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Op-Ed, Opinion

Soft on Islam

by Klaus Rohrich

July 19, 2004

Last Sunday a Methodist minister in Coquitlam BC urged his parishioners to go out and set fire to all the area’s mosques. On the same weekend, a Catholic clergyman in Yonkers, N.Y. rigged a couple of his altar boys with dynamite-laden vests and sent them out to blow up the headquarters of the Muslim-american association of New York. a month previous, a Baptist minister in atlanta, Georgia called for the eradication of all Muslims and told his church that if they died while engaged in the act of killing Muslim "Infidels", they would be guaranteed a spot in Heaven, at the right hand of Jesus. a Rabbi in Stockholm, Sweden urged his Schul to form up gangs and "smite Muslims, wherever they may find them".

Sound absurd? Of course it does, as no Christian or Jewish cleric today would dream of doing anything of the sort. However, that isn’t the case with the world’s fastest growing religion. almost daily, Islamic clerics are calling for, among other things, the destruction of Israel, the destruction of the Great Satan, america, the killing of infidel tourists around the world and the death of all Jews.

However, there is little or no reaction from the so-called civilized world to this genocidal ranting. In fact, the West seems to tiptoe around anything to do with Islamic malfeasance. I do not understand this. Is it because we are afraid that by excoriating their racist slander, they will turn on us, or is it because of some misguided sense of tolerance and acceptance of cultural differences?

It isn’t just "isolated incidents" that I am referring to, as the evidence is available almost everywhere. Recent postings on an arabic language message board talk about "Jihad tourism in america and the European countries". The postings talk about Islamic successes in Spain "and that it made Europe reconsider its decision once again and that it stirred public opinion…" It boasted of how the Jihad did not affect any Muslims, but only infidels. It explained that the Jihad must be transferred "to the theatre of operations and conflagration to their land, so that the casualties are from their sons…"

But we needn’t go as far as the Internet to find evidence of Islamic hatred for all things western. In our own society, there are numerous Imams who urge Jihad upon their flock. after September 11, 2001, it was extremely difficult to find an Islamic cleric that would outright condemn the actions of the hijackers. as I recall, there was one that tepidly condemned the actions as "wrongheaded". Wrongheaded?! I’d say it was a little more than that!

In Britain the so-called moderate Islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi talked about liberating Israel through the use of "children bombs". That’s not the bizarre part- he did so at a conference entitled "our Children Our Future", sponsored by the Metropolitan Police and the Department for Work and pensions. Does anyone else see anything incongruent about this?

Back in 1989, when the ayatollah Khomeini called for the killing of author Salman Rushdie, who is a British subject, British Muslims marched through the streets of London chanting "death to Rushdie". What would happen if George Bush issued a "hit" on, say, Islamic writer aeisha Muhammad because she wants to kill, maim and embarrass americans. My guess is that the outcry emanating from the Four Corners of the earth would be enough to wake the dead.

So why is that when Muslims do exactly that, there is hardly a peep from any of the peace-loving, egalitarian Western liberals? Do they feel guilty because they live in an affluent Judeo-Christian culture? Do they want our culture to be destroyed because Bush is in the White House? Or is it a sense of jealousy against america, as was evidenced by our own Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, when he opined that the causes of 9/11 lay in america’s wealth and arrogance.

It is the avowed purpose of radical fundamentalist Islam to turn the world into one gigantic Islamic theocracy. The only way this is possible is through the destruction of the United States. God help us all if america is ever incapacitated by the actions of these savages. all the guaranteed liberties that we now so flippantly take for granted will disappear. Our rights to free speech, free assembly, free movement and religion will disappear. Women’s rights will revert to medieval levels, as radical, fundamentalist Islam sees women as nothing more than property to be used by their men.

Currently Europe is in imminent danger of this happening, as the only Europeans that are reproducing at a sustainable rate are Islamic immigrants. Within 20 years Europe, as we know it today, will cease to exist. If what the Taliban did to afghanistan is any indication of what Europe can expect, then it is a foregone conclusion that all of Europe’s great treasures, the cathedrals, the statuary, the paintings depicting religious scenes will be wantonly destroyed because they are not Islamic in nature. But worse, Europe will also lose its basic human rights.

Unless we are prepared for this to happen to us, we must not allow Islamic bigotry to flourish in our society. There is nothing wrong with taking a stand against values that are not in keeping with our own. God knows we take a strong enough stand against white bigots. There is everything wrong with not treating Islamic bigots the same way.