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Obama's meddling in the elections of other countries is proof positive that the Fundamental Transformation of America has gone to his head

FOUND! Obama’s boots on the ground in Israel, Canada and Egypt

By —— Bio and Archives--January 31, 2015

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With no laws on their books to prevent it from happening, top Barack Hussein Obama campaign aides are masterminding anti Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu and anti Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper 2015 election campaigns.

It’s a huge news story virtually ignored by mainstream media and one that thus far keeps the people whom it will most impact, the citizens of two sovereign nations, in the dark:

Almost overnight, Obama’s highly touted Fundamental Transformation of America has become the Fundamental Transformation of the Free World, and just like no one stepped forward to stop the Fundamental Transformation of America, now more than six years in progress, no one is stepping up to stop the Obama team from running boots-on-the-ground election campaigns in Israel and Canada.

The arrogant today-the-pond-tomorrow-the-world mentality of the Obama team has also recently added Egyptian President Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to its expanding hit list. El-Sisi only remains safe from election sabotage because there is no election imminent in Egypt.

With trillions of dollars at his disposal; with spite and malice driving him, and with more leisure time on his hands than the laziest of louts, Obama works to bring unsuspecting nations under his influence and power.

Americans, who fell prey to the “It can’t happen here” comfort zone—even though Obama announced his intentions for fundamental transformation before his 2008 election to the Oval Office, elected him a second time in 2012.

There was no coming back from the conceit two elections gave the community organizer who was already a legend in his own mind.

For all of those in Israel and Canada who may be seeking comfort in the “it can’t happen here” fallacy, it’s already happening, and no one is coming forward to stop it.

Israeli and Canadian citizens live under the assumption that democratic sovereign elections are perfectly safe from the meddling of outside foreign sources.

But the same team who twice got Obama elected are now active in the 2015 general election campaigns in Israel and Canada.

The brazen attempt to take down and replace the leadership of two countries blatantly ignores the reality that both Netanyahu and Harper were elected by clear voter mandates.

In the case of Egypt, the tinkering of Obama minions against El Sisi ignore that the people of Egypt can truthfully attest that the movement that toppled the Muslim Brotherhood in their proud nation was the largest in all of world history.

Netanyahu, Harper and El Sisi are the only world leaders who dare stand up to Obama. Netanyahu is loathed by Obama, not because he intends to address Congress in March, but because he refuses to let Obama policy hand over Israel to Hamas and Hezbollah; Harper because he courageously backs Netanyahu and El Sisi because he is the leader of those who put the run on the Muslim Brotherhood, and as a Muslim bravely admitted before the world that radical Islam must dramatically change its ways.

The Fundamental Transformation of Israel, Canada and Egypt are no longer a figment of the imagination, but actual works in progress.

Obama and Israel

When an unnamed official told an Israeli newspaper that Netanyahu would pay “a price” for announcing plans he will address Congress in March regarding the Iranian threat, Obama’s election brainiacs were already in Israel working against his reelection:

“Jeremy Bird, national field director for Obama’s 2012 campaign, is now working for an Israel-based group, V15, an anti-Netanyahu group that is backed by a U.S-U.K group called “One Voice”. Jeremy Bird was the national field director for Obama’s 2012 campaign, and he’s now working for an Israel-based group, dubbed V15, an anti-Netanyahu group that is backed by a U.S. -U.K. group titled “One Voice.” (DailyCaller, Jan. 27, 2015)

“We are working with OneVoice,” confirmed Lynda Tran, who co-founded Bird’s campaign firm, 270 Strategies.

“Tran declined to discuss the details of Bird’s anti-Netayanhu effort.“The bottom line here is we believe grassroots organizing is powerful, that empowering people to get involved in their elections is good for democracy, and we are working with clients who feel the same way,” she told The Daily Caller.”

It seems that only Obama election team members know what’s “good for democracies”.

Nor can Obama claim not to know what his team is up to in Israel.

“There’s little or no chance that Bird would work against Netanyahu if Obama didn’t want Netanyahu defeated in the March election. (Daily Caller)

“If Bird was working against Obama’s wishes, it would threaten the future of his firm—and of his fellow employees—because Obama has such sway within the Democratic party’s internal economic marketplace for election and polling services.

