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Canadian Broadcasting Corp. sucks up to `Be-Bop Barry’

By —— Bio and Archives--December 30, 2008

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imageWhen he’s out there jogging to get a physique as impressive as Vladimir Putin’s, Barack Obama needs some Canadian content for his IPod. 

CBC Radio 2, which has a lot more time than imagination is asking Canadians to pick 49 songs that best represent Canada for President-Elect Barack Obama.

“Beginning Monday, January 5, CBC Radio 2 invites Canadians to help select the top “49 songs from north of the 49th parallel” that best define our country to the incoming U.S. President Barack Obama,” says a CBC media release describing the initiative.

Lefties love lefties and like their hero NDP leader Jack Layton, CBC would do most anything to flag “The One’s” attention.

“One of the best ways to know Canada is through the depth and breadth of our artistic expression,” says Denise Donlon, executive director of English Radio.  “We’re excited about the new president and we want him to be excited about us, so we’re asking our audience to help compile the list of our most definitive Canadian songs.”
If Ms. Donlon sounds just like a left-wing Canadian politician, so do most CBC reporters.
No one yet had left a comment in the comment section on when Canada Free Press (CFP) checked on to its headlined story Should we add `American Woman’? early this morning.
A CBC website already includes submissions from rapper Maestro Fresh Wes, who suggests his own 1989 hit, “Let Your Backbone Slide”.
Movie critic Richard Crouse, who got his humble start at Our Toronto, the forerunner of CFP says BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business” (something the CBC rarely, if ever does), “would offer inspiration”.
CFP is offering these songs for Barry’s busy iPod. “Socialism Sucks” by Vladimir & the Deadbeats” would best define Canada.
Yes, Boss!” by CBC & The Brown Nosers and “Looking for a government bailout” by the CBC House Orchestra best describes CBC.
Not wanting to overlook the mainstream media, CFP offers “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by the Mainstream Press.
We just know that “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” by ACORN & the Tree Nuts would have Obama working up a sweat out on the jogging trail, and if that doesn’t cut it, he can always rock to “Buy Me a Burka” by Obama Girl.
In a Teresa Heinz-Kerry moment during the presidential election campaign, Obama did say he visited all 57 U.S. states, so he likely already knows he has to head north if he wants to visit the Land of the Canucks.

Meanwhile, CBC points out that “Canadians have a week to submit their song choices”.  Submissions can be made by three ways:online at, by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Those whose patience can outlast CBC’s voice mail message en francais can always phone in their submission by dialing 1-877-222-8166.

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