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Obama's planned National Service Corps

Building a Solid Political Foundation Through Youth Indoctrination

By Dave Bertrand —— Bio and Archives--March 20, 2009

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Obama’s planned “National Service Corps” (The GIVE Act)....a well funded, and a well trained youth brigade organization will likely begin service by this time next summer, according to former CIA operative Robert Chapman, economist for “The Forecaster.”

Recent passage of the bill by the House is expected to be passed in the Senate accordingly. Referred to as “complete tyranny” by Mr. Chapman, he envisions extreme unemployment by next year, and hyper inflation by this summer. Revitalizing a Nazi element of troubled teens, including those of the baby boom generation, are the target for mandatory recruitment under HR 1388. Due to possible civil unrest next year, the civilian corps will be the option for a troubled unemployed young adult, or may be a tool by the government to further divide this nation from within. What in the world did we do before Obama? Well, let’s see….

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have always assisted communities, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army have (until now) always presented an open hand to those in need, and of course, most every church in America has opened their doors to those struggling and in despair. Most every small and large town has the Lions Club, Rotary, Elks, and Moose Lodges that host numerous activities for local youths. Therefore, I can only come-up with one conclusion about Obama’s top priority plans for America’s youth! 

If the Obama administration does not deviate from earlier comments about the youth brigades service to the community, i.e. helping senior citizens or volunteering in hospitals, etc, then his program will be accepted by Americans, but it seems additional information suggests that volunteerism will be mandatory and further defined as a type of quasi military style civilian force of high school drop-outs, non-English speaking youths, former gang members, homeless, and other levels outlined in HR 1388.

What’s interesting to note, under HR 1388, Sec 125 (Prohibited Activities and Ineligible Organizations)....emphasis on religious worship and service is prohibited, including the building and construction of any facility involving worship. Under section 125, the participation of partisan political support is prohibited, plus a list of other prohibited activities that suggests, an Obama youth brigade plan could effectively nullify the youth’s political and religious thought process, and is exactly what was accomplished during Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Robert Chapman is then correct, “absolute tyranny” will have our youth’s mindset exactly where they want them, and it may not be voluntary. 

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