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How can Scotland be independent when Britain lost its independence to the EU?
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

Scotland’s so-called fight for independence was another one of those epic battles lost before it ever began.

The passions played out in pictures; the threats of corporations and banks withdrawing from Scotland the Brave; the repeated reminders that Scotland breaking away from Britain would lead the way for other countries to strike out on their own was all for naught.

Scotland rejects independence, will remain part of UK
 By Dan Calabrese Full Story

Scotland rejects independence, will remain part of UK

This seemed to be a movement about not much, and in the end, a majority of Scottish voters decided that’s how they saw it too. Scotland is a much more left-wing place than England (not that either one of them is exactly Texas), and since the Tories re-took control of the government in the UK, younger left-wing Scots have been agitating to take their bagpipes and kilts and march away to form their own nation.

Is Obama winning his game?
 By Dr. Laurie Roth Full Story
Is Obama winning his game?

One of Obama’s favorite games is ‘shift the word and meaning’ game.  It reflects his deepest beliefs that lies, chaos and distraction are transformation strategies that an emerging ‘star dictator’ needs.  The game goes like this:  Always lie to the masses, insert cheat cards throughout the deck without the players knowing and redefine what is really going on right in front of your ‘stupid’ opponent’s eyes.

Obama Importing Disease & Covering It Up?
 By John Lillpop Full Story

Obama Importing Disease & Covering It Up, Obama, Importing Disease, Cover Up, illegal aliens

Barack Obama’s passion for bringing illegal aliens into America in order to grow the base of the Democrat Party has been well chronicled and is legend in the annals of Impeachable Offenses committed by a president.

Obama DOJ Refuses to Release Fast and Furious Docs
 By Arnold Ahlert Full Story

Obama DOJ Refuses to Release Fast and Furious Docs

The “most transparent administration in history” is once again revealing the rank hypocrisy of President Obama’s assessment. In a motion filed Monday night, lawyers from the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) asked U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson to delay the transfer of documents related to the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, until after her rulings requiring that transfer can be appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. If their bid is successful, it could push the appeals process past the Obama administration’s time in office. In short, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to run out the clock.

Uncertain trumpet: An anti-war president goes to war
 By Tom DeLay Full Story

Uncertain trumpet: An anti-war president goes to war

As the Congress and the country debate the momentous question of how to meet the threat posed by the Islamic State and other enemies in the war on terrorism, one thing has become increasingly clear: It’s impossible to conduct and win a war when you’re led by an anti-war president.

Lax naturalization process contributes to homebred terrorism
 By A. Dru Kristenev Full Story

Lax naturalization process contributes to homebred terrorism

Reports of the arrest of another home-based terror suspect was received with diminishing surprise among American newswatchers as the FBI handcuffed another naturalized citizen, Mufid Elfgeeh for plotting against his adopted country. A native of Yemen, where the USS Cole was attacked and President Obama claimed a successful example of American terror policy in his national address September 12, Elfgeeh is another posterboy for lax enforcement of immigration rules by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Liberal MP sees ‘beauty and light’ in ISIS head choppers
 By Arthur Weinreb Full Story
Liberal MP Ted Hsu sees ‘beauty and light’ in ISIS head choppers

Parliament resumed sitting on Sept. 15 after the summer recess. During the Members’ Statement portion of Monday’s session, CPC member, Tom Lukiwski, (Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre) made a brief statement about the reasons his party was excited to be back in the House of Commons.

Go Away. Hillary
 By Alan Caruba Full Story
Go Away. Hillary

Other than earning her law degree, name one thing that Hillary Clinton has accomplished on her own. Her accomplishments—slim as they are—have been achieved on the coattails of either Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

Syria, ISIS and the United Nations
 By Joseph A. Klein Full Story

Syria, ISIS and the United Nations

The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), established in 1974 to “[m]aintain the ceasefire between Israel and Syria” and … “[s]upervise the areas of separation and limitation” in the vicinity of the Golan Heights, has recently withdrawn its peacekeepers from its positions on the Syrian side of the border. They have been moved to Israeli territory.

