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Toy lines interactive technology proving popular with kids and parents alike

A Toy With The Worx: Worx Toys Combine Entertainment & Education

By —— Bio and Archives December 4, 2012

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It’s an innovative product line that is part tech toy, part teacher. Worx Toys provide an interactive, visually based learning tool that allows children to easily comprehend complex concepts such as how a car engine works, but in a way that is fun and age appropriate.

The award-winning Worx Toys line of vehicles gives children a clear look inside the toy and identifies each part with code-activated lights and sounds. Corresponding storybooks explain what each part does while taking the reader on an adventure in the respective new vehicle: the Speedster Race car, the Apex Police Helicopter or the Torch Fire Truck.

Each Worx Toys vehicle is made of highly durable, colorful yet translucent plastic that allows children to look inside to see the inner workings in action.  Each vehicle has more than 20 light and sound features that are triggered when the child keys fun Œshape-codes‚ into a touch pad.  The shape-codes activate the different parts of each vehicle, such as squealing of the brakes, revving of the engine and spinning of the rims…all the while interactive stories explain what each part does.

Included with both the Apex Police Helicopter and Torch Fire Truck is the Worx Toys Storybook Transmitter, a remote-control that allows children to activate each vehicle remotely.  Readers simply attach the transmitter to the book edge and key in the shape-codes while reading to see the vehicle come to life. Equipped with a special joystick, the Torch Fire Truck can be driven forward back, as well as left and right, and even has a real working ladder that moves up and down.

The Worx Toys company was started by three fathers who sought come up with a creative new type of toy that could stimulate a child‚s natural sense of curiosity and teach them how things work in an entertaining and effective way. Unlike most digital devices Worx Toys encourage parent child interaction. The content becomes a springboard for discussion about the subject matter. More information about the line can be seen here.

Product pricing:

  • Speedster - $29.99
  • Apex Helicopter - $34.99
  • Torch Fire Truck - $59.99

Worx Toys are available at many toy stores all over the U.S. & Canada and at several online stores including and

For a store locator click here:

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