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What has Obama done that has been GOOD for the United States in the four years he has been in office?

America Won’t Exist With Four More Years of Obama -  UN Rule Within Two Years

By —— Bio and Archives--November 6, 2012

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A November 02, 2012, online article authored by Christian Whiton, was titled “Would an Obama second term save America’s struggling middle class?” This is almost equal to asking if Obama’s first term helped America’s middle class.  No amount of terms of Obama in office would help America’s middle class.

The first consideration required to formulate an answer to those questions is to acknowledge Obama’s position in the world scene.  He has proven that he is more attuned to Socialism - Communism as a result of his training and education during his school years and then subsequent involvement with mentors of the Socialist - Communist leaders in America. 

Secondly, his affiliation and subservience to the Islamic religion, and the Muslims thereof, preclude any possibility that the Christian pretender Barack Obama can serve any loyalty to the American middle, upper or lower classes who are overwhelmingly non-Islamist in their primary theological beliefs.  Obama bows only to the Islamic rulers of the non-free world; his obeisance to Christians and others of the free world is barren.

Over the past four years Obama has paid lip-service only, to America’s middle class.  His prime attention has been concentrated on the upper levels of income earners and concocting efforts to make them pay even more than the inordinately high levels they already do pay in taxes.

When a very small percentage of those wage earners pay more taxes than more than fifty percent of the total tax burden, that is frankly MORE than their fair share. Yet Obama insists that they “pay their fair share”.  In his flinty eyes, those wage earners paying ALL of the taxes, 100 percent, would still not be paying enough. 

Now don’t for one milli-second think I am in that tax bracket and am pleading for myself; I am so far out of that range as to be as visible as a gnat’s eyebrow.  But I think it is totally unfair to demand that the job producers of our society pay all of the burdens for all of the non-producers.  And if Obama would stop trying to punish the job producers with higher and higher taxes the losses of jobs to the middle class might have a chance to rebound to pre-Obama levels.

To quote what Christian Whiton says in his article referenced above in, “Americans make less now than they did four years ago. Household income adjusted for inflation has dropped back to where it was in the mid-1990s.  Middle class wealth has fallen a whopping 40% in the last decade.” 

Whiton also correctly states that prices in the Obama era have gone up.  A great thorn in the side of working Americans, which are those that are still fortunate to have jobs that Obama’s heavy-handed policies and wasteful federal spending habits haven’t deleted from our work force, is the whopping more than double price of gas that has ascended since Obama took office. 

He, Obama, has an affinity with the Islamic oil producing countries mainly in the Middle East and has done everything possible to ascertain the United States remains committed to heavy dependence on those same countries to the detriment of our people here in America. 

That could be reversed in a nano-second if Obama would stop placing restrictions and impediments on the oil producers here in this country.  And in addition, the pipeline known as Keystone XL out of Canada which not only would supply MUCH cheaper fuel products but CREATE THOUSANDS OF JOBS for our unemployed workforce is sitting idle because Obama sees it as being contrary to Islamic countries’ domination of oil supplies to the U. S.  That alone could be viewed as an impeachable offense against our traitorous president.

Christian Whiton also states, “While politicians and pundits who talk about health care focus on the uninsured, most of the middle class has insurance. But its price continues to rise faster than inflation, jumping 9% last year alone.  Obamacare is already making this worse, and will soon make middle class healthcare even less personalized.”  And the soaring prices of oil products “is also beginning to drive up family grocery bills.”

Families in the middle class, which so intrigues Obama, are seeing “millions of young Americans now start off with staggering debt and lousy job prospects—both results of federal overreach into every facet of the economy and American life.  The birth rate has dropped in each of the past four years since the recession began as few Americans can afford families.”

So Obama’s secret, well, maybe not so secret anymore, plan to weaken and destroy the United States is progressing along nicely for he and his socialist - communist Islamic comrades who are preparing America for the United Nations One World’ers takeover which wiil be completed within the first two years of Obama’s second term if the majority of the American people are so uncaring enough to vote for that traitor to American people and ideals.

Think for a minute and then ask yourself, “what has Obama done that has been GOOD for the United States in the four years he has been in office?” and really consider the question.  You’ll come up with a totally empty answer and in reality, a very NEGATIVE answer, for he has done NOTHING POSITIVE for the country, only for himself and his non-productive followers who vote often for him in return for all the favors and handouts he provides that we the taxpayers make possible for him. 

He will abandon them just as quickly as he has abandoned you and I and our families, when the United Nations corrupt cabal of greedy world riches seekers bestow favors on him and his accomplices in high treason. 

For God’s sake and for the sakes of all American citizens who believe in Him, DO NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA ON NOVEMBER 06, 2012.  Vote as if your life depended on it; and it does!

Jerry McConnell -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Gerald A. “Jerry” McConnell, 92, of Hampton, died Sunday, February 19, 2017, at the Merrimack Valley Hospice House in Haverhill, Mass., surrounded by his loved ones. He was born May 27, 1924 in Altoona, Pa., the fifth son of the late John E. and Grace (Fletcher) McConnell.

Jerry served ten years with the US Marine Corps and participated in the landing against Japanese Army on Guadalcanal and another ten years with the US Air Force. After moving to Hampton in 1957 he started his community activities serving in many capacities.


He shared 72 years of marriage with his wife Betty P. (Hamilton) McConnell. In addition to his wife, family members include nieces and nephews.


McConnell’s e-book about Guadalcanal, “Our Survival was Open to the Gravest Doubts


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