“There’s lots of evidence that Obama wants Netanyahu defeated, in part, because Obama thinks Netanyahu is making it difficult for him to strike a peace deal between Israel and the Jew-hating Islamist dictators and theocrats that surround Israel.

“Netanyahu’s Likud Party is more supportive of Jewish independence than Israel’s other main party, which is more willing to take risks for a peace deal with the pro-Arab,anti-Semitic populations that surround the small country. For example, Netanyahu has opposed the Muslim Brotherhood, pushed back against Turkey and opposed Obama’s effort to sign a deal with Iran allowing Iran’s theocracy to have a nuclear weapons program.

“Obama has repeatedly snubbed Netanyahu—he has pushed Israel into accepting ceasefires in Gaza that allow anti-Israel Arab groups to rebuild and rearm for their next assault on Jews; and he has tried to ally with Turkey’s increasingly anti-Semitic president. Starting in 2009, Obama also helped the anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood group win power in nearby Egypt, and only reluctantly accepted the 2013 military coup that installed Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

“The brotherhood is an Islamic revivalist group, while Sisi is trying to modernize Islam.”

That’s the story of Obama’s big boots on the ground in Israel.

Obama and Canada


Here’s the story of Obama’s boots on the ground in—Canada, America’s biggest trading partner.

“Recurring theories that Barack Obama sees himself as reigning ‘King of the World’ rather than merely U.S. president are proving true—in Canada, of all places. (Canada Free Press, Jan. 5, 2015)

“Canada’s next general election will take place more than a year before the next presidential election, on October 16, 2015, at which time Obama gets the golden opportunity to add the natural resource-rich Land of the Maple Leaf to his fledgling ‘kingdom’.

“Canadians getting ready to slog their way through another long Canadian winter are mostly unaware how they are about to be folded into ObamaLand as hostages of Marxism, just like their next door neighbours.

“As always the devil lurks in the details.

“The Canadian New Democratic Party has a record for being at the ready to jump into bed with Canadian Liberals whenever gaining power is the impetus.

“Both parties were working to make Canadians part of ObamaLand before this article was written.

“The proverbial cat was let out of the bag by Adam Radwanski, who “begins a new assignment looking at how the party machines across the country are preparing” in the Globe and Mail, Dec. 27, 2014.

“Who, it might be asked, would be reading the stentorious, nationally distributed Globe and Mail two days after Christmas?

“Small ‘c’ conservatives might add, “Who reads the Globe and Mail—period?”

“With polls pointing to a Liberal victory over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government come October, key Obama presidential campaign bigwigs will brand unwitting Canada with the Big O stamp.

“Canada was easy pickings when post-election polls indicate that 75 percent of Canadians would have voted for Obama if only they could.

“Just as Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA) blitzes the email accounts of millions of Americans with ‘Friend’ messages shilling the “just $5 more” routine, Obama cheerleader, Canadian Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, solicits Canadians for ‘just $3 more”.

“So no one who reads emails from politicians should really be surprised that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have been been taking advice on the QT from Ms. Jennifer O’Malley Dillon or the ever opportunistic NDP from M. Jeremy Bird.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have quietly been getting regular advice from Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager in the last U.S. presidential campaign. (Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail, Dec. 27, 2014)

“Somewhat more openly, Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have been receiving guidance from Jeremy Bird, who was Mr. Obama’s national field director.”

“In Canada, other than in name, there is no real difference between the Liberals and NDP. Indeed some wags joke that a Liberal is an NDipper in a pin-striped suit.

“Members of both parties are pro-abortion and stridently anti Keystone Pipeline.

“Members of both parties can see the advantages of the celebrity cult in politics sold to the masses by the pop culture. Canadian Liberals and NDippers understand the ability of hiding from accountability by holding fast to politically correct standards.

“Back to what the Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and Jeremy Birds are up to on Canadian soil:

“Look closely enough, and it is possible to see the influence of those and other prominent Democrats on the Liberals’ and NDP’s election preparations—just not in the ways one might expect, based on some of the hype about high-tech methods set to be imported. (Globe and Mail)

“Insiders from both parties concede that some of the most ambitious techniques from the Obama campaigns—the sort that are said to use advanced data analytics to target messages to individual voters—are not applicable in a country with less money in its political system, stricter privacy laws that limit access to personal information, and a less predictable electorate than one in which voters register to support one of two parties.

