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Rights? Really? Rights are inalienable things. They are granted by God. The collective bargaining “rights” the unions had were negotiated in a contract

Does An Attacker Attacked Have A Right To Attack Back?

By —— Bio and Archives--March 12, 2011

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A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  So the saying goes.  But when it comes to the liberal mind?  Well, the liberal mind is just a terrible thing, period.

It takes some really crossed wires to come up with the thoughts, I guess we technically have to call them that, that a liberal’s mind will spit out.  There is no stupidity, no insanity, no completely idiotic thing that a liberal cannot attempt to justify as long as said thing suits their own purposes and ends.

Take for example the tirade up in Wisconsin where liberal unionistas, who knew they were not going to get their way, are now in an even bigger tizzy because they did not get their way.  They knew that their fellow travelers, fourteen cowardly Democrat Senators, fleeing the State in order to protect the state workers’ ability to fleece the tax payers was never ultimately going to work.  And it did not.

The tactic of playing hide and seek only worked as long as there was spending lumped into the bill.  That spending required a quorum of 20 Senators.  Republicans had only 19 seats.  But once the spending was stripped, legally by the way, from the bill, there were more than enough Senators present to pass the concessions demanded of the unions.  It was a move that had been talked about for weeks.  Everyone knew that eventually, if those rogue Senators did not return, this is what would happen.

But that has not stopped the hot heads in the public sector unions from going ballistic.  They are now out and about screaming about their “rights” being taken from them.  You got to love that liberal “thought” process.

Rights?  Really?  Rights are inalienable things.  They are granted by God.  The collective bargaining “rights” the unions had were negotiated in a contract.  Those contracts are now null and void because Wisconsin, previously deeply ruled by liberals, simply can no longer afford them.  And with those contracts going poof, so too is the so-called “right” to collectively bargain for unions.  Since rights cannot be taken away in such a manner though, that which they claim as a “right” really never was.

On top of the verbal diarrhea like the claim of “rights” being stripped, at least some who are upset are doing what liberals often do and threatening violence against those that are doing things which are perfectly legal.  At least one rambling, grammatically incorrect death threat has been sent threatening to kill Senators and their families.

Now, I know what some of you will # and moan about.  “But J.J. I’ve heard you and other evil conservatives talk about using violence before too!  Now you are lambasting liberals for the same thing!  You hypocrite!”

I admit it.  I have talked about violence as a possible means for what ails this country; especially if liberals do not relinquish their hold over it and do not stop trying to fit the square peg of socialism into the round hole of reality.  In my pamphlet “A Call For Reason”, I discussed in depth the options before Americans who are being assaulted by the lawless left.  I said of the situation that violence, to strike back would indeed happen if words failed to persuade the illogical left, Hell bent on infringing upon inalienable rights, to stand down.  I said, “My greatest fear is that words are indeed failing us and that reason has been cast aside by too many for us to gain any significant ground.  I pray to God that they have not however.”  Then I went on to say, “If this course of action continues soon it will be the time in which Americans must decide their path beyond just words.  While that time is not upon us yet, now is the time for Americans to prepare for what will come if words and reason do ultimately fail.  It is a time to properly prepare for a future in which we may well be required to meet the coming hordes with more rigorous force although we pray dearly to never have to.” [1]

But, as I discussed in that lengthy dissertation, I have talked about violence in the same fashion as an innocent person being attacked by a thug.

When a man, sitting in his own home, is confronted by a gun toting invader looking to do the homeowner harm, the man whose home it is has the right, inalienably granted to him by God, to defend himself.  If he goes and gets his own gun and shoots the intruder dead he should face no recriminations nor be scorned for his actions.  When a liberal, or group of liberals, gain power and act contrary to our written constitutions, be they federal, state or local, and our inalienable rights, it is an unholy assault on the people of this land.  Just like it is an assault when the invader assaults the home owner trying to take what is not rightfully his.

Our founding fathers, justly, fought a war against oppression and killed a lot of people in the name of furthering the cause of liberty.  Violence, when the cause is just, is always a potential answer to the problems at hand.  The only people who deny this are liberals, who would be on the opposing side of that violence, and idiots.  Granted, those two groups are not mutually exclusive.  I will grant you that.

But here is what happens in the mind of a liberal.  They rationalize that, as in the above example, the invader, now under attack from the homeowner, has the same right to self-defense and to use violence to protect himself as the homeowner does.  Why?  Well, the invader is now under attack and has a right to life.  Therefore he can act to protect his life.

See how stupid this sounds?  The one who initiated the assault has now been granted, through mental gymnastics, the same right to use lethal force as the man upon whom the assault was initiated against.  It is stupid and wrong.

In Wisconsin this is exactly what the unionistas are “thinking” when they send death threats to politicians standing up to them.  The unions have assaulted the public coffers for decades.  In better times when the State was controlled by those sympathetic to their cause, they were able to take and take and take because there was enough money.  But as time wore on, revenues grew more slowly as benefits skyrocketed.  The unions demanded more and more and now the money is not there while the entire State is hemorrhaging red ink.

The people of the State said that enough was enough.  They elected Republicans, for better or worse, to a majority in the government.  The Republicans talked repeatedly about the need to reign in public sector unions and their lavish benefits. And please, if you do not think that over $100,000 in compensation [2] on average for a teacher in   the Milwaukee Public School System is lavish when the average median family income in the same city is just under $43,000, then you need some help.

The people fought back.  They punched the unions in the nose as the unions were climbing all over them, ripping at their clothes, trying to grab their wallets and abscond with more money.  The response however to this act of self-defense?  It has been people threatening to kill those defending themselves.

Unions have to realize that organizing labor is a two way street.  Yes, people have the right to freely associate and form a union.  But the rest of the people also have the right to freely associate and decide whether or not they want to deal with said union.  The Wisconsin public sector unions had better be happy that the people have not decided to kick them to the curb after the childish behavior they the unions have put on over these past couple weeks.  The unions still exist.  But the people have spoken and their powers have been reigned in.

This will undoubtedly lead to more temper tantrums in the halls of the state capitol.

If we do not reign in this sort of lawless behavior now, it will spread and America will die from the cancer that is being spread.

[1] A Call For Reason By: J.J. Jackson, January 21st, 2011.
[2] Hard To Feel Sorry For Those Rich Teachers In Milwaukee!

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J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor contributor to American Conservative Daily.

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