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State bans prayer at Christian institutions

Christian bashing has to stop in America

By —— Bio and Archives--March 8, 2009

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The following news clip was spotted on March 07, 2009 in a Rapture posting on the Internet:

State bans prayer at Christian institutions
The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) is being challenged on a policy that bans Christian schools from offering a prayer or any religious message over their public address systems when they host association events on their own property.


“It is blatantly unconstitutional for public school officials to come into private schools and enforce a policy prohibiting them from expressing what’s central to their religious beliefs,” said David Cortman, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, or ADF.

Then on a article by Charlie Butts this additional information was provided:

“David Cortman of Alliance Defense Fund, contacted by private and religious schools that are under the authority of the Association, stated, ‘These schools were concerned that they were having to shed their religious identity just to be able to participate in the athletic program.  The way the rule reads it’s completely prohibitive so even if two Christian schools were playing each other, and even if both wanted to have the prayers and always had the prayers, they still wouldn’t be able to do so’.”

Can you imagine anything with an Illinois based source having the pure unmitigated gall to dictate something as preposterous as this directive?  Keep in mind here that Illinois is the geographical home of a place called Chicago; a place with its own rampant Culture of Corruption which contributes heavily to the Dynasty of Democrat Dishonesty.  If you don’t believe that, just look a little closer at the Governor’s office and its most recently removed occupant’s attempts to barter for personal gain the U. S. Senate seat vacated by the current and newly elected President of the U. S., and all of the Chicago connections in the current White House along with its presidential administrative force.

The ACLU, aka, Anti Christian Losers Unlimited, is undoubtedly a major contributor of personnel and wisdom to Chicago and Illinois as birds of a feather… etc.  This communist organization is always available to provide any ammunition necessary to shoot down any form of Christian endeavors for community and faith-based good.

This most recent bit of chicanery of Illinois with state officials dictating that a Christian school, built with private funds, for private academic instruction, stop sending messages of their prime reason for private accommodations is really not unbelievable when you consider the source.  Those state officials would do a better service for the State of Illinois, and America, if they concentrated on cleaning up their own governance of the citizens of Illinois instead of trying to take away the right of a private institution to exercise its Christian ideals and faith on its own private property.

The irony of this whole scenario lies in the fact that Christians represent at least 80 percent of the population of the United States.  So when does “majority rule” kick in?  If eight out of every ten persons in this country are Christians, why are they forced to give up their way of life just because a few jealous malcontents don’t want them to have it?  What gives the fractional group of dissenters the right to demand the majority to comply with their piddling minority dictates?  If 80 percent of the people think it is right, then it IS right.

In what other country of this world would 80 percent of the people allow a small percentage of the others to rule them?  The Christians of the United States should tell the ACLU and other oppressive organizations to go hit the road as this country is run by God loving people. 

For the entire history of this land of ours, Christians have always enjoyed a huge plurality in numbers, but have always been very tolerant of the views of the minority, and often have unfairly given ground to the undeserving.  But when minute handfuls of tyrannical-minded minority groups choose to begin dictating, it’s time for the sleeping giant to assert itself.

Jerry McConnell -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Gerald A. “Jerry” McConnell, 92, of Hampton, died Sunday, February 19, 2017, at the Merrimack Valley Hospice House in Haverhill, Mass., surrounded by his loved ones. He was born May 27, 1924 in Altoona, Pa., the fifth son of the late John E. and Grace (Fletcher) McConnell.

Jerry served ten years with the US Marine Corps and participated in the landing against Japanese Army on Guadalcanal and another ten years with the US Air Force. After moving to Hampton in 1957 he started his community activities serving in many capacities.


He shared 72 years of marriage with his wife Betty P. (Hamilton) McConnell. In addition to his wife, family members include nieces and nephews.


McConnell’s e-book about Guadalcanal, “Our Survival was Open to the Gravest Doubts


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