“As an example of Mr. Bird’s input, New Democrats instead point to the “days of action” they have been holding every month or two, in which teams of canvassers talk to voters about a specific policy proposal or issue. Although part of the objective is to collect data about potential supporters, the point is mostly to engage and train volunteers in the hope of having a force ready to roll when the campaign begins in earnest.

“The Liberals have been nudged toward more volunteer training as well. And as further evidence of taking advice from the Americans, party sources point to the $3 contributions they have been soliciting from first- time donors—a minuscule amount meant to get people in the habit of giving so that larger amounts can be sought in future. If those do not jump out as revolutionary concepts, that is somewhat the point. Much of what Democratic consultants are preaching is a sort of return to basics for parties that long neglected the painstaking work needed to build national grassroots organizations.

“For a time, parties got away with that neglect more easily. Television advertising and other mass communication allowed them to get their messages out. Paid phone banks became a preferred way of identifying supporters and ensuring they voted without too many on-the-ground volunteers. Lax fundraising rules allowed the Liberals to get by mostly on corporate and large individual contributions, and the NDP on union ones.

“Today, changing media consumption habits make it increasingly difficult to reach voters through mass communication, people are harder to reach by phone because they have done away with land lines or have caller ID, and corporate, union and large personal donations are banned. So parties and candidates have to work harder and more creatively to capture the attention (and dollars) of an electorate that can more easily tune them out—something that social media and other online tools can help with, but that also requires direct personal contact.

“What’s been proven is that successful campaigns use an integrated approach to reach voters in one-on- one conversations, whether that’s online or on the ground,” Mr. Bird says. “This grassroots outreach is hard work and requires a deeper investment.” (Ms. O’Malley Dillon did not respond to requests for comment.)

“Low levels of civic engagement do not make it easy to get boots on the ground, but this is where the Democrats’ experience comes in handy. Granted, Mr. Obama was a once-in-a-lifetime candidate, engaging people who otherwise would have been bystanders. But courtesy of their deeper pockets and other resources, they were also able to test engagement methods, some of which apply in Canada.

“As the election draws closer, the parties’ focus and the Democrats’ advice will shift from organization- building to connecting with the broader electorate. And by no means is that advice limited to the basics. Liberals acknowledge, for instance, that Ms. O’Malley Dillon is helping them use their limited data to make headway on voter analytics, on which they have lagged even by Canadian standards.

“Meanwhile, coming soon to a Canadian election voting booth near you, Obama-trained Liberal and NDP candidates.”

And that’s just the meddling of Obama’s election team at the Canadian federal level. The team has participated in the elections in Ontario, Canada’s largest province as well. (CFP, Oct. 28, 2013)

Unless Canadians “stand on guard”, their country will no longer be “The True North strong and fee!” but a cheaper Canadian version of ‘ObamaLand’.

Obama and Egypt

The sounds of Obama boots on the ground are just starting to be heard from Egypt:

“The State Department hosted adelegation of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders this week for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013. (FreeBeacon, Jan. 28, 2015)

“The delegation held several public events this week in Maryland and Virginia, according to invitations that were sent out.

“Patrick Poole, a terrorism expert and national security reporter, said the powwow at the State Department could be a sign that the Obama administration still considers the Brotherhood politically viable, despite its ouster from power and a subsequent crackdown on its members by Egyptian authorities.

“What this shows is that the widespread rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East, particularly the largest protests in recorded human history in Egypt on June 30, 2013, that led to Morsi’s ouster, is not recognized by the State Department and the Obama administration,” Poole said.”

Obama’s meddling in the elections of other countries is proof positive that the Fundamental Transformation of America has gone to his head.

It’s time for sovereignty-protecting patriots in Israel and Canada to show the flag imprinted with the words, ‘BHO, Butt out of sovereign elections in Israel & Canada’.

And from Egypt: ‘We rid ourselves of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, Obama Notwithstanding!’

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