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I don’t want to be a parasite on the public purse because after all I did file my income tax returns and pay my taxes when due for about 60 odd years

Canadian Senior: I’m impecunious and in need of financial aid

By -- Alexander S. Romanchuk —— Bio and Archives--July 23, 2017

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Most Honourable Prime Minister and Premiers,

I am 81 years young, retired and live in Kelowna, BC, a caucasian having been born, raised and bred in Alberta to hard-working caucasian parents.  I didn’t think that I would come to this but my income from OAS, CPP and a small RRSP is insufficient for my living.  And there are millions of Canadians in the same position.  I have been working since the age of six at harvest time or picking and packing vegetables in farmers fields.  I’ve worked for the CNR as a call boy and crew dispatcher, in the residential heating business, in the oilfields in Drayton Valley and in the mines in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

I was married and divorced twice and each time my wives got the mine while I got the shaft!  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining because I have always been a survivor having been taught by my parents PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and FRUGALITY.  I’ve NEVER been on welfare NOR have I DEMANDED anything from Canadian governments INCLUDING respect.  I’ve had to EARN everything I had or have!

But events in the past 5 decades have now forced me, alas, to ask for government assistance.  You, Mr. Prime Minister, have a national debt of some $700 BILLION and the provinces are all in debt up to their ears.  Yet, throughout all of this, all of you have found a way or ways to CREATE money out of thin air to give to the so-called have-not nations, corporate welfare bums, the Natives (who don’t produce anything of substance beneficial to Canada), you have found millions to fund drug clinics across the country and safe injection sites for all those using fentanyl and other illegal drugs.  And just this week you, Mr. Horgan, as the new ND Premier of BC have raised welfare and disability rates by $100 per month and you’ve indicated that there are more increases to come.

In ensconcing yourself in your new office you have FIRED about 133 Liberal civil servants costing the government over $11 million in severance packages and filled those positions with your own people.  Oh, lest I forget, when you look at all the taxes people have to pay; income/corporate taxes, GST, HST and PST plus numerous other taxes and yes, loaded up on all those, are the carbon taxes levied in Alberta in 2017 and in BC in 2008 which you, Mr. Prime Minister, are set to enact federally.  Tax upon a tax, upon a tax.  Mr. Prime Minister you have allowed the unvetted immigration into Canada of some 250,000+ Syrian and other refugees and provided them with FREE housing, furnishings, TVs, cell phones, prayer mats, utilities to all of those who are mainly uneducated and have no trades whatsoever.  Oh yes, you have also provided them with FREE job training while our own Canadian citizens have to pay for it.  And how can I forget that it cost taxpayers about $125,000 to send you on a private holiday to the Aga Khan’s private island which he owns and, in addition, that your government has financially aided his foundation for years. 

And the Aga is a BILLIONAIRE!  How sweet and generous you are without any accountability whatsoever to the Canadian public.

If I’ve missed anything, Honourable first ministers, please do me the courtesy and tell me what those omissions are.  Getting back to my personal request, I receive approximately $1,700 per month from the above BUT it costs me $1,900 per month to live – to pay my rent in a 50 year old apartment building, food, clothing, utilities and insurance/gas for my old car.  So I am PLEADING with all of you, but more specifically you Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Horgan, to provide me with financial assistance in the amount of $200 per month starting September 1, 2017.  I don’t think that is too much to ask in the circumstances since my impecuniosity has left me almost destitute and I don’t want to be a burden on society like so many millions are today.  And to you Premier Horgan would it be possible for you to amend the BC Health Act to allow us poor, once hard-working seniors, more provincial aid for all the prescriptions our doctors FORCE us to take.  You obviously have a lot of money (but your provincial debt is some $62 billion) in some pot to allot to us poor, debauched seniors.

In order to be able to look after us seniors perhaps all of you might conceivably look at abolishing all grants, subsidies, tax concessions, etc. to the business community, both domestic and foreign,  INCLUDING all those vinyl charities and non-profit organizations that are leeches on the public purse.  Additionally, can you ABOLISH all financial aid to the so-called have-not nations and their leaders?

I submit this with all humility.  I don’t want to be a parasite on the public purse because after all I did file my income tax returns and pay my taxes when due for about 60 odd years.  May I respectfully ask for your early replies.  Thank you.

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