Nothing to do with GM's financial problems

By John Harvey —— Bio and Archives June 1, 2012

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Obama has ads running about how he saved a million jobs saving GM.  GM didn’t employee a million people.  How could he have “saved” a million jobs?

Not only that, but he shut down more than 1,000 dealerships, all of whom were making enough money to stay in business, and their business had only to do with the fact that they could sell and service GM cars and Parts, absolutely NOTHING TO DO with GM’s financial problems.

I have a customer who has a number of franchises.  GM shut off all of his franchises, and he also lost all of his Chrysler Franchises.  He says that the dealers that still live in this area sold fewer cars than he did, but they were democrats.  He claims that all of the dealers he knows that were dumped; every one of them is a Republican.

John Harvey

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