Labor unions now own and operate the Democrat Party via their Democratic Socialists of America

By —— Bio and Archives August 21, 2009

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While the nation is focused on stopping Obama’s Marxist health scare plan, Obama’s DHS is quietly moving forward on amnesty, free health care and voting rights for some 20 million illegal migrants.

It’s not hard to figure out their motives… Labor unions now own and operate the Democrat Party via their Democratic Socialists of America. 20 million illegal aliens already in the U.S. will generate more than 8 million new dues paying union members, who will be trained to vote Democrat in upcoming elections.

Aside from being a huge payoff to the union bosses who funded the Socialists rise to power in America and placed Socialists in control of all three branches of the federal government in 2006 and 2008, it secures future elections for the Democrat Party by adding nearly 10 million New Leftist voters anxious to vote themselves gifts from our public trough. Today’s DNC will gladly show them the ropes…

60,000 AARP members have dropped their AARP membership in just the last few weeks, in a revolt against Obama’s plan to pay for socialized medicine for illegal immigrants by rationing health care to senior citizens, those who no longer “contribute,” but are instead a drain on the “public trough.”

If you want the facts on ObamaCare, see the TV ad that ABC refuses to run, in which well respected neurosurgeon Dr. Cuffe tells it like it really is. — Go here Now! ABC is the first national TV network to refuse to run the ad, even though they know that the ad states the facts as they truly exist. Help out where you can…

Despite the all-out media blitz in support of Obama’s Marxism on every front, the public polls are shifting in the wrong direction for Mr. Obama and his Marxist cohorts in congress.

That’s because only 21% of Americans believe that heath care reform should be a top priority, and only half of the 21% think that Obama’s government run option is the right answer. Meanwhile, 67% of Americans believe that massive cuts in runaway federal spending and immediate reduction of the national debt, is priority #1.

It’s impossible to pass a multi-trillion dollar health scare scam when citizens favor cutting off the spoiled children in Washington DC by more than a 3 to 1 margin, unless you simply ignore the voice of the taxpayers and bulldoze ahead as if you are some kind of tyrannical dictator, of course.

As Obama & Co. reach new lows in public approval ratings day after day, week after week, leftists become increasingly desperate for ways to keep their Marxist agenda on track and what would give that agenda a better shot in the arm than 8 million new dues paying union members who can be counted upon to fund and vote for Democrats in their effort to gain personal access to the public treasury?

As “legal” American citizens, including the AARP crowd who mistakenly bought Obama’s centrist sounding campaign lies last fall, begin to run from Democrats and their Marxism as fast as they can, Democrats need new supporters. 20 million illegal immigrants signed up to labor unions and taught to vote themselves gifts from the treasury should do the trick!

Obama: Relieving Jimmy Carter of his long-held status as America’s worst president

In just seven months, Obama’s approval rating has plummeted from a high of 65% on inauguration day to 49% today. His disapproval rating has swung from a low of 30% to his current 50%. Most of that swing has likely taken place among senior citizens now able to see what kinds of “change” Obama refused to define during his campaign.

Those who feel strongly one way or another have completely flopped over the last seven months. In January, Obama enjoyed a +28 point approval advantage. That was before anyone had any idea what he meant by “change.”

Now that Americans can see what he meant by change, Obama is hovering around a -10 rating. That’s a 38 point negative swing over seven months, making George W. Bush look popular, and relieving Jimmy Carter of his long-held status as America’s worst president.

To make matters worse, even many Democrat Obama supporters are jumping ship in anger. Half are jumping ship because they now realize that this ain’t their granddaddy’s DNC anymore. The other half are mad that Obama is more prone to political policy blunders than Bill Clinton was to Oral Office sex parties.

Bottom line… Democrats need new voters and they think they found them among 20 million illegal aliens hoping that Marxists will wave off all immigration laws so that they can vote in the next election as members of the Democrat Party, from whence amnesty came….

The Catholic Church is happy to help the cause because Catholicism is the number one religion among Latinos and Hispanics. The collection plate has been lacking a bit.
All of which explains this weeks private White House meeting between the Department of Homeland Insecurity and every pro-amnesty organization in America. Not a single opponent to amnesty, free health care or illegal immigration was invited to the White House meeting. Here’s the list of attendees...  - it’s all the usual suspects, of course.

In a DHS post meeting release, DHS head Janet Napolitano stated - “Today’s meeting on comprehensive immigration reform was an important opportunity to hear from stakeholders and build on the significant time I’ve spent on the Hill meeting with members of Congress on this critical subject. I look forward to working with President Obama, my colleagues in Congress and representatives from law enforcement, business, labor organizations, the interfaith community, advocacy groups and others as we work on this important issue.”

Seriously now… With friends like this in Washington DC, who the hell needs enemies?

When you can’t gain the support of American citizens for your leftist agenda to dismantle America, you have to create some new “Americans” who will support your anti-American agenda. And that is exactly what Obama & Co. intends to do as they force their variety of “change” upon an increasingly angry America.

They aren’t only planning to ram nationalized health care through congress without the support of those radical Republicans who just refuse to play ball with Marxists across the aisle – they intend to ram amnesty through as well, along with ACORN designed redistricting so that anti-American voters will simply outnumber American voters by the next two election cycles.

One way or another, they are going to “change” America from the bastion of freedom and liberty it has always been, to the New World Secular Socialist cesspool leftists have always dreamed America could one day be.

They have the votes… That’s it!—They don’t need a single congressional Republican to come along and they don’t have to care how many American citizens march in their silly opposition protests, with their homemade anti-communism signs.

You elected Obama & Co. and gave them unbridled power to make whatever “changes” they deem to be in the interest of the greater communal good, and that’s what they are doing. Don’t complain about it now. You had your chance to vote against it and Obama, Pelosi and Reid will remind you every day if they need to, that YOU elected them to do this, all of it!

So just shut up and take in the shorts! Learn to like it. You don’t have the votes to stop them and by the time you get a chance to vote again, those of you who have figured out your mistake and jumped the Obama ship will be replaced with new Americans in new ACORN districts, all of whom will be union members and trained how to vote themselves gifts from the treasury.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. Writers like me have been telling you this was coming for years now. You thought it was more important to “make history.” Well, you have…

The “changes” being implemented by this group of Democratic Socialists is indeed “historic.” But it’s not the first time the world has seen it. In fact, at 233 years old, America had already outlived any other free self-governed society.

Technically speaking, you didn’t “make history.” You just allowed it to repeat once more…

Workers of the world unite! The free republic, be damned…

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