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Instead they had to watch longtime Clinton Fixer James Comey hoist himself on his own sleazy petard

Dems fire at Trump but shoot Comey instead

By —— Bio and Archives--June 9, 2017

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Ex-FBI director James Comey’s rogue days as a ball-fumbling, Clinton hand-picked agent provocateur are over.

Comey’s long attachment to the Clintons goes all the way back to the Clinton White Water scandal (See picture below) when he was Special Agent in charge in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Comey was the elephant in the room that George W. Bush never seemed to notice,  and the elephant that offered no resistance during the long years of Barack Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America.

Comey’s colossal ego became his undoing

That he outed himself as chief leaker in the Russian/Trump campaign made-to-order conspiracy in yesterday’s congressional hearing is Poetic Justice in neon lights.

Millions needed gag reflex protection to watch the coming out of Comey who admitted he followed the orders of then Attorney General Loretta Lynch in not identifying Clinton’s email scandal as an investigation.

Comey referred to the scandal as “the matter” rather than the “investigation”, claiming he never knew why Lynch wanted the email scandal identified that particular way.

They did it for Hillary, of course, and when she lost the election to keep the lie of the Russians stealing the election alive and trending.

Comey’s colossal ego became his undoing.

Piled on by the unhinged lib-left for his Tweets, President Donald Trump’s latest joyful Tweet   tweet will have them tearing their hair out:

Continued below...

Ditto for Tweets like these:

The rest of agent provocateur Comey’s story will go on to live forever.

On June 8, 2017 counting on mainstream media support—even though 67% of the public blame the media for the Russian election conspiracy—the Democrats were convinced the fix was in to take down the President Donald Trump administration.

Instead they had to watch longtime Clinton Fixer James Comey hoist himself on his own sleazy petard.

It’s finally over, Mrs. Clinton.  Enjoy those Chardonnay fueled long walks in the woods.

Early Clinton Comey tie

Feds Close Clinton Clemency Probe

The federal government has closed its probe — with no charges filed — into former President Bill Clinton’s grants of clemency to four men accused of bilking the government of millions of dollars, authorities said Thursday.
U.S. Attorney James B. Comey said his office’s investigation into other pardons that Mr. Clinton issued just before leaving office will continue.

Comey’s decision to end the investigation of clemency for the men from the Rockland County Hasidic community of New Square takes the spotlight off Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who received overwhelming support from the insular community in her 2000 bid for the Senate.

During the election, she won 1,400 of New Square’s 1,412 votes. Two months later, over the objections of prosecutors, President Clinton commuted the sentences of four men from the village who had been convicted of stealing from federal anti-poverty programs.

The 1999 convictions that underlie the probe stemmed from the misappropriation of tens of millions of dollars in federal aid intended for housing, education and business. Federal prosecutors said the four men used the money to enrich their community and themselves.

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