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Clinton keynote speaker at China Internet Summit

By Judi McLeod
Tuesday, august 9, 2005

Toronto--Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote address at September's 2005 China Internet Summit, organized by China's leading e-commerce company,

Clinton's address in Hangzhou, China follows closely on the heels of a final report issued by the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) suggesting that the UN assume global governance of the Internet.

"Putting the UN in charge of one of the world's most important technological wonders and economic engines is out of the question," says Senator Norm Coleman. "This proposal would leave the United States with no more say over the future of the Internet than Cuba or China–countries that have little or no commitment to the free flow of information."

The 2005 China Internet Summit takes place on September 10, 2005.

The China Internet Summit, an annual event since 2000, brings together the leading CEOs of Internet companies from China and around the world for a day of discussion and cooperation.

Detractors refer to China's leading e-commerce company as "ali Baba and the 40 software copyright thieves." They undoubtedly will now refer to the guy who covets UN Secretary General Kofi annan's job as "ali Bubba". operates the world's largest online marketplaces for both international and domestic China trade, as well as China's most popular online payment system, aliPay. The alibaba websites have more than 15 million registered users in 200 countries and territories. In 2004, over US$4 billion in trade is estimated to have come from buyers and sellers connected at alibaba sites.

Topics at this year's China Internet Summit conference will focus on China's online gaming industry. No one is surprised that Operation GoldenShield and how U.S. companies that get by because of the 1st amendment right of Free Speech help the Red Chicom leaders suppress speech in China, didn't, like online gambling, make it to the main agenda.

Former President William Jefferson Clinton employs the same translator/interpreter used by current China President Hu Jintao. That would be Charles Qin of Chin Communications.

according to an Internet promotion, "Since migrating to australia in 1991, Qin has established a reputation as one of australia's leading Chinese translator/interpreters whose "clients" include President Hu Jintao and former presidents Jiang Zemin and Bill Clinton. He has built on experience interpreting for senior ministers, governors and United Nations conferences in China."

as preparations were underway for the 2005 China Internet Summit, australia was in the midst of a major spy uproar. Several People's Republic of China defectors have staged a massive espionage operation in that country.

"The Internet has flourished under U.S. supervision, oversight and private sector involvement, " says Senator Coleman. This growth did not happen because of increased government involvement, but rather, from the opening on the Internet to commerce and private sector innovation. Subjecting the Internet and its security to the politicized control of the UN bureaucracy would be a giant and foolhardy step backwards."

How long after his for-pay keynote address on September 10, will Clinton begin shilling UN control of the worldwide Internet?

Meanwhile, the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance report will be discussed at the next World Summit on the Information Society Tunisia, come November.

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