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Tomorrow’s presidential debate:

Get Ready for the ‘O’Romney Factor’

By —— Bio and Archives--October 15, 2012

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The Obama Team is signaling that “aggressive” is the operative word to describe tomorrow night’s presidential debate.

The mainstream media’s still smarting from Obama the pussy without claws at the first televised debate.

Tomorrow night tables will be turned to make it appear that Barack Obama and not Mitt Romney is the one trying to restore America; that he will provide those “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” and put the flagging American economy on a better footing in round two.

In other words, cunning Obama,  who’s been cramming for the debate,  will try to take over Romney’s persona on prime time TV.

Up to now we’ve only seen a sulking Obama and a sneering Joe Biden on debate display.

While supporters are still asking where did the Messiah go and what was Biden on, no one is coming up with answers.

The big mystery behind the president’s and vice president’s outrageous debate behaviour can be solved via Facebook and Twitter.

While many tuned in on last week’s vice presidential debate may have felt like hurling something at their televisions, some 400,000 people took to Facebook to share their opinions on the rude and crude Joe Biden.

That’s more than 400,000 times Biden’s name was mentioned on the social networking site so many love to hate. Not bad, when name recognition goes so far in elections.

The 400,000 who used FaceBook logged on between 9 and 10 p.m, the first hour of the raunchy debate.

“During tonight’s vice presidential debate, Joe Biden had 36 percent more mentions on Facebook than Paul Ryan VP, while President Barack Obama received 27 percent more mentions than Mitt Romney,” Facebook said in a post.

Notice how gleefully Facebook said it?

The monstrously Marxist Barack and obnoxiously hideous Pal Joey counted on everybody talking non-stop about their boorish behaviour for days after the event while scoring a big campaign boost to boot.

“Buzz about the vice president, who aggressively attacked Ryan’s positions during the debate further increased the following day.” (Facebook).  “More people have been talking about Biden over the past day than Ryan, Romney or President Barack Obama.”

So now we know the ‘World’s Largest Depositor of “Like”‘ provided discussion between Facebook users aged 25-34 that centered largely around Biden.

This the Marxist way at work.

Unfortunately,  the Marxist Way opened the door for making unwitting promoters of Biden among the Social Network Set.  Call Biden coarse, rude, crude and a sneering clown.  Say how he reminds you of a drunken uncle called down from the attic to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the family, posit how much he reminds you of the bullying first husband you were so relieved to divorce.  Call him anything, but just get his name in your Facebook post because that’s what he and his boss are counting on.

Name Recognition, Obama and Biden style,  is astroturfed down to the last detail by the despicable David Axelrod. 

Tomorrow night tomorrow brings Romney and Obama back for the CNN-hosted, Presidential Debate,  Round 2.  Will Mitt Romney be able to rightfully pin the blame for the Benghazi tragedy on Obama?

Only Candy Crowley and CNN, who control the questions, really know.

But one thing for sure, tomorrow night will be the cunning Obama’s debut of ‘O’Romney and ‘O’Romney’ all the way.  Obama, who said after the first debate that he met a stranger on the debate stage, will take over that ‘stranger’s’ persona.

It’s the Marxist way.

Meanwhile the only way for patriots who want to save America to get around Facebook is to make the voting booth their Facebook.

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