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Vindictiveness seems to be a state owned wholly by David Frum

David Frum: Looking for sex in all the wrong places

By —— Bio and Archives November 19, 2009

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image“Conservative” pundit David Frum, new kid on the block at failing cable giant CNN, has outdone Liberal harpies like Heather Mallick and Rachel Maddow in Trashing Sarah Palin, Round Two.

As thousands lined up in Michigan to meet Sarah Palin at a Going Rogue book signing last night,  Frum was on News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

“This is a woman who has got into a position of leadership by sending very powerful sexual signals,” Frum told reporter Judy Woodruff.  “And we see that in the way that men like her much more than women do.”

Incredibly Frum, draped in cobwebs ever since his departure as a speechwriter from the George W. Bush White House,  says “Palin is hobbled by her focus on the past.”

“There is a thinness of skin, and an anger, and a vindictiveness that is very dangerous,” Frum said.

Vindictiveness seems to be a state owned wholly by David Frum.

Whether Frum’s dander was raised yesterday by Palin interviews by the conservative trio of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, who mercifully ignore him, Frum was accusing  
Palin of “punching back” and just talking tough not being tough:

“I mean, the question I look to in a Republican president is, do you have the kind of resources to really hold the line when things get tough, and not just to talk tough but to be tough, and not just to punch back but actually have the ability to keep going without punching back while restraining yourself and your emotions?”

Restraining himself is precisely what pompous David Frum should be doing.

Imagine the howls of delight from female newsies Katie Couric, Maddow, and here in Canada Heather Mallick,  who during the presidential campaign portrayed Palin as having a “toned down version of the porn actress look” and described her daughter Bristol as having a “pramface”,  in a column first picked up and later removed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

I will own up here to knowing David Frum and his wife Dani Crittenden, having worked with Dani at the Toronto Sun and catching up with them last summer on the patio of a Toronto hotel for cocktails.

Both Frums seem to have a “thing” about folk hero Sarah Palin.

Crittenden wrote in her column It Ain’t Elitist to be anti-Palin in the National Post “I hate to pull rank here.  But it seems I am the only Republican still standing who can criticize Sarah Palin without being accused by my fellow conservatives of suffering from an “elite education”, she wrote.

“Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Christopher Buckley, Kathleen Parker and (my husband) David Frum all had their heads put on pikes by the self-appointed rulers of conservatism.”

I wrote that Dani was out to lunch on Palin in Canada Free Press (CFP) on Oct. 30, 2008.

Dani’s only woefully out to lunch on Sarah Palin,  while her husband David is out in left field.

Meanwhile, as I suppose there will be no more cocktail invites,  I’m sending this message to Dani: “Your husband is looking for sex in all the wrong places.”

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