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Ed Lynch is as a man whose personal example embodies the very best of the Republican Party

Edward Lynch: A Profile in Republican Excellence

By —— Bio and Archives--February 4, 2010

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Ed Lynch isn’t just a Republican candidate with the only upcoming special election in the nation.  Ed Lynch is as a man whose personal example embodies the very best of the Republican Party.

Lynch is no ordinary candidate.  After all, what candidate, two weeks before a primary vote, decides to leave his district in favor of leading a rescue mission in Haiti?  But that episode, more than any other, demonstrates what Ed Lynch is all about.

His choice to save lives rather than campaign is emblematic of Lynch’s life history.  As a general contractor, Lynch won a construction bid to work on a veterans’ hospital.  Lynch decried the deplorable conditions that veterans were subjected to.  He knew full well that his vociferous protests would likely get his contract canceled.  He also knew that almost any other contractor would have continued on with his work and minded his own business.  Lynch chose to do what was right over that which is expedient.

Lynch is the type of man who puts words to action.  He’s the kind of person who would rather lose a contract than stand by as veterans are mistreated.  He’s the type of leader who would rather save a life than win an election.  And that’s only part of the reason why Ed Lynch is sorely needed in today’s America.

One major obstacle to good decisions coming forth from Congress is the lack of small business experience among almost anyone in Washington, DC. Ed was not only a highly successful entrepreneur, he helped countless others on the road to successful business ownership.  His solutions are real world, results oriented and, therefore, effective.  He’s the antithesis of Washington.  He’s American.

Lynch decided to challenge Robert Wexler when no one else would.  Launching a grassroots campaign with only months to go, he was widely credited with tearing off Wexler’s Teflon coating and exposing the “Congressman from Florida who lived in Maryland” for the out of touch, far left radical that he was.  Lynch is now mounting a campaign to bring jobs back to Florida, revitalize the sagging national economy and protect competitive health care options for seniors and for all Americans alike.

It’s not everyday when Major General Paul Vallely endorses a candidate.  The same is true of Brigadier General Jim Cash.  But Ed Lynch is no ordinary candidate.  He’s a model soldier for the Republican cause and America can ask for few better at this time when voices of reason are as rare as they are needed.

The race for US Congress in Florida’s 19th district is a race that can and will reverberate across the nation, sending a wake up call to Congress and to the Obama administration like none other before it.  It is a call that Washington can and will hear even louder than the cannon shot fired from Boston that is Scott Brown.  Wherever you are in the nation, you can be a part of this race, one that will have national consequences.  Ed Lynch’s website is  This is America’s race, because on April 13th, America will have the opportunity to send reason and leadership to Congress in a way that few candidates have offered before.

Yomin Postelnik -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Yomin Postelnik is a noted conservative writer and political strategist for many conservative federal and state campaigns as well as the author of a Financial Literacy program for at-risk teens.

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