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George Soros, buying the Democrats

The wages of Soros

By John Burtis

Thursday, October 12, 2006

There is a mistaken notion afoot in our cherished land that you are actually voting for the Democratic Party when you get tired of the noisome and redolent Republicans and their growing problems with the national budget, their cowardice in the face of Foley, and their retreat in the face of the latest spate of media attacks, and switch your allegiance.

Yup, even the new Democrats, Bush baiters, folks who read the New York Times from cover to cover and believe its outlandish fabrications, and the rest of the robots who'll pull the levers and press the touch screens next month, believe they'll be voting for the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Wrangel, Chuck Schumer, and Russ Feingold.

Well, they are in a way. But not really. Not any more.

Today, anybody that votes for a national Democrat is no longer voting for that hopelessly stodgy old party of thoroughly corrupt hacks, or even the sleek new dandified Party dedicated to the destruction of President Bush, America, free speech, education, traditional families, Christianity, effective education, and free market capitalism.

No, a vote cast today is a vote for the "owners" of the new Democratic Party. It's a vote for the consolidation of power for the very folks who hold the purse strings, the leases, the deep pockets, and those who craft the ideology, create the 527's, fund the PR machines, write the pungent political programs, and provide the men with the means to hold the failing heart of the Party in hock.

Today it is clear that a ballot cast for whichever of the two views of the Democrats you choose, is a vote for one man--George Soros--and his personal political machines.

Right after the 2004 elections were over, and once the massively Soros funded MoveOn,Org had flexed it considerable economic and organizing muscles, its director, Eli Pariser explained their relationship to the new Democratic Party, "Now it's our party, we bought it, we own it..." They did, too --outright, with a discount for cash. And all the big names you see on TV today are just Mr. Soros' cheap concubines.

During the 2004 election cycle, the progressive Shadow Party--the Soros funded 527s--of which MoveOn.Org is just one of many similar creations, pumped some 300 million dollars into the dusty Democratic coffers--far more than could ever be raised by party functionaries.

Picture the hopelessly ill Democratic donkey of today, under Howard Dean's completely disastrous fiscal stewardship, as it lies in intensive care, with flashing lights, hanging bottles, machines going, catheters galore, and nurses all around.

See the family gathered in the waiting room. Pick out Brother Bill Clinton, his sobbing wife Hillary, Uncle John Kerry pontificating to all, and Aunt Nancy Pelosi, Cousin Ted Kennedy, as they crowd the dying beast. Then watch shirttail relatives like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Jimmy Carter, as they rub their hands together unctuously, hoping for a mention in the will or for a bigger familial role in things when the patient finally passes away. Then find the fractious inchoate bumpkins coming in late, with Honest John Murtha, Harold Ford, Jr., and Jane Harman bringing up the rear.

But the doctor, the leading specialist, George Soros arrives late, amid a lot of fanfare, with the sounds of pagers going off, cell phones ringing, and a large number of retainers in tow.

He stops, listens quickly to the ailing donkey with his stethoscope, turns to the family, now gathered around the room, and speaks crisply with a slight European accent.

"I can fix the old mule. I will pump the old boy full of money--money you don't have. But you must follow my instructions and do exactly as I say..."

And thanks to George Soros and billions of dollars, his 527s--MoveOn,Org, Open Society Institute, Democracy Alliance, Campaign for America's Future, Center for American Progress, America Coming Together and the Media Fund--have come to be known as the Shadow Party of the Democratic Party, and its saviors. They are all designed to raise enormous amounts of money to directly circumvent the strictures placed on the First Amendment by the McCain-Feingold finance folderol and have usurped the new Democratic Party in everything but name.

More recently, another Soros front organization, CREW, or Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, is publicly attacking the FBI for peddling lies about CREW as part of what CREW claims is the FBI's ongoing concealment of the Foley scandal, even as the whole brouhaha seems to be fading away.

And the names of the shadow puppeteers controlling CREW, according to, read like a who's who of Soros funding agencies. They include Soros' favorite Open Society Institute, and Theresa Heinz Kerry's Tide's Foundation, the Barbra Streisand Foundation, the Arca Foundation, and the David Geffen Foundation, to name a few.

Some time ago, George Soros even teamed up with Hillary Clinton to create the largest private voter data base in history, the data warehouse project (click here ), with Harold Ickes, Ms. Clinton's most loyal defender from her White House days. This activity has since gone dark.

George Soros is now part and parcel of every major new Democratic fund raising program thanks to the power of his 527s. His money powers the Democratic attack machines, his private think tanks and their wonks provide the latest initiatives for the Democratic Party, and he determines who will be sued and run out of town.

The new Democratic Party, which has become a weakened empty vestigial appendage of the Clintons, is also wholly owned by George Soros and controlled by his 527s --an interlocking directorate.

When someone votes Democratic in November, they will no longer vote for the Party, a particular politician, or anybody else save George Soros, his endless anti-American activities, and for his personal vision for our country.

As George Orwell said in 1984, picture a boot stomping on a human face. Then imagine a small grinning billionaire filling that hobnailed bit of footgear with a tidy pied.

John Burtis is a former Broome County, NY firefighter, a retired Santa Monica, CA, police officer. He obtained his BA in European History at Boston University and is fluent in German. He resides in NH with his wife, Betsy. John Burtis can be reached at:

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