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America’s Odyssey: You Can’t Go Home Again

In America’s Odyssey: You Can’t Go Home Again the much requested and long anticipated sequel to America’s Trojan War General Stamper and the Phantom Force face twin challenges as a war in Europe and the actions of an out of control central government threaten to destroy the last best hope for humanity: the United States. With wars raging on two continents and families ripped apart follow the saga of America’s General as he battles to save all we hold dear.

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America’s Odyssey: You Can’t Go Home Again

By News on the Net - Thursday, November 16, 2017 - -- Lifestyles

The Right Man for Healing and a Rare Find

The Right Man for Healing and a Rare Find
I was not sure my ENT specialist was a good fit for me even though I read the glowing praises framed on his office walls, praises coming from his patients, colleagues, and other doctors. The young man seemed to know what he was doing but his bedside manner was brief and rather cold.
I attributed his demeanor to his introverted personality, his professionalism, and to his respect for his patients’ time. Very punctual, he very seldom made anybody wait to see him, he was always on time.

One day I realized that he was much more caring on the inside than he let people see. A young woman with her mom and a three-year old in tow had an appointment to see the doctor. The receptionist, Lupe, asked her if she was prepared to pay for that day’s visit. The young woman had a grief-stricken look on her face and wondered how much the visit was going to be. The receptionist told her that she did not know because each patient was different, depending on the problem. The young woman replied in a sad and disappointed voice that she will reschedule until such a time that she would have enough cash on hand to pay for the visit.

Bougainvillea Named for French Admiral and Explorer

It is a long way from the wooded shores of the St. Lawrence River west of Quebec City to dense forests of tropical Brazil. There are also vast differences in floral discoveries. They share at least one name though—Bougainvillea.

Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811) was stationed in North America during the Seven Years’ War. As captain of a regiment of dragoons, 1756 found him in Canada. Two years later in in fierce fighting, he was wounded. Unable to intervene in Wolfe’s successful assault on Quebec City in 1759, he was forced to surrender and, with other French officers, shipped back to France. Admired for his leadership abilities he was appointed to lead two ships on a voyage of exploration and discovery around the world 1763-69. Bougainville’s subsequent book, published in 1771, was a sensation.

By Wes Porter - Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - -- Lifestyles


David Powell spent a week on the luxury hotel barge L’Impressionniste cruising through Burgundy. The Burgundy canal is one of the most attractive canals in France, winding its way through the heart of renowned vineyards, medieval towns, elegant chateaux, magnificent cathedrals, picturesque villages and wonderful local markets.

Monday mornings don’t get much better than this. I’ve had a lovely breakfast, the sun is shining and our luxury barge is about to set sail. There are 48 locks to navigate during our week on L’Impressionniste and I’m looking forward to every one!

By David Powell - Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - -- Travel

The only detox you’ll ever need (video)

WASHINGTON—People talk all the time about how they need to “detox.” And there’s a line of companies a mile long waiting to sell you juices and smoothies that claim to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. But the good news is your body is working hard to clear out toxins before you spend a dime on expensive products. Toxicology expert Raychelle Burks explains how in this kale-free episode of Reactions:

Erectile Dysfunction; But What about Female Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction; But What about Female Dysfunction?
How many males would like to see their genitals shrink so it’s impossible to have sex? I bet not many. So today, the term erectile dysfunction (ED) has lost its stigma and become familiar words. Tens of thousands of males now find solace in   ED drugs. But what about women in their 40s and later years who suffer from more than a headache when sex is mentioned? This is where equality of the sexes is sadly lacking.

Maurice Chevalier used the say, “Vive la difference” about sex. But this difference presents problems at menopause for both sexes. For males menopause is less abrupt, but they can suffer from fatigue, insomnia, grumpiness, problems at work and ED.

Pixar’s Cars 3 a spectacular 4K disc experience

Pixar's Cars 3 a spectacular 4K disc experience
It may not be the strongest Pixar outing, but Disney/Pixar’s third Cars movie offers a fantastic home theatre experience.

Indeed, the folks at Pixar are really on the top of their game here, and Disney’s 4K Ultra HD disc release is truly reference quality - so much so that I’ll be using it as one of my test discs going forward. It isn’t just the 4K picture, it’s how the 4K picture takes advantage of the Pixar folks’ hard work creating the “virtual world” of Lightning McQueen, Radiator Springs, and the “pseudo-Nascar” spectacle. It’s remarkable.

