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Terrorist group, LTTE

Tamil Tigers finally outlawed in Canada

By Judi McLeod
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day has kept his word and "made those Tigers extinct" in Canada.

With the stroke of a pen, Day's party yesterday added the Tamil Tigers to Canada's list of outlawed terrorist organizations.

The Tigers, who got an easy ride in Canada from the former Liberal government, are the 39th terrorist group to be outlawed under Canada's post 9/11 Anti-Terrorism Act–and the first added to the list by the new Conservative government.

Day has been stalking Tamil Tigers since his days as Foreign Affairs Critic for the Official Opposition.

Loud in his lambasting of the Tigers he said, "They perfected the art of suicide bombing, they have done more suicide attacks than al-Qaeda, they have assassinated world leaders including India's former Prime Minister Gandhi, and they recruit children into death squads."

Day's passion was provoked anew whenever the leader of this "should be labeled" terrorist organization, S.P. Thamilselvan touted Canada as `a great ally'.

In his oft repeated requests to the former Liberal government to outlaw the Tigers, Day reminded them that "Even the good people in Canada's Tamil community want to see all support for Tamil terrorism stopped."

Day's success in adding the Tamil Tigers to Canada's list of outlawed terrorist organizations is no paper tiger approach. Now Tamil Tigers are fair game for the previously frustrated Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) and local police forces.

The Tamil Tigers, known as the Liberation Tigers of Eelam, or LTTE, a Sri Lankan separatist group responsible for more than 160 suicide bombings, have a long history of activity in the Toronto area.

Only last month, Human Rights Watch reported that LTTE supporters had been going door to door in Toronto since late 2005 extorting money from Tamil-Canadians to finance a "final war" for independence.

Now, anyone convicted of financially supporting the Tigers could be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Tamils make up one of the largest groups claiming refugee status in Canada.

1999 statistics show that 10 percent of all refugee claimants in Canada were from Sri Lanka.

There are some 8,000 guerrilla-trained Tamil Tigers currently living in Canada, mostly in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

While the Tigers were outlawed by the Canadian government, none of the terrorist group's Canadian front organizations met the same fate.

There are some who say the front organizations will now go underground.

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