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Metro sexual male is defined by narcissistic traits, most notably, an over concern for his appearance that we don’t see in Real Men

America’s First Woman President:  Barack Obama

By —— Bio and Archives March 15, 2010

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Chaudhury: The criticism of the Obama administration seems to be particularly ‘male,’ you know? When you say ‘why aren’t you fighting back, why aren’t you policing?’ I think we’ve been talking about having women in leadership positions, and Obama’s attitude to leadership is really a very womanly one, you know, which is consensual, which is thought through, which calms the temperature down of the world, and it’s very important to remember that, you know. -Shoma Chaudhury, Indian Journalist

Chaudbury is partially correct.  Obama has no problem getting in touch with his softer side when it comes to terrorists making nukes or slave owning Arab leaders.  He’s downright thuggish in his attacks on the American people and our allies, however.

Like all oppressors, Obama is actually a milksop who craves power over those whom he perceives as weaker than he is.

Rather than take great offense at Chaudbury’s reference to her boss as “womanly”, Valerie Jarrett assures us that the leader of the free world will be delighted: 

Jarrett: Thank you. I’m going to tell him you said that. I think he’ll be very pleased to hear that that’s how you describe it. And I think I’m going to use that in terms of taking the temperature down. Because it has to come down if you are actually going to listen to one another, you have to take a lot of the heat out of the discourse. I think he’s very good at doing that, thank you.

It’s not unusual for boys raised by single moms to become narcissists (see Clinton, William J).  The metro sexual male is defined by narcissistic traits, most notably, an over concern for his appearance that we don’t see in Real Men.  Sure, they will dress up when the occasion demands, but not without some obligatory grumbling.  Liberals didn’t learn from Clinton’s wussified approach to Islamic terrorism that putting a narcissistic pantywaist in the White House doesn’t make terrorists love us after all. 

I Village offers up some advice for single moms raising boys.  Presumably, it was not meant to be satire when Andrea Engber assured single mothers that their boys can grow up to be emotionally healthy men, citing a few examples, including:  Tom Cruise and Bill Clinton!

Engber goes on to offer more sapient advice:  “Be a little creative in helping your child learn guy stuff. For instance, many single mothers report concern over their son’s using the potty while sitting, or playing with their makeup.”

Chaudhury not only doesn’t understand Obama very well, she also lacks any insight into how strong real women can be.  Before we insult all women by comparing them to Obama, how about we give Liz Cheney a whack at running our foreign policy for awhile?

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