jordan is the country to Israel’s east with which Israel has had a formal peace for 23 years.

And its people hate Israel, and Jews, even more than the Iranians do.

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