Obama Insures Democrat Party Wins By Importing More Than 200,000 Syrian Illegal Aliens
 By Jerry McConnell Full Story

Obama Insures Democrat Party Wins By Importing More Than 200,000 Syrian Illegal Aliens

More ultra BAD news out of the fortress in Washington, DC, once known as the ‘seat of power’ for America but lately called “Ohhhhhh Migawd Central Command for Socialized Communists” AKA the Oval Office.

Ebola just become ‘Obola’ with boots on the ground in West Africa
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

Ebola just become ‘Obola’ with boots on the ground in West Africa

While he patently ignores dread diseases being brought into America over an unprotected southern border,  waiting it out until midterm elections are over before delivery of government-stamped amnesty, who can really believe that President Barack Obama will deliver the world from Ebola?

It Worked All Left
 By Joanna Rosamond Full Story

If only the inventiveness of the leftism ended on Barack Obama’s spelling of “R-S-P-E-C-T”, Al Gore’s “initiative in creating the Internet” or Joe Biden’s libertine adventures “I have known eight presidents, three of them intimately”...

Freedom from Speech
 By Arnold Ahlert Full Story
Freedom from Speech

“Freedom From Speech,” a 61-page broadside written by Freedom for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) president Greg Lukianoff, deftly illustrates the evolving assault on free speech. “The public’s appetite for punishing attempts at candor gone wrong, drunken rants, or even private statements made in anger or frustration seems to be growing at an alarming rate,” Lukianoff warns.

United States Ranks 32 out of 34 Countries in New Global Tax Index
 By Alan Joel Full Story

The Tax Foundation released its first global stat called the “International Tax Competitiveness Index”. This index aims to measure two criteria, competitiveness and neutrality, by examining “the extent to which a country’s tax system adheres to”, these “two important principles of tax policy”.

America officially recognized as a Third World basket case
 By Klaus Rohrich Full Story

America officially recognized as a Third World basket case

Over the past several months we’ve heard a lot about American corporations engaging in “inversions” as a tax saving strategy. The latest in this long line is the proposed merger of Burger King with Canada’s Tim Horton’s doughnut chain and relocating its head office in Oakville, Ontario, where Tim Horton’s is based. Predictably, the Democrats are seriously peeved, calling these companies “greedy” and “unpatriotic.”

Toronto media wastes no time turning on Doug Ford
 By Arthur Weinreb Full Story

Toronto media wastes no time turning on Doug Ford

After a flurry of activity that saw Rob Ford, the most famous municipal politician in the history of civilization, withdraw from the 2014 mayor’s race and his brother Doug throw his hat into the ring, the media was quick to pounce on the candidacy of Douglas Ford, Jr.

Looking for and recognizing those Break Away Moments
 By Judi McLeod Full Story
Looking for and recognizing those Break Away Moments

Living in the days of beheadings by terrorists sent viral over YouTube, sold-out Black Masses in a taxpayer funded municipal-run venue, predictions of coming viruses capable of wiping out the entire human race,  and with both public education and pop culture teaching upcoming generations there is no longer any need to respect human life, we all need the kind of refueling that comes from Break Away Moments.

"If they're not Islamic fanatics, what are they, Martians?"
 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story
If they're not Islamic fanatics, what are they, Martians?

The keynote speaker at the ACT for America conference on September 11, 2014 was Judge Jeanine Pirro. ACT for America is a non-profit organization led by Brigitte Gabriel, a leading terrorism expert.

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Boots on the ground
 By Sarge   --American Politics
Syria’s a moral wasteland (at the presidential level) in Bashar al-Assad and physically after he bombed and beat the landscape with artillery fire designed to kill as many people as possible
ObamaCare architect Ezekiel Emanuel has anounced the ‘optimal age of death’ - you won’t like it
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Old people are such a burden.

