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  1. Camp Lone Star – Massey is Protected by State Law
     By Gary Hunt   --American Freedom
  2. Boehner is typical of Jackass GOP Leaders
     By Jeff Crouere   --Cover Story
  3. Kentucky Clerk Appeals to the Supreme Court
     By Liberty Counsel   --American Freedom
  4. Judicial Watch Files Amicus Brief Asking Supreme Court
     By News on the Net   --American Politics
  5. The Ayatollahs consider the US their chief target
     By Yoram Ettinger   --American Politics
  6. The Myth of Climate Tipping Points
     By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
  7. Minnesota Terror suspect granted class-A truck driving license.  Would like to drive school buses
     By Robert Laurie   --Crime-Terror-Security
  8. Hillary: Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood are pretty much terrorists
     By Robert Laurie   --American Politics
  9. The Children of Illegal Immigrants Are Not Born American Citizens
     By Tim Dunkin   --Cover Story
  10. Our Immigration System Is Not Broken
     By Dr. Robert R. Owens   --Cover Story
  11. Kurds Are Surging – America Is Not
     By Eddie Pedersen   --Cover Story
  12. Major Disaster Requires God, Groceries, Gold, Guns, Garden!
     By Dr. Don Boys   --American Politics
  13. Preschoolers Solve LA’s Homeless Veteran Problem
     By Robert L. Rosebrock   --American Politics
  14. At Last: Britain Signals End Of Solar Subsidies
     By Guest Column--Dr. Benny Peiser   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
  15. Oh, How the Mighty Megyn Has Fallen
     By Joan Swirsky   --Media - Media Bias
  16. Hillary Takes “Responsibility” for Email Abuses
     By Matthew Vadum   --American Politics
  17. Paying the Media for Pro-U.N. Coverage
     By Cliff Kincaid   --Cover Story
  18. Thomas More Society Defends David Daleiden: He Uncovers Abortion Industry’s Sale of Fetal Body Parts
     By Christian Newswire   --American Politics
  19. Obama: Regulators will never approve those massive health premium increases; Regulators: APPROVED
     By Dan Calabrese   --American Healthcare
  20. PAKISTAN: Young Christian Women Trapped into Forced Conversions
     By News on the Net   --Christianity - Religion
  21. Hunger by Government Definition Is “Food Insecure”
     By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh   --Cover Story
  22. Ebeneezer Biden: Better at Giving Away Your Money Than His
     By William Kevin Stoos   --Cover Story
  23. Planned Parenthood Audit Rejected
     By Douglas V. Gibbs   --Cover Story
  24. Feminists, Lunacy, And The Southern Belle
     By Gail Jarvis   --American Politics
  25. Lambert and Stamp a fascinating look behind The Who’s scenes
     By Jim Bray   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
  26. The Invaders: A Parable
     By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics
  27. MSNBC sends Al Sharpton to the graveyard of forgotten shows
     By Robert Laurie   --Media - Media Bias
  28. How is a pay raise for teachers a ‘net-zero’ deal?
     By Canadian Taxpayers Federation--Christine Van Geyn   --Canada
  29. Obama turns blind-eye on chance to secure true energy independence
     By Guest Column--Jack Gerard   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
  30. Immigration: The Refugee Scam
     By Selwyn Duke   --American Politics

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