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Deport alien criminals. Stop chain migration

By —— Bio and Archives--January 23, 2018

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I just don’t get why it is so difficult. Secure the border, enforce immigration laws starting today. Deport alien criminals. Stop chain migration. Protect the so called Dreamers. With that we would then be a nation with borders and laws.

Children and young people deserve our thoughtful consideration of their future. But they absolutely must not be used as pawns to bring in anyone else. Those people should follow the process that all good immigrants before them have followed. And future DACA members should be prevented.

Democrats need to remember that we have granted amnesty in the past with the assurance that it would never happen again. And here we are. Let’s get it right this time so we can move on to other pressing problems. This should be an easy one, only when there are ulterior motives does it become complicated.

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