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Media spin

Long arm of anti-war anti-logic

By Anthony Oluwatoyin
Friday, June 2, 2006

You gotta give it to the loon-left. These peace-prattlers pack a heckuva Kentucky long gun.

Just weeks ago, the story was not the spectacular gun registry overruns. Heck no. The story was the leak. Who (read: "Conservatives!!!") leaked the imminent Auditor General's report of the overruns?

Never mind what costs ex-natural governing Liberanos shot up…. It's the leak, stupid!

In the interim, never mind news about Harper actually doing his job, doing the people's business. It's this or that reporter to whom Harper won't talk that is the news!!!

And now, for the sockdolager. It's not the foul name-calling, targetting world leaders, by a Liberal Senator that is the issue. It's the "apparent," "unintended" slurs of Conservatives. Here's how CanWest Publications did the hatchet job in their Vancouver Sun, May 30:

Insults, both deliberate and unintended, along with partisan sniping and skepticism marred Senate hearings on Afghanistan on Monday, as one senator called President Hamid Karzai a "stooge" and Canada's foreign affairs minister suggested Afghans live in houses unfit for cattle."

My favourite piece of the spin: "suggested". Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter MacKay, supposedly "suggested" that Afghans live like cattle. So, of course, it doesn't really matter what he actually said. Suggestion is in the spin of the hearer.

So it hardly matters that Mackay said that we must stay the course and indeed intensify our efforts precisely because Afghans, liberated after generations of unspeakable oppression, cannot yet afford much more than the standard of living of a hovel.

So CanWest can brazenly attempt to turn a point of empathy from Mackay into an ethnic slur. Just as if I said that we need to help the homeless so they don't eat out of garbage bins, you claim that I "suggested" that the homeless eat garbage unfit even for dogs in the streets, which, of course could mean anything from a simple failure to grasp a harsh reality to a cold-blooded put down.

In Vancouver anyway, there is no competition to speak back to what I have called the industrial incest that is CanWest, with its "coupling cousins," The Vancouver Sun and The Province.

All we have is Jimmie's rag, 24 hours (Vancouver), a 50/50 venture of Jimmy Pattison and Sun media. As, I have relayed before, this is, inexplicably, not a place to seek relief from left-loon spin. Consider a more recent illustration of my point.

"NDP up in Polls," screams a 24 hours, May 31 headline. Our provincial NDP, that is. This was shocking because just weeks back, a major Mustel poll put them a whopping 17 points behind our provincial Liberals.

Guess what. They're phantom "polls." First, they're not polls, just a poll, which turns out to be nothing more than "internal poll numbers presented at [an NDP] caucus retreat"! Talk about self-serving statistics. You might as well say, "Pedophile approval up in polls," based on thousands of surveys of "self-affirming" pedophiles.

Don't chuckle. Mark my words, we're not far off from such crack-crazy days!

Forget CanWest's anti-Conservative "suggestion." The BC alternative is to remove the need for spin in the first place. Present one side only.

Goebbels couldn't match this genius.

Anthony Oluwatoyin, a columnist for The Afro News, writes on politics, race and religion. He can be reached at [email protected]