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Vintage Marsala

America’s Second Revolution

by Kerry Marsala

November 4, 2004

A few hundred years ago, several groups of people who desired something better for themselves and their families- packed their meager belongings and looked for a land of freedom. They no longer felt an allegiance to their government or their established laws.

These people longed for freedom and they looked to a new land where the shackles of oppression could be broken and they could choose where they wanted to worship, work, live and raise their families. These pioneers, who were the spirit of freedom, didn’t want the elitist kings, rulers and intelligentsia to dictate to them any longer. With a combination of anticipation, fear and desire this group of “common people” would become the forerunners known as the freedom fighters, seekers and establishers of our Republic.

Prior to America’s Election day, many of us were worried about the direction of our country. With the mainstream media constantly filling our minds with images of socialistic values, many of us felt that America had aligned herself with Europe, the U.N, Hollywood and Bin Laden. The desire to remain independent and to remain free though rallied the common everyday American to go to the voting booths and make a statement against all those who think that life can be bought, sold and dumped into a trash can.

We have hope, we have values, we have faith, but most of all we have the drive to keep the elitist snobs where they belong--in their glass palaces of “I am better than you.” Trouble is, those who live in glass houses many times when a revolution begins have their transparent walls crack and smash into thousands of shards.

On election day Americans stated, enough is enough. Americans believe in values, and the message was sent loud and clear to all the socialistic euro trash who were trying to steal America’s independence and sell it to the highest socialist bidder. America and her love of freedom isn’t for sale, she has been bought through blood and death--she is priceless.

Will the New York Times, Dan Rather, Ted Kennedy, Charlie Wrangle, Katie Couric, Ted Koppel, Bruce Springsteen, John F. Kerry, Al Franken, Hillary Clinton and the other socialist intelligentsia get it now? Will the elitist Euro wannabees who desire for us to join the “global test” and be under Kofi Anan now see that we will fight for our rights to keep our country?

America loves her way of doing things. We love the freedom to choose our health care, our employment, our neighborhoods, our economic status, our religion, our education and the American way of life. So what if we don’t look like the French, who cares if we can’t pick the best grapes for our wines! We love who we are- everyday people who love our hamburgers, an icy cold coke, Monday night football and the ability to call upon our Creator.

The old ways of the far left have finally had their last nail driven into their old moldy coffin, known as socialism. The media that has supported their evil darkness have been exposed for who they are--malicious liars. The Hollywood elite are melting as the clarity of purity has been doused upon them (help them-their botox is melting). Our “Shining City on a Hill” has shown her light of truth upon all of those who wanted to end America’s way of life. They can no longer hide in the shadows of our daily printed papers, behind their liberal microphones, or wrapped into their flag of dissent- freedom calls louder and more passionately than anything the socialist elites can ever muster.

You say you want a revolution? We just had our second awakening as American’s. We left oppression back in Europe many years ago for a reason. The majority of American’s just told all the elitist snobs to shut up and go back to their caves of socialistic oppression. We love America as she is- with all her bumps, bruises, and imperfections- her freedom it’s a beautiful thing.

If those of you who belong to the socialist elite club desire to repent and turn back to being and loving what America really is--we will welcome you with open arms and forgiving hearts--forgiveness is a part of freedom and a part of what being an American is.

The love of freedom is what all mankind desires everywhere.

(Kerry L. Marsala writes for, Opinion Editorials; Assistant Editor of the GOPUSA/Arizona; Independent Newspapers and is a regular contributor to Sarah's Seed Woman's Journal; Focus Magazine and The Truth Magazine. During the 80s Ms. Marsala worked as a freelance photojournalist for The Rock Revue and Newsreel Magazine. Writing about cultural, social and political ideologies by using a bit of satire every now and again helps keep her grey cells stirring. Her philosophy remains that no matter the event, you can always find a bit of humor or the human element of hope somewhere amongst the cracks.)

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