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President Obama’s National Service Corps

Congress approves Obama Jugend

By —— Bio and Archives--March 25, 2009

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The US Senate voted yesterday to procedurally clear the way for President Obama’s National Service Corps.  The bi-partisan vote approved a $6 billion scheme to increase the number of “community service” jobs in America from 75,000 to well over 250,000.  Presumably under the direction of this cadre, the plan is designed to enlarge the number of Americans engaged in “community organizing” to about 7 million.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have heartily endorsed the plan comparing it to the establishment of the Peace Corp by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the 1960s.  Supporters of the plan include Edward Kennedy (D. Mass.), John McCain (R. Arizona), Orrin Hatch (R. Utah), Barbara Mikulski (D. Maryland) and numerous non-politicians, including Rev. Rick Warren, author of the book A Purpose Drive Life.  14 Republican Senators opposed the bill, some because of the cost involved, while 11 Senators abstained.

Supporters of the National Service Corps claim the organization will encourage volunteerism in such areas as education, healthcare and the environment.

Looking at this scheme on its surface, it seems perfectly benign and if it is truly in the spirit of JFK’s Peace Corps, then it bears supporting.  However, given what the Obama administration has advocated so far, one can’t be blamed for being leery of its end use. 

It’s entirely possible that the National Service Corps will emerge as a kind of Obama Youth, with ACORN types teaching the volunteers the ins and outs of community organizing and the finer points of vote-getting.  This National Service Corps could easily end up being an indoctrination centre for impressionable young people to be turned into unwitting advocates of socialism, to be molded into Democrat drones designed to infect the body politic for all eternity.

If the Obama administration really wants to do something useful with and for its young people, reinstituting the draft would be best for several reasons.  First of all, it would take our clueless and largely narcissistic youth and instill in them a sense of self-discipline, which would be the first step toward achieving real self-esteem.  Second, at the rate America’s enemies are mobilizing we are going to need a larger standing army to meet all the threats that will soon be confronting us.  Third, the military would provide valuable educational opportunities, other than “community organizing”.  Finally, the military is a non-partisan organization that cannot be usurped by overly ambitious politicians. 

Drafting young people into the military and using their service in areas other than “community organizing” would certainly make me sleep a lot better.  I don’t know about you, but there is something about the idea of an Obama Youth, no matter what its official name that makes me quite uncomfortable.  And the constant comparisons to the program that JFK instituted in the 1960s make me even more uncomfortable. To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen: “I knew Jack Kennedy and Barack Obama is no Jack Kennedy”.

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Klaus Rohrich is senior columnist for Canada Free Press. Klaus also writes topical articles for numerous magazines. He has a regular column on RetirementHomes and is currently working on his first book dealing with the toxicity of liberalism.  His work has been featured on the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, among others.  He lives and works in a small town outside of Toronto.

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