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Conform, obey, and shut up. You are a part of Obama's America, now

Deeper than Immigration, State Sovereignty Is At Risk

By --June 28, 2012

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This morning, not exactly anticipating my turn to be needled at the doctor’s office, I was reading the literary selections in the waiting pen.  Like most lobbies presented by health professionals, the material was either about fitness, health, or a couple samples of the liberal news media. Sometimes, sports magazines are available too. Those are the medical corrals I like most.

Time Magazine caught my attention, so I opened it up. Newt Gingrich graced the February 6, 2012, cover, but Obama filled the interior. “Fairness Doctrine” by Joe Klein was the article that stopped me in my tracks. Anytime the liberals start pushing censorship, while calling it the opposite, I am always interested in what they have to say.

The article was not about the concept of “fairness on the radio” as I expected, and instead tried to explain how Obama is working to “contain conservatism.” It was the final paragraph of the piece that bubbled the juices inside my brain. As a part of the statement designed to wrap it all up, after quoting Obama stating we have to work together (which is liberal-speak for redistribution of wealth by the government), Joe Klein wrote, “This is, without question, the strongest argument against the Darwinian “freedom” Republicans are touting. It is a reminder that the Constitution was a stitching device, written to unify and control the states, not merely to liberate them.” (emphasis added)

The anti-capitalists of the Democrat Party have christened the free market as Darwinian Economics, or “you are on your own,” without understanding how individualism without government intervention is actually better for the economy, for as you work for a better life, those around you benefit as well because in your success you seek employees to help manage the increase in production, you produce product for the market, and you purchase more product to better serve your improved lifestyle. But, that all set aside, the real kicker was the statement in the finale, “The Constitution was a stitching device, written to unify and control the states, not merely liberate them.”

Sounds like Orwellian double-speak, doesn’t it? Liberation is control. Control is liberation. Liberation while being controlled is unification.

Understanding that the liberal left views the Constitution as a device to grant control over the States to the federal government helps explain a lot of their views, doesn’t it?

Which brings us to the liberal left Democrat Party opinion over the Arizona Immigration Law, and Obama’s decision that Arizona’s right to enforce immigration in its own State is null and void, despite what the Supreme Court’s opinion on the matter was. Governor Jan Brewer stated that the Obama administration was literally telling Arizona to drop dead, in light of the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to cancel its agreements with Arizona law enforcement agencies allowing them to check the citizenship of suspected illegal immigrants.

Immigration is a concurrent issue, but remember, the liberal left does not see the States as independent, sovereign entities, and as Joe Klein stated in Time Magazine, they believe the Constitution was written to unify and control the States. It is as if Obama, and his liberal left cronies, view the States as petulant children that can’t be trusted to do anything themselves, and must be controlled, and disciplined, by the big ol’ federal government.  State authorities, or better stated, “States’ Rights,” don’t even exist in the minds of these people. This is why the federal government sued the State of Arizona over its immigration law, and why now the Obama administration is ignoring the Supreme Court decision for daring to not get into complete lock-step with the administration by suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Obama’s regime has also issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls from Arizona reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona cops. In other words, as allowed by the Supreme Court decision, Arizona police agencies can immediately begin calling to check immigration status, but the federal officials they are calling won’t answer the phone, or won’t answer their inquiry.

As far as Obama is concerned, the federal government is above the law, above the Law of the Land, and can punish States as they see fit, regardless of what the people say, regardless of what the law says, regardless of what the Constitution says, and despite any opinion their own courts may issue.

There are federal immigration laws on the books that the federal government refuses to enforce, because the democrats need the Hispanic vote, and hopes to change these illegals into voters too, and if the State of Arizona doesn’t like it, or the Supreme Court doesn’t like it, tough.

How dare Arizona refuse to not follow Obama’s orders.

And just to make it completely Orwellian, to intimidate Arizona law enforcement officials, Obama set up a hotline for people to complain to when illegals are apprehended! If anybody sees something that they think is not right, they can call and tattle on their State government to the federal government.

Remember, the liberal democrats think the Constitution was written to give the federal government the authority to control the States.

Illegal aliens, who are criminals for breaking immigration laws, can now snitch on law enforcement, and Obama is purposely siding with those on the wrong side of the law for votes, and control over the States. Obama does not want immigration laws enforced. The democrats want the borders wide open, because the democrats need a perpetual underclass so that they can continue to use the “America is such a bad place, look at all of the poor people, so vote for us to fix it” ploy.

The liberal democrats think there shouldn’t even be a border. The rest of the world has stricter immigration laws than we do, and have stronger border protection often manned by the military, but when it comes to the United States, in the liberal democrat’s opinion, “Who do we think we are? What border?”

Arizona decided to protect themselves against the problems that come with illegal immigration, and so they were going to enforce the laws themselves. Their State immigration law is nearly identical to the federal laws on the books. They did not go one step further. But, the leftists believe that by enforcing the law, when the federal government refuses to, that is a case of a state acting contrary to the federal government (a gross misunderstanding of the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution), and how dare a State misbehave like that.

So, the federal government went into “control the States” mode.

Think about the insanity, for a moment. A sovereign state that Constitutionally has a right to protect its own interior against law breakers, writes laws that reflect and mirror federal laws which are not being enforced by the federal government. The big government federal folks that are refusing to enforce the laws on the books sue the state of Arizona for trying to enforce federal law, wins the case on all counts but one, and then refuses to abide by the one ruling because they consider themselves to be at the top of the food chain, and therefore no court, no State, nor the people, can tell them what they can and can’t do.

Welcome to totalitarianism in America, and the loss of what was left of States’ Rights.

As far as the federal government is concerned, there is no immigration law in Arizona, and there never will be.

But, just to make sure those lowly State officials don’t dare to go against the ruling regime in Washington, they created a hotline. Americans, and non-Americans here illegally, are being encouraged to rat out those people in the State of Arizona that dares to not to obey the federal government’s dictates.

Plus, if you pull off doing your job, without being snitched out, then Arizona’s police and sheriff departments will be buried in bogus lawsuits at the request and the behest of Barack Obama and the liberal democrats.

Conform, obey, and shut up. You are a part of Obama’s America, now.

Do as you’re told, or be punished.

Any law enforcement official doing his job on the provision the Supreme Court upheld, “stop and check,” is behaving in a criminal way as far as the federal government is concerned, and it is being encouraged that these law enforcement people will be ratted out by Arizona citizens, and any illegal alien with access to a telephone.

The federal government has torn up the Constitution and thrown it away. The federal government has determined that American Citizenship means nothing. The federal government has decided that laws mean nothing, and court rulings mean nothing. Do as they say, or face their wrath.

The federal government is not abiding by the rule of law. The federal government, led by Barack Obama, ignores the law, unless they see it as beneficial to them.

That is clearly tyranny.

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