By Jim Bray - Sunday, November 12, 2017 - -- Lifestyles

Toyota sports coupe a relatively cheap way to have fun behind the wheel

Toyota sports coupe a relatively cheap way to have fun behind the wheel
Toyota, please don’t even think about 86ing this great little smile generator!

A tip of the pun-dit hat to my friend Harry for that one, though the rest of the groaners in this piece are all mine.

The Toyota 86 - the Scion FR-S before Toyota said sayonara to the Scion era - and its virtual twin from Subaru (named after a Business Revitalization Zone or something) are relative rarities in this era of high tech gadgetry: they’re raw and unsophisticated, but they also hearken back to the days when cars were simpler, more direct and, dare I say, visceral.

By Jim Bray - Sunday, November 12, 2017 - -- Automotive

New Short Walks and Day Hikes in New Zealand

New Short Walks and Day Hikes in New Zealand
Cape Foulwind Walkway
Get your hiking shoes on. New Zealand’s profile as a walking and hiking destination has been amplified with two new networks of walking tracks known as short walks and day hikes. Alongside New Zealand’s highly popular Great Walks network of nine multi-day trails (soon to become 10), these 14 short walks and 5 day hikes provide a great new (and complementary) offering for walkers looking for shorter, more manageable experiences.

By News on the Net - Friday, November 10, 2017 - -- Travel

New needle-free vaccines could mean the end of the flu shot

New needle-free vaccines could mean the end of the flu shot
Autumn has arrived, leaves are changing colors, and pumpkin spice aromas are sweeping stores. It’s also the season for flu shots. The good news is that the annual jab in the arm designed to protect us from the flu might one day be a thing of the past. An article in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, describes advances in injection-free vaccination methods that are showing promise.

New “sugar-glass” film uses viruses to kill harmful bacteria in food

New sugar-glass film uses viruses to kill harmful bacteria in food
With antibiotic resistance on the rise, bacterial contamination of food is becoming more problematic. Now in a study appearing in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, scientists report that they have developed an antibacterial “sugar-glass” coating in which viruses that destroy bacteria are embedded and are kept stable for up to three months. The coating could someday be used in the food packaging and processing industries to help prevent food-borne illnesses and deaths.

What These 3 Doctors Think Should Be Done for Children Who Think They Are Transgender

Doctors, feeling, facts, Transgenders
Cross-sex hormones used to replace the normal pubertal process can cause cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, and cancers, says Dr. Michelle Cretella. (Photo: Vast Photography/Newscom)

Three doctors, specializing in pediatrics, biology, and psychiatry, are criticizing what they say is the reliance on feelings over facts when it comes to studying and treating children who think they’re transgender.

Smartphone app listens to your voice for lung disease

Smartphone app listens to your voice for lung disease
Should you be worried that your mobile phone is invading your privacy by listening in to your conversations without your knowledge? Not if the goal is to save your life.

Israeli startup Healthymize has developed an app that records all your calls but, rather than send that data to Facebook or Google to sell you products you didn’t even know you wanted, Healthymize listens for signals of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Compound in cannabis could ease asthma

Compound in cannabis could ease asthma
Hebrew University Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, known as the “father” of the medical cannabis industry, will lead a team investigating the benefits of non-psychoactive cannabis components for treating asthma and other respiratory conditions.

In 1964, Mechoulam, was the first scientist to successfully isolate the THC component in cannabis. He was then a young researcher at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science.

Vegetative Vampires

Few of the over 4,000 species of known parasitic plants are of economic importance. Those that are however can cause 80 percent crop losses.

Some of the most infamous of these are the Dodders, Cuscuta, ironically of the of the Morning Glory (Convolvulaceae) family. Common names for various species indicate the hatred held for string-like stems: Devil’s Guts, Devil’s Hair, and Witch’s Hair. In medieval Europe, dodder was sometimes viewed as evil transformation of normal grape wine species. As late as 1831 the presence of dodder in crops was connected to the appearance of the comet in the previous year. Like other fully parasitic plants, it achieves its vampire act by means of haustoria, penetrating the host plant to suck its sap. Victims along with grape vines may include coffee shrubs, soybeans, asparagus, melons, chrysanthemums, petunias, garlic, oak trees, and tomatoes. Not all dodders achieve their evil design on tomatoes. As Susan Milius explained in Science News, a tomato plant poked by a haustorium of C. reflexa, however, panics. A patch of cells on the stem elongate and bursts, forming a scab that stops the intruder. The haustorium stalls and eventually dies.

By Wes Porter - Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - -- Lifestyles