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Obama Stopped Being a Christian American Upon Election to POTUS
 Jerry McConnell   -- Cover Story
The shadowy shyster Obama

The Planned Parenthood Carnage
 Obie Usategui   -- Cover Story
If selling babies is what we have come to be as a nation and as a people, then may God have mercy on us

Jewish demographic tailwind; no Arab demographic time bomb
 Yoram Ettinger   -- Cover Story
The demographic trend is Jewish. Anyone claiming that Israel must concede geography (Judea & Samaria), in order to secure demography is either dramatically mistaken or outrageously misleading. Wishing you a rewarding week.

Mulcair’s Own Huge Eve Adams’ Blunder- It’s All About Olivia
 Mitch Wolfe   -- Cover Story
Chow came across as a horrible politician and public figure. She was inarticulate, ill-informed, uninspiring and generally confused and ignorant about the issues

More Important: Cecil, The Lion, Or Lives & Body Parts of Human Babies?
 John Lillpop   -- American Politics
Imagine that, an official US government agency is investigating the killing of Cecil the Lion!

Hillary’s Solar PV Plan Aids Chinese Manufacturing
 Institute for Energy Research   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Obama strikes again
 Caroline Glick   -- American Politics
Obama has gone full circle in concluding his deal with Erdogan. Since entering office, Obama has sought to cut deals with both the Sunni jihadists of the Muslim Brotherhood ilk and the Shi’ite jihadists of the Iranian ilk.

Huckabee is Right: Iran Nuclear Deal Brings us Closer to Catastrophe of Holocaust Proportions
 Anne Bayefsky   -- American Politics
The President’s deal, with this enemy, takes Israel to the brink of a catastrophe of Holocaust proportions. What else should we call nuclear war?

Political parties should pay their own way
 Canadian Taxpayers Federation By Todd MacKay   -- Canada
Whether political candidates are on the campaign trail for a few weeks or a few months, they should spend their own money

Lawmakers informed that Hillary’s emails contain ‘hundreds’ of instances of classified nat-sec mate
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
The other shoe is about to drop.

Corporate Welfare for Toyota A Cruel Joke on Taxpayers
 Canadian Taxpayers Federation By Aaron Wudrick   -- Financial, Business, Economy
“Why on earth are our governments handing them a hundred million dollars from the public purse? Will any of them say with a straight face that Toyota ‘needs’ this money?”

Liberty Counsel Delivers Planned Parenthood Petitions to Congress
 Liberty Counsel   -- American Freedom
"Planned Parenthood has never been about healthcare

Debbie Wasserman Schultz fails - miserably - to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Soci
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
Because there is none.

Court Rules Public Library Must Permit Religious Expression
 Liberty Counsel   -- American Freedom
Public libraries are a marketplace of ideas. Government cannot censor religious viewpoints from the marketplace.

Trump’s business plan for media apprentices
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
Trumping the Media

Planned Parenthood: Serving mankind from dust to dessert
 Doug Hagmann   -- Cover Story
Many Christians and mainstream Christian churches are choosing to respond to the mass murder by… singing louder. Pray. Prepare. Repent.

Blind, stubborn ideology, gross incompetence caused capitulation to Iranian totalitarian theocracy
 Dr. Isaac Yetiv   -- Cover Story
It looks as if the president and his secretary of state are on a mission to praise, protect and defend their enemies, to despise and punish their allies, and to diminish America

The Left’s Fight-for-$15 Scam
 Matthew Vadum   -- Cover Story
Raising the minimum wage is about leftist power, not helping Americans

Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits
 Cliff Kincaid   -- Cover Story
Donald Trump has gotten popular, in part, by challenging the media. But he has praised journalists on occasion.

2Q GDP is a sad 2.3 percent; media think that’s good
 Dan Calabrese   -- Cover Story
The soft bigotry of low expectations

EGYPT: Fate of Kidnapped Christians Unknown
 News on the Net   -- Christianity - Religion
Persecution and Prayer Alert, Voice of the Martyrs

It’s Time for President Obama to Approve Keystone XL
 Institute for Energy Research   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
The pipeline is also good for our energy security. Rather than import oil from Mexico and Venezuela to supply the heavy oil that our Gulf Coast refineries need, Canadian oil sands can be used instead

Former Exxon President On Mission To Clean Up Oil Sands By James Stafford   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Experts estimate that production using new solvent technologies in Utah can be more profitable than shale oil currently being produced, and more profitable than any other oil sands project in North America.

Sennheiser headphones cut the umbilical cord
 Jim Bray   -- Science-Technology
The Sennheiser RS 175's aren't the highest end headphones on the market, but they sound darn good anyway

If Iran starts cheating, Netanyahu has no choice but to strike
 James Jay Carafano   -- World News
By empowering Iran, the deal is all but guaranteed to spark a conventional arms race—and quite possible a nuclear one—in what is already the most unstable and dangerous region in the world.

Obama’s Unilateral Surrender Foreign Policy
 Michael R. Shannon   -- American Politics
The fact is the Chinese regard Obama’s “nuanced” foreign policy as pathetic nancy–boy pleading that can be ignored without cost

Oh no: New Planned Parenthood video includes lovely review of the day’s available body parts
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
"Another boy!"

Hillary says her ‘greatest weakness’ is getting frustrated by people who don’t ‘understand’ how righ
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
It's your fault. You're just too stupid.

More “Stimulus” is Not the Answer
 Canadian Taxpayers Federation By Aaron Wudrick   -- Canada
The simple fact is that governments piling up debt and deficits in the name of “stimulus” has huge long-term costs for little to no short-term benefit – with the main beneficiaries being the politicians trawling for votes

GOP debate #1: Issues and answers, or jump on Trump?
 Heritage Foundation   -- American Politics
The countdown begins.

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