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Lunacy of the Left is endless, because it is deliberate

Are Liberals trying to Annoy Us?

By --January 30, 2014

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Republicans need to recognize an important fact:  Liberalism is not driven by any real political philosophy but by resentment, bitterness, and anger toward mainstream society.  Conservatives keep trying to patiently and politely point out where Democrat candidates are factually and logically wrong.

That cannot work because liberalism is not about facts or logic.  You can’t explain the Democrat Party (which liberals took over starting in 1968).  What is happening to our country is not about issues.  (But, a clarification:  I am focusing here on liberal activists and leaders.  Many ordinary individuals are just caught up in their rhetoric.)

The Left irritates society with ever-more loony ideas.  Conservatives think they can reason with liberals.  But crazy is their goal, because liberals are trying to annoy people on purpose.  Upsetting the mainstream is a way of expressing anger and bitterness.  So reasoning with liberals is exactly what they don’t want.  They want to make you upset. Conservatives are trying to argue logic to a teenage boy who is bitter and angry at his parents.  Liberalism is like a teenage girl who really wants to annoy her parents by dating a 30 year old covered in tattoos from a biker gang.  Liberal “complaints” are actually proxies substituting for other issues.

Similarly, whatever mainstream society admires, enjoys or takes pleasure in liberals are determined to tear down, attack, and smear.  If you are happy, liberals must put a stop to that.  Misery loves company.  Liberals are unhappy.  They “need” to prove that what most people enjoy and admire is actually bad or evil.  Mainstream society is happy only because we are ignorant.  If only we were as enlightened as liberals, we would be miserable along with them.  The Left is convinced that societal happiness comes at the expense of harmful side effects that we are ignoring.

America’s Founding Fathers used to be admired

America’s Founding Fathers used to be admired.  So to express anger at the country, the liberals in the U.S.A. must tear down whatever the culture admires, and prove what awful people the Founding Fathers truly were.  The U.S.A. has prospered with the automobile.  So liberals have to despise the car culture and tear it down. 

Americans love their country

Americans love their country.  So for decades liberals have been trying to convince everyone how horrible our nation is and the ugly side of its history.  Because this indoctrination is concentrated in the schools, adults don’t always realize how severe this anti-American drumbeat has been behind the closed classroom door.

Americans honored their military

Americans honored their military.  So the Left had to tear down and smear those who serve in the armed forces as monsters and baby killers.  I recently interviewed Hollywood film-maker Jack Marino on the radio.  Marino created a Vietnam War movie showing U.S. soldiers in a positive light.  The movie “Forgotten Heroes” is complete, but because it has a positive spin, he can’t get it distributed to movie theaters and has been black-balled in Hollywood. 

If the goal were to change policies about war, liberals would attack national leaders who actually make the decisions to go to war.  Why the nastiness towards our boys in uniform since the 1960’s?  The Leftist goal is not a new national strategy.  The goal is tearing down whatever most Americans cherish.  The only reason to attack the soldiers is out of general hatred for the country, to prove that society as a whole is wrong and they are right.

Marriage and the nuclear family were once admired greatly

Marriage and the nuclear family were once admired greatly.  So the Left has spent decades tearing them down.  Men are dumb, and wife-beaters too.  Children unloved and neglected.  Men attracted sexually to children are rare, yet somehow to hear liberals and divorce lawyers tell it sexual abuse in families is almost universal.  Such nonsense makes sense only to those who want to attack what other people cherish.

Recently, football is under attack.  People like football.  So those who want to express their anger at society can’t resist attacking whatever the majority of the population enjoys and likes. They tell us movie popcorn is unhealthy, because most people like movie popcorn.  (Popcorn is just corn.  Butter is simply milk.)

America’s industrial might has contributed greatly to the wealth of the world

America’s industrial might has contributed greatly to the wealth of the world.  American capitalism has made the poor in the U.S. richer than most kings and queens of human history.  What king of old ever had a cell phone, a microwave oven, DVD player with movies on demand, indoor plumbing, or just soft toilet paper?  Yet liberals have to convince us that what we thought was good is actually bad. 

Last Fall, California passed a law that students may choose the bathroom, locker room, showers, and sports team of their choice in public schools.  Presumably, government swimming pools must also allow a boy to change into a bathing suit and shower along with the girls, so they are completely naked together. 

The law is triggered by only a student’s self-declaration.  So the temptation for a teenage boy to watch teenage girls shower or undress is obvious to anyone except a liberal.  An article in The New York Times reports that this movement believes that young people’s self-perception of gender can change from day to day.  One student told the Times:  “Some days I wake up and think, ‘Why am I in this body?’ Most days I wake up and think, ‘What was I thinking yesterday?’”  Of course such emotional upheaval used to be called puberty.  Always at war with reality, liberals convert a normal part of growing up into a societal problem.

So why aren’t liberals laughed out of politics in America?  How can such lunacy survive?

Conservatives think that liberals are fundamentally the same but with different tastes.  One person prefers strawberry ice cream and another person prefers chocolate.  But liberals fundamentally think, process information, and view the world totally differently.  So, conservatives fail at responding to liberal attacks.  Liberals may even be unaware of their own motivation consciously. 

Yet the lunacy of the Left is endless, because it is deliberate.  The Left is not driven by any other logic than trying to prove that our cultural consensus is wrong.  If liberals get what they say they want, they will only dream up an endless supply of new complaints and grievances.  Trying to reason with liberals or address their complaints can never work.  The conviction that whatever most people believe has to be wrong and only liberals see the truth is at the core of leftist politics.


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Jonathon Moseley is a Virginia business and criminal defense attorney. Moseley is also a co-host with the “Conservative Commandos” radio show, and an active member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party.  He studied Physics at Hampshire College, Finance at the University of Florida and law at George Mason University in Virginia. Moseley promoted Reagan?s policies at High Frontier and the Center for Peace in Freedom. He worked at the U.S. Department of Education, including at the Center for Choice in Education.

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