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Blind Leftist Devotion to Obama Results From Marxist Critical Theory

By --April 11, 2011

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Recall, Obama was declared a genius of geniuses by the elites when he ran for president, based on admittance to Harvard Law and a few stirring speeches. Yet, once upon a time, some effort was made to connect education to that holy grail called “intelligence.” After all, wasn’t that the entire argument behind the support and development of the “Ivy League”? But as the average—meaning intellectually guileless—person now sees daily and proved by incontrovertible evidence, being an elite simply means you have been trained into sneering, illiterate idiocy.

There is no longer any credible evidence suggesting elites and liberals understand, let alone are committed to, the good life all normal Americans desire. And after rejecting a second Obama presidency—the way a stomach turns on Tijuana water—we must utterly rethink our cultural goals and strategies for their achievement. The first step for this is to defang the serpent by de-funding the Ivy League, or at least cleaning the decks of its illiterate Marxist masters.

I. Liberal Elitist & Intellectual’s Massive Support for Obama

Everyone knows liberal intellectuals went haywire for Barack Obama when he first ran for president. Consider the following quotes to recall how he was being touted as a mix of Aristotle, Lincoln, Gandhi, Alexander the Great, Christ and FDR:

He is not operating on the same plane as ordinary politicians. . . . the agent of transformation in an age of revolution, as a figure uniquely qualified to open the door to the 21st century.—Gary Hart

UK politico Neil Kinnock recalls Vice President Biden as saying:

I remember Joe saying it was going to be Barack Obama up against John McCain. He said; ‘You can put money on it - Obama’s a genius’. I said; ‘What kind of genius? Like who?’ He said, ‘Well, there isn’t one person I could compare him to, but he’s like a cross between Denzel Washington and Franklin Roosevelt.”

And then there was MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s immortally verbalized man-crush:

It’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often.—Chris Matthews

Matthews also made this humdinger of a statement in his book Life’s a Campaign, talking about Obama’s 2004 speech at the Democratic convention. He stated,

There, in Boston’s FleetCenter, he delivered what might have been the most inspiring speech many Americans listening that evening had ever heard. Obama, at that moment not elected to the U.S. Senate, was offering a miraculous gift with those words. With thoughtful eloquence, Obama was marrying the immigrant story to the African American legacy not simply by his genes, but by his genius. No wonder the country’s youth turned to him as their hope as well as their hero.

And who could forget this show-stopper by presidential historian Michael Beschloss while a guest on the Don Imus show:

Michael Beschloss: Yeah. Even aside from the fact of electing the first African American President and whatever one’s partisan views this is a guy whose IQ is off the charts—I mean you cannot say that he is anything but a very serious and capable leader and—you know—You and I have talked about this for years ...

Imus: Well. What is his IQ?

Beschloss: ... our system doesn’t allow those people to become President, those people meaning people THAT smart and THAT capable

Imus: What is his IQ?

Beschloss: Pardon?

Imus: What is his IQ?

Beschloss: Uh. I would say it’s probably - he’s probably the smartest guy ever to become President.

Imus: That’s not what I asked you. I asked you what his IQ was.

Beschloss: You know that I don’t know and I’d have to find someone with more expertise ...

Imus: You don’t know.

Beschloss: What do YOU think it is?

Imus: I don’t know…

From the foreign press, Denmark’s Politiken:

He comes from humble beginnings and defends the weak and vulnerable, because he can identify himself with their conditions. And no we are not thinking of Jesus Christ, whose birthday has just been celebrated—but rather the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama. On the other hand, we have Jesus’ miracles that everyone still remembers, but which only benefited a few…Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus…

This last example, one of tens of thousands of panegyrics laid at Obama’s feet in his early presidency, may be the most embarrassing, by Newsweek’s Evan Thomas:

Obama’s had, really, a different task We’re seen too often as the bad guys. And he—he has a very different job from—Reagan was all about America, and you talked about it. Obama is ‚Äòwe are above that now.’ We’re not just parochial, we’re not just chauvinistic, we’re not just provincial. We stand for something—I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above—above the world, he’s sort of God.

II. Obama’s Post-Messiah Achievements

What, if anything can Obama claim to have achieved while in office? One would have to assume that by standard criteria, Obama is somewhere between a mild disappointment to a spectacular failure. For example, unemployment is at its highest sustained levels since the Great Depression, and our debt is spiraling towards a level where it could never be repaid, simply waiting to be hung from Uncle Sam’s neck like a rotting albatross. And what has this wild spike in spending actually achieved? And while progressives might love Obamacare, how do they feel about attacking Libya without mentioning it to Congress, or getting their approval? And isn’t it the most transparent War for Oil yet, given Libya is Europe’s biggest petroleum supplier?

But let Donald Trump sum Obama’s tenure up in his inimitable fashion on MSNBC:

I hate what’s happening to the country…What we’re doing is unbelievable. If you look at what’s going on, where our jobs are disappearing to foreign countries…You’re going paying 7 or 8 dollars a gallon for your oil soon.