Megyn Kelly rips into terrorist Bill Ayers after he says she’s a ‘cyborg’ with ‘cold eyes’
 By Robert Laurie   --Media - Media Bias

For some reason, Megyn Kelly isn't a big fan of domestic terrorists.

Why Rouhani loves New York
 By Caroline Glick   --American Politics

To say that this US policy is madness is an understatement.

ISIS, NFL Are Case Studies of What Happens When Leaders Don’t Lead
 By Heritage Foundation--Genevieve Wood   --American Politics
The tougher question is what will it take to make the same happen with our current president

Today: As UN debates North Korean human rights, 20 famous survivors of atrocities urge Switzerland t
 By UN Watch   --World News
The legal and moral case for this vital remedy
No Global Climate Deal Unless Wealthy Nations Improve Emission Targets, China Warns
 By Guest Column--Dr. Benny Peiser   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Ukraine Pleads for Help, as GOP Backs Obama’s Dangerous Syria Policy
 By Cliff Kincaid   --American Politics
Obama’s reckless proposal for direct military intervention in the civil war in Syria has thrown the Republican Party into turmoil. Perhaps this was intentional
PM Stephen Harper Announces the name of the first of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Arctic/Offshore Patro
 By News on the Net   --Canada
The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy is expected to create thousands of high-value jobs in shipbuilding and related industries across the country
Liberty Counsel Fights Religious Intolerance from Florida Home Owners’ Association
 By Liberty Counsel   --American Freedom
“Why all of these ornaments are approved but Mr. and Mrs. Berluche’s statues were denied is clearly a matter of viewpoint discrimination
Six Takeaways From the Benghazi Panel’s First Hearing on Security Failures
 By Heritage Foundation--Josh Siegel   --American Politics
“If you’re not doing the No. 1 thing…what changes are you making?”
New technology that guides light through glass
 By News on the Net   --Science-Technology
What is essential is invisible to the eye: see it all with a smartphone!
Mr Gowdy questions Gregory B. Starr on House Benghazi committee hearing
 By News on the Net   --American Politics
"Was there a government in Libya for us to contact?"
Canada’s Shale Boom: More To Come In Montney
 By News on the Net--James Burgess   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Liquids-rich sweet spots are shaping up to be the key to unlocking this next North American treasure chest.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Violates Judicial Code of Conduct
 By Liberty Counsel   --American Politics
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Violates Judicial Code of Conduct
...Merits of the state constitutional amendments defining marriage as one man and one woman were such that the Supreme Court would have to overturn them with haste

Don’t Mention the War
 By Daniel Greenfield   --American Politics
Don’t Mention the War
We are currently not in a war with the Islamic State, which according to this administration is neither Islamic nor a State

Latest News From China
 By News on the Net   --World News
Chinese hacked U.S. military contractors: Senate panel
Committed Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, recorded a truly awful folk album ..Let’s listen!
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

The Beatles, The Stones, The Who and Bernie Sanders

MSNBC: Debbie Wasserman Schultz not on speaking terms with Barack Obama - is a political albatross
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

Damn. They figured it out.

Canada: Whither Goest Thou?
 By Ian Nunn   --Canada
Canada: Whither Goest Thou

Manufacturing costs (mostly labour) in Canada are 15% higher than in the US.

Tragedy: Taxpayer-funded global warming musical has come to an end
 By Dan Calabrese   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Final curtain.

Former Navy SEAL: Over 90 Percent Of Troops Do Not Support Obama [VIDEO]
 By News on the Net   --American Politics
Effective today, the president? A photo-op? or something in between?
Grasping at Sawgrass
 By Sarge   --American Politics

Obama speaking about “no boots on the ground”, turning the sacrifice of our heroes into a cliché is a matter formerly called: “Grasping at straws”

Give Tesla a truly free market by ending dealers’ monopoly
 By Guest Column----James Gattuso   --Financial, Business, Economy
Give Tesla a truly free market by ending dealers’ monopoly
Tesla is an unlikely warrior in the fight against excessive government interference in the marketplace. Choice should be up to consumers, not regulators or auto dealers. Let the competition begin.

