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Sun gleaming off radical jihadist's AK-47 is a real threat...

Don’t worry about ‘Climate Security’, Global warming gang’s got you covered

By --July 28, 2015

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A friend sends the heads up to be on the alert for a new term being put into use by the busy as beavers climate change fraudsters: The newly minted term du jour is: ‘Climate Security’. (Financial Times, July 27, 2015)

It would help more than anything if the global warming/climate change shysters could get the masses to believe that that they need protection from the weather and that they are the only ones that can provide it.    As the weather guy warns every summer:  ‘Don’t go out there, you may find yourself standing melted into a puddle at your own feet”.  Or in winter: “Stay indoors because if you go out, your nose may drop off in the frigid, pitiless cold.”

They tend to blame everything on the weather in the hopes that folk will not notice their ever rising taxes, or not notice how illegal aliens are taking over the neighbourhood.

If you can blame slavery on global warming—like Pope Francis does—think of what it can do if it gets to sink its teeth into little old you.

People should have listened to Donald Trump before the sky-is-falling United Nations enlisted its two biggest latter day activists, namely Barack Obama and Jorge Bergoglio.

Back in 2005 when the UN announced it was branching out into a $1.5-billion building expansion saying they were too “cramped for space” at Turtle Bay, Trump told them he could put them up for a fraction of the price.

(Ten years later, they’re still building it, Donald, and we can only imagine the cost overrun today).

They didn’t listen to Trump then and now that the mainstream media is hell bent for leather as he tries for the GOP nod on a run at the 2016 presidency, they sure won’t now.

The tame-as-bunnies mainstream media, the Democrats and much of the GOP brass want Trump to stick the proverbial sock in it, while we rubes on the outside want them to stick a sock in theirs!

Al Gore, Canadian Maurice Strong, former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and countless of other ‘stake holders’ fighting global warming and making scads of money while they were at it, waited 4.5-billion years too long to confront the weather.  The Creator made the weather and all living things,  including the radical environmental activist and griping about either won’t change a thing.

Do the global warming alarmists really think the plebes would sincerely believe they could save humanity all by the wild claim to have the handle on something called ‘Climate Security’?

Cut us a break and not by trying to cut us off from reality.  It will always rain, snow and storm, and it is not the fault of the mankind that Marxists want to call ‘person-kind’.

Down here on Mother Earth,  way down under the clouds, the rain, the snow and blankety-blank summer humidity, they can’t even save us from their own utter stupidity.

They send words of sympathy after each terrorist attack, (though they call them anything but), the glib ones that say, “My thoughts and prayers are with their families” all the while letting in the ravening hordes under bleeding liberal policies that make us wince upon hearing them.

So the next time you think you see a radical jihadist coming for you, you’re only imagining it because Obama et al say there’s no such thing, but the sun gleaming off his AK-47 is a real threat.

In short, the umbrellas of protection from the ‘Climate Security’ force are like the ones bought from the local Dollar Store: They collapse the minute whipping winds come up in any rain storm. 

Their lofty promises to save us from global warming are akin to the priest at the small town church I attended week before last.  The priest held forth in his homily about how “reckless” we all were about the environment, while his honking mobile RV waited in the nearby priest house driveway for his usual after-service getaway.

In the ever changing lexicon of the global warming alarmists,  we’ve had global warming, man-made global warming and its demonization of Co2, and climate change.  Now it’s ‘climate security’ all because someone thought it had a believable ring to it.

These global warming alarmists are making more money than the entrepreneurs (capitalist pigs) that they continue to rail on about.

Anyone who believes that the U.N., or their latest kingpins Obama and Pope Francis are going to save them from climate change has been too long out in the sun.

Naivete is charming when it’s present in guileless little children, but absurd in adults. 

While the alarmists are coming up with changes to the lexicon, someone should change the old axiom “Let a smile be your umbrella” to “Let commonsense be your umbrella”.

Most know by now that big-talking politicians and spittle-flecked activists don’t change anything.  They only make it worse.

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