I blame a lot (on Obama). It’s been a terrible presidency…

What’s going on with this country, the way we’re spending money like drunken sailors, we are just absolutely…going to destroy our own freedom…

If there is a shutdown, I think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the United States. He’s the one who has to get people together. I’m a deal man. I’ve made hundreds and hundreds of deals and transactions. He’s never done deals before…How’s he going to corral all these people?...You don’t have the right leader…

I think Obamacare is a total disaster…This country is going to hell.

III. Leftist Groupthink: How Intellectuals Lost Their Ability to Reason

In brief, the history of “liberalism” covers the development of every precious idea to the Western mind, including the Bill of Rights, Constitutionalism, the free market, etc. The root word means “liberty,” after all. Yet this “classical liberalism” gave way to liberalism as socialism, as the term is now understood today, and all hell broke loose.

The main driving force behind the socialist worldview, which is the default view of the American Democratic party, is the writings of Karl Marx. This is important because the project that most distracts today’s typical Western leftist is Political Correctness, which is a tendril of cultural Marxism. Likewise, the central debate tactic is another Marxist trope called Critical Theory.

But as modern liberals have walked away from the Western canon of Art and Literature, and revealed religion, they have moved further into a very murky swamp. This Slough of Despond swallows them as they call out to lure others into its reedy interior, to sink and drown. Misery and insanity crave company. But once society trades a set of core truths for increasingly tenuous and farfetched philsophies, the ability of the average person to debate important topics disappears. This is because there is no longer a baseline from which to evaluate the statements and ideas of the self and others. In its place comes a politically predetermined set of goals that will eventually be installed, without any regard to logic or consistency, like Nietzsche’s Will to Power. And this is where Critical Theory comes in.

IV. Contradictory Conclusions: How “Critical Theory” Molests Aimless Leftist Minds

Critical Theory is the central moral posture used in modern progressive debates. It is used by those employing Politically Correct arguments to further their goals, like race and gender theory enthusiasts. This is no surprise, as Stephen Eric Bronner describes in Critical Theory, both are derived from Marxism by way of the Frankfurt School, whose goal was to introduce Marxism into American society via culture.

Bronner describes Socrates and his method of always asking questions, but never giving answers, as the key to understanding Critical Theory. In other words, this is a theory based upon radical skepticism, and so is a specious tool for use in analysis. Or as Bill Lind wrote,

What the Frankfurt School essentially does is draw on both Marx and Freud in the 1930s to create this theory called Critical Theory. The term is ingenious because you’re tempted to ask, “What is the theory?” The theory is to criticize. The theory is that the way to bring down Western culture and the capitalist order is not to lay down an alternative. They explicitly refuse to do that. They say it can’t be done, that we can’t imagine what a free society would look like (their definition of a free society). As long as we’re living under repression—the repression of a capitalistic economic order which creates (in their theory) the Freudian condition, the conditions that Freud describes in individuals of repression—we can’t even imagine it. What Critical Theory is about is simply criticizing. It calls for the most destructive criticism possible, in every possible way, designed to bring the current order down.

The old computing model was GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out. This saying might best describe what has happened to the minds of America’s brightest and most accomplished persons. For example, if you teach a young child the only moral economic system is socialism, will they later be motivated to develop a sophisticated view of capitalism? Since the Ivy League is now regularly marinated in Political Correctness, we should understand this cripples the development of serious intellect thought, or independent thinking, so crucial to developing a mature world-view.

V. Obama’s Dialectic—Finger Painting by a Blind Marxist

In conclusion, we can now see why leftism is so successful at misleading its adherents and opponents. Generations of American youths have been taught there is no right or wrong. Modern liberalism is a movement of radical secularism, and as such, has no “core.” Specifically, while socialism borrows many ideas from the Bible, like the “Golden Rule,” it ostentatiously rejects the Ten Commandments and therefore can do anything it likes in pursuit of power.

To this end Obama is the ultimate opportunist. Based on a simple review of his actions, he appears to believe little of classical American convictions. Instead he prefers to see America and capitalism humbled while making way for a new world where assets are shared, not hoarded; where all countries make decisions, not the few; and where the heirs of the slave masters will finally have the whip hand turned on them for the revenge they so desperately deserve.

And Obama’s willing army of imbeciles, who see the world through self-righteous and simplistic lenses, are everywhere in universities, media sites, and in the corridors of power. They have already jettisoned logic and traditional ideas eons ago, and now simply long to be of use to our intellectually-challenged commander in chief as he plots his inane assault against the history, mission and future of the USA.

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Kelly O’Connell is an author and attorney. He was born on the West Coast, raised in Las Vegas, and matriculated from the University of Oregon. After laboring for the Reformed Church in Galway, Ireland, he returned to America and attended law school in Virginia, where he earned a JD and a Master’s degree in Government. He spent a stint working as a researcher and writer of academic articles at a Miami law school, focusing on ancient law and society. He has also been employed as a university Speech & Debate professor. He then returned West and worked as an assistant district attorney. Kelly is now is a private practitioner with a small law practice in New Mexico.

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