Huge win for football players - ASU backs off ‘cross’ ban
 By News on the Net--American Family Association   --Christianity - Religion

Government Insider Warned of Security Risks: ‘I Am Tired of the Cover-Ups’
 By Heritage Foundation--Sharyl Attkisson   --American Healthcare security problems put “sensitive personal information” at risk, @usgao concluded.
Threat of ISIS beheading in Australia prompts massive police raids
 By Dan Calabrese   --Crime-Terror-Security
Threat of ISIS beheading in Australia prompts massive police raids
The intelligence gathered by the Australian government says ISIS is willing to grab and behead anyone, anywhere. More than 15 detained.

Video: New concerns about ISIS recruiting in the US
 By News on the Net   --Crime-Terror-Security
Is terror group a threat to the homeland?
Toddler ignores military protocol, hugs mom
 By News on the Net   --American Life, History, Education
Cooper Waldvogel loves his mom more than military protocol
Obama Continues With Onerous Regulations Despite Lull in Warming
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Barack Obama, EPA, global warming, MATS, natural gas, oil, Utility MACT
Five Reasons Americans Should Be Nervous About Scottish Independence
 By Heritage Foundation--Nile Gardiner   --World News
An independent Scotland will be an insignificant ally to the U.S.
SAF, CCRKBA Urge Americans to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights on Constitution Day
 By Second Amendment Foundation   --Gun Control - Second Amendment
Elitist billionaires including Michael Bloomberg are currently waging a war to erode our right to keep and bear arms
Where is Our Voice in the Wilderness Touting Conservatism?
 By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics
Where is Our Voice in the Wilderness Touting Conservatism?
With Obama's declining approval numbers, GOP candidates have a golden opportunity to explain the superior attributes and benefits of Conservatism.

Recognizing the enemy
 By Sarge   --Crime-Terror-Security

No matter how hard Obama tries to lie his way out of it and misdirect our attention from the fact; ISLAM is the foundational identity of this/these states,

Will the cure for Ebola come from Israel?
 By Guest Column   --Science-Technology
Researchers in Israel are at the forefront of finding a cure for the deadly viral illness now grabbing headlines.
Environmentalists and industry duke it out over plastic bags
 By American Chemical Society   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
The anti-bag campaign could be just the beginning of a much larger war against plastics in general
Artificial ‘beaks’ that collect water from fog: A drought solution?
 By American Chemical Society--Cheng Luo, Ph.D.   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Fog could become a valuable water source in drought-stricken areas like California.
Fantastic: ISIS releases professionally produced trailer titled ‘Flames of War’
 By Herman Cain   --World News

Not appropriate for any audience.

Feds not ready for ISIS in Texas, but Sheriff Gary Painter is
 By Herman Cain   --American Politics

"If they show their ugly head in our area, we'll send them to Hell."

Obama Delays Climate Plan Until After November Elections
 By Guest Column--Dr. Benny Peiser   --American Politics
Republican Governor Blasts Obama Administration As ‘Science Deniers’
The Interim Deal on the Iranian Nuclear Program: Toward a Comprehensive Solution?
 By INSS--Emily B. Landau, Anat Kurz   --World News
Israel, Arab World, Iran, Turkey, United States, Europe
Climate Change Crowd Moves Goalposts – Again
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Climate change, government intervention, IPCC, ThinkProgress
Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry warns of decades of possible global cooling
 By Marc Morano   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Turkish president: Israel seeking pure state just like Hitler
 By News on the Net   --World News
A campaign rally held by Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan from August 3, 2014
Jindal: Obama Is ‘Incompetent,’ ‘Ideologically Extreme’
 By Heritage Foundation--Genevieve Wood   --American Politics
Exclusive interview with Louisiana Governor
Rooting out horse-meat fraud in the wake of a recent food scandal
 By American Chemical Society--Hans-Ulrich Humpf, Ph.D.   --Crime-Terror-Security
Keeping horse meat out of burgers and hot dogs could become easier with a new technique.
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