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SCOTUS Mercury Ruling is a Wake Up Call for EPA
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

The Supreme Court ruled on June 29, 2015, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must consider costs before determining to regulate mercury and other toxic emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants.(i] EPA contended that, under the Clean Air Act, it only need to consider public health when making the initial decision to regulate those emissions.

State Of Palestine and Islamic State Highlight International Double Standards
 By David Singer   --Cover Story

UNESCO, the United Nations and just this week - the Vatican - have recognised that the “State of Palestine” exists—despite the fact that it lacks all four basic requirements laid down in Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention 1933:

“The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: a ) a permanent population; b ) a defined territory; c ) government; and d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.”

PAKISTAN: Blasphemy Law Reform Drafted
 By News on the Net   --Christianity - Religion

Source: Morning Star News

For Christians in Pakistan, current blasphemy laws continue to pose a threat to their safety and well-being. The existing statutes have become an extreme burden for the country’s minority faith group—leading to harassment and, in many cases, severe punishment. At least 14 people are presently on death row, and 19 others are serving life sentences.

Silicone On Trial- An Updated History
 By Jack Dini   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Twenty-five years ago from this coming December marks the anniversary of the famous Connie Chung diatribe against breast implants reports Dr. Jack D. Fisher, a surgeon and professor emeritus of surgery at UC San Diego, in his new book Silicone On Trial. (1)

Unconstitutional Court Rulings
 By Douglas V. Gibbs   --Cover Story

If you look inside the pages of the United States Constitution, among the expressly granted authorities to the federal government, you will never find judicial review.  In fact, the judicial branch was originally intended to be the weakest of the three branches of government.  Yet, using the power of judicial review, of which the courts granted to themselves largely based on the written opinion of Chief Justice John Marshall regarding the Marbury v. Madison ruling in 1803, the Supreme Court recently set the U.S. Constitution upon the final path towards extinction with rulings regarding marriage, health care, and elections.

In the cases of health care and marriage, the high court sided with federal control over issues that have never constitutionally been authorized to the federal government.  In the case of elections, the Supreme Court of the United States determined that States cannot verify citizenship of voters at the time of registering to vote, despite the fact that the manner in which the electoral process is held is largely left to the States, and one must be a citizen in order to vote in the first place.

Obama and Cameron in on blocking heroic Kurds from fighting ISIS
 By Judi McLeod   --Cover Story

Courageous Kurds are a minority of one in standing up to ISIS and now the most self-centered friendship in the world is seeking to block them.

“The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, The Telegraph has learnt.  (Telegraph, July 2, 2015)

Montanans Must Seek Independence from CSKT Water Compact
 By Guest Column----Lawrence Kogan   --Cover Story

July 4th celebrations are a time for recalling the birth and exceptionalism of our great nation. The United States of America has remained a unique global experiment in which Enlightenment-era principles (political, social, economic, scientific, philosophical and legal) have been deployed to successfully promote and defend our natural rights-based individualism and freedoms, especially private property. This 4th of July is particularly noteworthy, because it is both the 239th year since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the 800th year since the signing of the English Magna Carta.

The Magna Carta strongly influenced the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Its significance to Americans lies primarily in its guarantee to “We the People” of certain rights and its binding of an oppressive sovereign (government at all levels) to the rule of law. These documents together memorialize the Founding Fathers’ distrust of concentrated political power and confidence that representative government, the idea of a supreme law and independent judicial review can serve as indispensable counterweights to tyranny.

Reality versus Fantasy - Obama’s Proxy War In Syria
 By Eddie Pedersen   --Cover Story

The Kurdish people are fighting our terrorist enemies and losing their lives in the process, and it’s not just men, 30% of Kurdish fighters are now female fighters, who can never be captured alive.  Think about that the next time you can’t find a shopping cart at the local grocery store.  Think about it when you’re grilling hot dogs and burgers this Fourth of July, or when you hear the national anthem this weekend.  These men and women fight in your place.  Think about what you have done for them.

Of course Turkey is making a bundle off of this Syrian proxy war, monies from the USA and concerned European nations are pouring into Turkish President Erdogan’s hands, and Ankara’s political big wigs don’t want the cash to stop flowing.  But for now, the Kurds have warned Erdogan to stay the hell out of their Syrian affairs, because they are too busy killing the real terrorists to be bothered with Erdogan’s vendetta against Assad.  And the Kurds should get away with saying it too.  Not surprisingly, Turkey is upset because the Kurds are expanding their grip on the border, therefore they are able to secure and shut down supply routes from Turkey to the alleged freedom fighters in Syria, while strengthening Kurdish power in Syria.

Trump hurts the GOP brand???  I don’t think they need any help
 By Dr. Laurie Roth   --Cover Story

There are no perfect candidates among the GOP hopefuls.  Some are more conservative and some are less conservative – thus the establishment group vs. the TEA Party group.  Now, we have billionaire business mogul and TV personality Donald Trump building his Presidential candidacy and going for the GOP nomination.  He is apparently scaring the ‘Rino’s’ out of the GOP establishment because he is actually competing up there with Jeb Bush polls and is not for sale.

What is Donald Trump saying that is causing such an upset?

TransLink Tax Defeated!
 By Canadian Taxpayers Federation--Jordan Bateman   --Canada

VANCOUVER, B.C.: Cash-strapped Lower Mainland taxpayers wanting accountability and better management at TransLink are the real winners in today’s historic defeat of the TransLink sales tax, says the No TransLink Tax campaign and Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF).

A Call to a Declaration of Dependence
 By Liberty Counsel   --American Freedom

Orlando, FL - Liberty Counsel is calling on pastors this Sunday to participate in a Declaration of Dependence. As we celebrate Independence Day on July 4, we need to remember that our liberties flow from God. The Declaration of Independence calls these God-given liberties “unalienable.”

Jimmy Carter says Obama’s had ‘minimal’ global successes, bemoans diminished US prestige and respect
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

Jimmy Carter is a man who knows a thing or two about a Presidency that’s free of international successes. His White House tenure is practically synonymous with foreign policy debacles. So, when he starts talking about Obama’s failure as an international leader, he’s speaking from experience.

A message to all you anti people: Stop raining on our parade!
 By Herman Cain   --American Politics

We have a regular caller named Jeff, who always ends his comments with, “Your right to be free is my right to be free from you.”

Bill C-377: Landmark union disclosure legislation passed by Senate
 By News on the Net   --Canada

The National Citizens Coalition is pleased to announce that Bill C-377 has been voted on and passed by the Senate.

In fear of ourselves
 By Sarge   --American Politics

We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

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