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The Supreme Court, another usurper of Congress constitutional functions
 Dr. Isaac Yetiv   -- American Freedom
The reasons behind the idea of appointing the Supreme Justices for life are long gone.In a democracy, no person holding a political position should be appointed for life

Federal Agencies Should Be Banned from Turning Criminals Over to Sanctuary Cities!
 John Lillpop   -- American Politics
Apparently, young white lives do not matter in Utopia

British Columbia’s Carbon Tax and “Leakage” Into the U.S.
 Institute for Energy Research   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
In the U.S. policy debate, the British Columbia carbon tax is one of the go-to examples of (alleged) success. It supposedly exhibited a sharp fall in emissions while maintaining economic growth comparable to the rest of Canada

Jade Helm, Terrorist Attacks, Surveillance and Other Fairy Tales for a Gullible Nation
 John W. Whitehead   -- American Freedom
Suddenly, the overall picture seems that much more sinister. Clearly, there's a larger agenda at work here, and it's one the American people had better clue into before it's too late to do anything about it.

Honoring our Forefathers
 Lt. Col. (P) Bill Connor   -- Cover Story
The heritage of the South, symbolized by the Confederate Battle Flag, is so important to many

Hating America Transcending Honoring America
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
Independence Day 2015:

Jane, David and Moses
 Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser   -- Cover Story
“Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” artists

Marching with the enemy
 Tom Harris   -- Cover Story
Anti-poverty and wildlife protection groups must distance themselves from climate activists

On Social Security, we could follow the examples of Chile and Canada . . .
 Herman Cain   -- American Politics
. . . but right now we're following Greece.

Whoa: Repeal of medical device tax may have veto-proof support
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
Support from Democrats could cause first major piece of ObamaCare to fall.

Texas Clerk Refuses to Issue Licenses for Same-Sex Marriage
 Liberty Counsel   -- American Freedom
"The Supreme Court has historically made a number of bad rulings that time and justice have been able to realize and overcome,"

Saudi prince giving away his money buying immortality for the Democrats?
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
From dwarves to Dems:

Uh-oh… The New York Times notices that ObamaCare is causing insurance rates to soar
 Robert Laurie   -- American Healthcare
So much for your $2500.00 savings.

State Dept. withholding content of Obama/Hillary call from night of Benghazi attack
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
None of your business.

The best renewable energy investment
 Marita Noon   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
If you are tired of having your tax dollars raise your electricity costs, benefitting the 1 percent while the 99 percent pays twice, the best investment you can make is to vote accordingly.

Answer the WHY? of it all
 Sarge   -- Christianity - Religion
I prefer to think of life as a fabric woven over time into a cloth covers me in during times of trouble and tribulation. Life isn’t meaningless or empty. It’s full of hope and the brilliance of endeavor.

Beware of stage 1 thinking policy makers
 Yoram Ettinger   -- American Politics
US policy makers assume that a nuclear Iran would act rationally and could be contained

Disregarding Reality, Yet Again: The Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry Report
 INSS By Pnina Sharvit Baruch, Keren Aviram   -- World News
This article highlights only one aspect of its problematic nature and does not offer an exhaustive review of all the relevant criticism.

UK Chancellor To Abolish Coalition’s Green Tax Target
 Guest Column By Dr. Benny Peiser   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Britain’s Climate Change Department May Be Cut To The Bone

Problem solved, TV Land: Here’s your new, politically correct Dukes of Hazzard
 Dan Calabrese   -- Cover Story

San Francisco politicians have blood on their hands
 Matthew Vadum   -- Cover Story
Sanctuary cities and the growing movement to frustrate federal immigration enforcement will get more innocent U.S. citizens like Kate Steinle killed

They’re Just Committing the Crimes Americans Won’t Commit
 Selwyn Duke   -- Cover Story
Leftists truly would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven: People are more worried about the Confederate flag flying in America than the Mexican flag flying here

Email Dumps Continue to Undermine Clinton Candidacy
 Roger Aronoff By and Bethany Stotts   -- American Politics
Obama administration blindly pushed for an intervention in Libya, switched sides in the War on Terror, and passed over an opportunity for a truce with Muammar Qaddafi

Gov. Bobby Jindal to Hannity – “I invite Americans to join a cause, not a campaign”
 Rev. Michael Bresciani   -- American Politics
The Governor says Obama has destroyed the economy, shunned our greatest ally in the Middle East (Israel) and made our allies mistrust us while our enemies have ceased to fear us

Time for Civil Disobedience, Christians
 Matt Barber   -- American Politics
One can imagine nothing more “out of harmony with the moral law,” than the twisted and oxymoronic notion of so-called “same-sex marriage.”

The Problematic Scenarios in Syria: The Choices Facing Israel
 INSS By Udi Dekel, Omer Einav   -- World News
In addition to identifying the Islamic State as a major threat, Israel must consider the implications for its neighbors and allies

Hillary, Can you explain why emails submitted from your secret server appear to have been altered?
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons
She's not coming back, is she? Darn that shroud of secrecy!

Whither the “Love” in Illegal Alien Francisco Sanchez, Jeb Bush?
 John Lillpop   -- Crime-Terror-Security
Where in the hell was Hispanic “Love” in the person of Francisco Sanchez, the seven-times convicted felon, and five times deported Mexican illegal alien, who shot and killed an innocent American tourist in San Francisco recently, Mr. Bush?

The shrinking workforce of Obama’s America
 Herman Cain   -- American Politics
Mission accomplished: Obama's state-driven, command-and-control economy

The real low-down on Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change
 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh   -- Cover Story
Pope Francis asks: "What type of world do we wish to leave for our children who are now growing up," It is global communism ordered around the redistribution of wealth and around a one-world government under the guise of planet stewardship

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