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Liberal media bias

CBC caught misreporting Harper statement

by arthur Weinreb

Monday, august 7, 2006

The CBC hasn't quite come to terms with the fact that there is an alternate media out there and they won't get away with the blatant manipulation of the truth that occurred last week.

CBC showed a report of the anti-Harper protest that took place in Cornwall where the Conservative Party was holding a retreat. The segment by Christina Lawand shows Elsaadi Daad, a chador-clad woman who was incidentally on her way to meet Foreign affairs Minister Peter Mackay, saying that burning children and killing people on both sides is wrong and "it's got to stop". Lawand then says that "Harper clearly wasn't swayed" and showed Harper speaking the following words, "I'm not concerned or preoccupied in any way with reaction within individual communities. I think the reaction is very predictable."

The juxtaposition of the two statements, not to mention Lawand's statement that "Harper clearly wasn't swayed" clearly showed what the CBC wanted their viewers to see — Stephen Harper saying that he doesn't give a damn about the killing of civilians in the Middle East and more importantly, he couldn't care less about the "predictable reaction" of Muslims like Daad.

The only slight problem with Lawand's report is that it just didn't happen that way. But why let the truth get in the way of a great piece by the CBC about how bad Stephen Harper is.

as revealed by Blogger Stephen Taylor, Harper's comments that were aired by the CBC were not a response to Elsaadi Daad at all. a reporter for the Toronto Star had asked Harper to respond to the fact that the Conservatives appear to be getting new support from the Jewish community and negative responses from the arab community because of the government's Middle East policies. The Prime Minister gives a lengthy response, only the last sentence of which was cut and then pasted by the CBC so as to appear to be a response to what Elsaadi Daad had said.

It is clear from the question and answer that when Harper said that he wasn't "concerned or preoccupied in any way with the reaction within individual communities", he was speaking about both the Jewish and arab communities. In the context of the way the question was asked, it is more plausible that his comments were directed primarily at the Jewish community. Furthermore there is absolutely no evidence that suggests Stephen Harper even knew that Elsaadi Daadi existed, let alone that he was somehow responding to what she was saying.

What the CBC did goes far beyond the liberal bias that we have come to expect from the network. It was a deliberate act of manipulation of statements made by the Prime Minister to put words in Stephen Harper's mouth to show that he is, as Stephen Taylor noted, "cold-hearted" when it comes to the deaths of innocent civilians in the Middle East.

The actions of the CBC were far worse than anything that Dan Rather ever did. The Dan had evidence that George W. Bush had evaded his National Guard Service and in his zest to get the president, he ignored any evidence, however obvious, that suggested the documents that he had were forgeries. But here the CBC, by the use of selective editing and taking statements out of context didn't just report false news — they actually created it.

Heads should roll over this. and some real thought should be given to their funding.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod