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"America is the enemy of the world"

Ms. Stewart's Freak Party

By Vasko Kohlmayer

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A New York blogger who calls herself Urban Infidel was at hand to mingle with some of the guests attending a party in honor of Lynne Stewart. As some may know, Ms. Stewart is a prominent civil rights lawyer who was convicted of helping her client, the murderous sheik Omar Rahman, to communicate from prison with his terrorist organization while serving a life sentence for spearheading the first World Trade Center attack. The party, which her supporters dubbed ‘Ode to Joy and Struggle,' was given to celebrate the happy conclusion of Ms. Stewart's legal travails.

Describing the guest procession which included such notables as Ward Churchill, the blogger observed that ‘at moments it seemed like a horror movie or freak show.' Incredibly, her description is rather accurate. Those who may think this unkind can see for themselves here. The whole scene was made even more surreal as some of the guests shouted ‘F--k America' and ‘America is the enemy of the world.'

The most troubling element of the spectacle was the obvious fact that its protagonists' freakishness was a matter of choice not of birth. Their offensive language, their obscene gestures, their clothing and they way they carried themselves – all the things that define their bizarre demeanor – are the result of willful choices.

It is as if these people made a conscious decision to wreck all that may be good and decent and wholesome in their being. Sad as it is, their self-imposed physical grotesqueness is merely an outward objectification of the moral depravity they so ostentatiously advocate. Homosexuality, gender fluidity, transvestitism, abortion, ethical relativism, multiculturalism – these are some of the causes these individuals have dedicated their lives to. There is no perversion so twisted that they would not indulge, embrace or celebrate. One can't truly think of a single abomination – no matter how disgusting or immoral – that would not be enthusiastically endorsed by at least some of that queer assembly.

But nothing could better epitomize their spirit than a couple of attendees who showed up clutching a blown-up photo of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a vicious cop killer who has been evading justice for more than twenty-five years. Even as they congratulate themselves on their compassion for an unregenerate murderer, they gloat over the bodies of little innocents mangled by a barbaric procedure which has become a sacrament to their liberal ideology.

That they chose a church as the venue for their celebration was anything but accidental. It was to laugh at and mock God – the great giver and guarantor of everything they rebel against. Believing that godlessness is the way to enlightenment, they proclaim there is no such a thing as right and wrong, good and evil. This is the most dangerous lie of our age and nothing could drive it home more forcefully than one look at that lamentable gathering. It is a lie that may well yet cost us our civilization.

Those who reject God and follow the promptings of their own will do not turn into enlightened demigods as Nietzsche so speciously argued. Instead they become moral madmen who rejoice in the wanton destruction of innocent life while seething with rage at the own country – which despite its problems – is still the best there has ever been.

Some may be tempted to dismiss the Stewart bash as merely yet another get-together of assorted malcontents. This, however, would be a mistake, because their moral monstrosity, the ideas and objectives they espouse – that this country is bad and deserves to lose, for instance – are also espoused by a major American political party. The democrats would never admit it openly, for obvious electoral reasons, but America's defeat is most certainly their aim, because the policies they pursue will inevitably bring it about. But America's humiliation is only one among many of their commonly shared objectives. Issue after issue, they seek in stealth fashion to translate the warped outlook of Lynne Stewart and her friends into societal reality. Forty million of aborted babies in the last thirty years is one tragic testament to the striking success of their efforts.

Incredible as it may seem, it is these strange-looking people and those like them that determine the ideological orientation and objectives of today's Democratic Party. To get them legislatively implemented, the Party misleadingly puts up a more polished façade of Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, and Hillary Clinton. But make no mistake – these slick politicians largely share the worldview of Ms. Stewart and her comrades with the sad result that the once-great party is now in the thrall of extremist freaks. It is enough to go to a couple of leading liberal websites such as Daily Kos or Democratic Underground to see that this is in fact so.

It is truly worrisome that most Americans still do not realize this. One group that clearly gets it is the terrorists who began celebrating the moment they learned of the outcome of the latest elections. They were so thrilled that they that they even used the word 'brotherly' when referring to members of the Democratic Party. Do you wonder why? It is because the terrorists know all too well that the democrats will seek to implement the objectives of Ms. Stewart's guests. Obviously, the good of America is not among them which is something that couldn't but gladden their wily hearts.

Born and raised in former communist Czechoslovakia, Vasko Kohlmayer is a naturalized American citizen. His work has appeared in The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Times, Frontpage magazine, The American Thinker, The Jewish Press, RealClearPolitics, and others. Email Kohlmayer at

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