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Consumer Report: Allstate Insurance Openly Anti-Family

by Nathan Tabor,
Saturday, June 25, 2005

"You're In Good Hands With Allstate" is there motto. Sounds like a great place to be, right? Wrong.

David Gibbs III, Terri Schiavo’s former attorney, is preparing for a new foray into America’s intense Culture War. This time the battle will take place on the "same-sex marriage" front, and his adversary will be Chicago based Allstate Insurance Company.

Gibbs has introduced to America his most recent client — J. Matt Barber.

Barber is a former five-year employee of Allstate at their corporate headquarters in Northbrook, IL. According to associates with Gibbs Law Firm in Seminole FL, Matt was recently, expressly, and illegally fired by Allstate for writing and publishing an opinion-editorial at home, on his own time, about so-called "same-sex marriage."

In the Op-Ed, Barber defended the sanctity of marriage, and pointed out what he views as the negative aspects of both same-sex marriage, and the homosexual lifestyle — views he says are deeply rooted in his religious beliefs, and supported by clear Biblical principles.

Gibbs has filed a federal lawsuit against Allstate, on behalf of Barber, for religious/viewpoint discrimination, and retaliation in violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

To add insult to injury, just two weeks prior to being fired by Allstate, Matt’s wife gave birth to their 3rd child in four years following a highly stressful at-risk pregnancy. She was still in recovery from her C-section surgery when Allstate, fully aware of the Barbers’ situation, callously snatched away both their medical insurance and their means of providing for their young family. Additionally, the Barbers are losing their home, and may have to declare bankruptcy due to Allstate’s illegal actions.

But the Company’s actions may not be that difficult to explain. In recent years Allstate has aligned itself with several of the most activist homosexual organizations in America. In addition to contributing huge sums of money to the most militant of these organizations, to include LAMBDA and GLAAD , Allstate forces all employees to undergo "diversity training" in promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. Within the work environment, they prohibit any vocalized opposition of either homosexuality, or "same-sex marriage." Furthermore, they offer "domestic partnership benefits," essentially treating homosexual employees and their "partners" as married couples.

Allstate will have a hard time wiggling their way out of this one. The State of Illinois (Department of Employment Security) has conducted a thorough investigation into Allstate’s actions and has ruled, without equivocation, in favor of Mr. Barber. With respect to his case, the investigation determined: "The claimant was discharged from Allstate Insurance Company because an outside organization had complained about an article he had written while on his own time." The State’s investigation further concluded that Allstate intentionally chose to terminate Barber’s employment for writing the article in spite of the fact that he engaged in absolutely no misconduct whatsoever: "The term misconduct means the deliberate and willful violation of a reasonable rule or policy of the employer…In this case, the claimant’s action which resulted in his discharge was not deliberate and willful."

Armed with the findings of the State’s investigation, and based upon his proven track record, there’s little doubt that David Gibbs III will confront head-on, both Allstate and its radical pro-homosexual/anti-family policies with the same fervor displayed during the Terri Shiavo battle.

So a new question for America to debate over coming weeks and months is whether an extremely powerful organization like Allstate Insurance Company has the legal and/or moral right to attempt to indoctrinate its employees into accepting the homosexual lifestyle in conflict with their deeply held religious beliefs.

Do you think the ACLU will come to Barber’s defense?

Perhaps the more important question for discussion, is whether a radically pro-homosexual company such as Allstate, has the right to discriminate against its employees, and to destroy them emotionally, professionally, and financially, simply because they happen to believe, and to share on their own time, what the Bible teaches about human sexuality and the sanctity of marriage.

In the former Soviet Union the answer to these questions was — Yes.

In America…I hope to God the answer is still no.

It’s time we as Americans rise up and let Corporate America hear our collective voice. The American Family Association boycotted Ford for its blatant homosexual advertisements and willing support of radical homosexual causes and organizations. Now the owners of Ford dealerships are letting the Ford Corporation know that they don’t appreciate it, and Ford has promised to re-evaluate its policies. Let’s encourage Allstate to re-evaluate its pro-homosexual / anti-family policies as well. This is what you need to do:

  • Telephone Allstate CEO Ed Liddy’s office at 1-847-402-5000 or contact the Company at 1-800-Allstate (1-800-255-7828) and ask why Mr. Liddy allows his Company to discriminate against people of faith. Demand that Allstate change its anti-faith / anti-family policy.
Nathan Tabor is a conservative political activist based in Kernersville, North Carolina. He has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in public policy. He is a contributing editor at:, and his 60 commentaries are heard on over 250 stations daily.

Nathan can be reached at:

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