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But rules, like dignity and decorum, never applied to the overbearing Michelle

Clapping seal Michelle disgraces ‘Presidential’ Debate

By —— Bio and Archives--October 17, 2012

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When Barack Obama lies, only his wife claps.

The ‘undecideds’ in Candy’s audience wouldn’t do it, but ‘liddle’ Barry’s wife came through.

If last night’s presidential debate proved anything, it is that there’s nothing remotely presidential about presidential debates other than the street theatre it provides for the current crop of unprofessional media rogues.

“At the second presidential debate on Tuesday night, a camera caught first lady Michelle Obama clapping after moderator Candy Crowley told Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney that President Obama called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror” soon after the attack on the U.S. consulate.” (RealClearPolitics)

“Nearly all of the audible applause came from those sitting away from the actual debate, but when FOX News’ camera shot moved to a bird’s-eye view it became apparent that the only applause from the participating debate audience came from first lady Michelle Obama.  Mitt Romney’s wife Ann was also sitting with the debate participants.

Go to 7:45 on video

“According to the rules both campaigns agreed to, or the memorandum of understanding (MOA), there is to be no clapping from members of the debate audience.”

But rules, like dignity and decorum,  never applied to the overbearing Michelle.

Lower case seals clap as did members of the peanut gallery on Jerry Springer shows.

In the surrealistic world the Obamas have made out of American politics, Michelle’s clapping underlines how hideous the race to the American presidency has become.

Along with burned out and bummed out czars waiting it out for Revolution and assorted out-of-work Hollywood stars, this is a regime ruled by Marxist misfits, malcontents and miscreants. 

You’d have to be a misfit, Michelle, to hate the country that empowered you and your hubby.

For the Obamas, the czars and stars who high-fived each other in fits of school boy, school girl giggles,  comes this sorry morning-after reality:

The presidential debate made little or no impact on what will happen on November 6.

Like Michelle’s outlandish get-ups and appearances on daytime TV, the “That’s-my-boy” clapping will soon be forgotten, the debate fast receding in the world’s rearview mirror.

Far more worrisome than Michelle’s seal-like applause, is how these activist Marxist misfits will react when bitter loss of power is dealt them by Americans who are no longer willing to stand by and watch their country trashed.

It should be everybody’s worry that this campaign has been one where skewed polls have been conditioning people to justify an Obama win.

The Obamas will then have the audacity to stand up on the world stage to announce straight-faced:  “It was a close race but we won.

Chilling knowing that this scenario will only come to pass if Obama’s challenged ego doesn’t arrange some sort of crisis for him to suspend November 6 elections.


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