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Shining the Light:

Global Freedom Day

By John Ziraldo —— Bio and Archives December 29, 2009

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imageThere are likely few of us in the world who have experienced the joy of being totally free. There are some I’m sure who had no freedom, then experienced the joy of freedom from their captors. Freedom from cancer, disease and drugs comes to mind. I imagine though that of the great majority of us, those who come closest to a life of freedom are successful small business owners. Not the ones who have to report to their franchise owner, nor those that are saddled by debt or guilt about their morals. 

You know the ones I mean. They are making money, doing something they love, and answering only to their family and their faith. I would put financially comfortable retired folks in the same boat. No wonder we are envious when most of us have to answer for five days per week to an employer or owner who controls our finances and joy.

We all have a sense of what we are missing, especially when the weekend arrives. What we sense at the end of the work week is freedom. We are free to make our own choices, spend our own money and time in the way we see fit, and celebrate our joy at being free. Those blessed with the ability to lay on a beach somewhere exotic each winter also know the great sense of being temporarily free and carrying that feeling back home to keep themselves feeling free for a little while longer.  Those who know the joys of the open road on a long road trip know that it is all about a total plunge into freedom’s embrace. Every mile gets you further from your shackles.

Why in the hell would we want to give up one second, ounce, or penny of our freedom? Why are we not standing on guard to defend our freedoms from anyone who would even think of taking some away? What fool would ignore or even help those that want to make us less free? Why don’t we wake up and regularly celebrate and demonstrate to those that would impoverish us, how much all of our freedoms mean to us.

Probably America’s Independence Day comes closest to a day of celebration of freedom, but I perceive rightly or wrongly that it is limited in scope and certainly limited to one nation. Let us all consider a Global Freedom Day when we celebrate all of the freedoms that we love, and that we must defend.


Global Freedom Day when we celebrate all of the freedoms that we love, and that we must defend

A touchstone for me that demonstrates the urgent need for a celebration is what has been exposed in England in the event that is now known as Climategate.  Many scientists and journalists have known for some time about the controls that have been placed on climate science by a few unscrupulous people. Anyone interested in investigating why science was being so badly compromised was not surprised to find that CO2, Climate Change, pollution, and Global Warming were only tools being used for a larger agenda.

Surprise! Surprise! It’s all about wealth, power, and control.

When I first ventured down this road, I found it hard to believe that anyone of authority would lie to us about scientific matters, especially David Suzuki. I couldn’t understand why someone as wealthy as George Soros would be trying so hard to achieve his governance agenda. How could such a kindly looking, old Canadian as Maurice Strong possibly be so evil? How could I have slept through this? Who would believe me if I gave voice to the belief of many that there are people in the world who are doing everything in their power to destroy our economic freedom and establish a new world government. That’s just crazy talk.

It has taken me a long time to come to the point of fully believing it and saying it out loud. November 17th was the day (CRU emails published) when all the evidence converged and I knew it was time to stand up and shout for our freedoms.  It was also the day I knew we had to shed ourselves of the United Nations.

Since Climategate, COP15, and many other actions and lies all point to the UN, I propose that we demonstrate our desire to regain our freedoms on April 22 of each year. That day is when the UN regularly rehearses its ability to command the world to do what we are told.  They call it Earth Day. The UN uses that day to indoctrinate our schools, our children, and our local governments with their lies, and then they cheer when we all turn out our lights like blind sheep.  I turned all my lights and appliances on last April and went outside to an otherwise dark neighborhood to celebrate my freedom. It felt great. I would like to see the whole world experience this freedom.

Al Gore has called for Earth Day 2010 to be the day by which the US Congress must pass their Cap and Tax law. We can bet that April 22 will receive more attention this year from the Greenies than in the past, but instead of celebrating more restrictions on freedom we must turn it into a day when freedom is first.

Those that would be free for more than just a few hours or days per year need to start with an act of defiance. Let’s defy those that tell us to turn off the lights by turning them on to light the way for Freedom.

Turn on your lights to tell the liars and cheats that they will be found out. Tell them that there are whistle blowers among them that will shed light on their emails, false data, cooked measurements, and software code.  Show more people who could be whistle blowers that we are out there waiting for them to help us, and shine our lights on those who have already blown the whistle. Tell them we are there to support them and we are celebrating them for saving our freedom.

Let our lights shine on science so that real scientists who follow the scientific method can get funded to find and publish the real answers to why the climate changes. Set real scientists free from dogma and politics. Highlight during our celebrations those individuals who have tried to control science and deceive us. Make their names synonymous with betrayal of the public trust. Celebrate names like Henrik Svensmark for his honest scientific theories on how clouds, the sun, and cosmic rays control the weather.

Put our spotlights on sovereignty. Make transparent through bright light the plans of the George Soroses and Maurice Strongs of the world that would destroy our sovereign nations and turn our wealth over to an elite central government. Make visible the role the United Nations has played in fostering plans for a New World Order under their control. Make the light so strong that these organizations, and especially the UN, will not be able to survive.

Expose to bright light all of the violations that have been levied against freedoms guaranteed through Constitutions and Bills of Rights. Every bill or law that does not support a country’s constitutionally provided freedoms needs to be well lit. Every lawmaker that proposed or supported such bills should join the list of deceitful scientists. Light the path for recovering all of our lost freedoms.

On Global Freedom Day we should celebrate a truly Free Press by pointing out the authors and broadcasters who have notoriously hidden the truth from us and abdicated their duty to investigate and report on behalf of The People. Only the press and broadcasters who have been honest and thorough in their reporting should receive any of our attention at celebration events. Shut out the collaborators.
Expose those that would put any shackles on the use of the Internet. Don’t allow search engines or any other online services to obfuscate our view of Climategate, rebellions, or any other acts of freedom. Shine a spotlight on any attempts by governments to pass bills or otherwise control the Internet or our access to it. The Free Internet (free from Gore) should play a major role in our celebration on Global Freedom Day. 

All races and religions should step forward on Global Freedom Day to declare their right to be free of persecution or controls, while those who have chosen not to believe in a god or who are not a visible minority should also celebrate their choices and rights.  We need to burn Political Correctness at the stake and scream “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukah”, or any other peaceful religious wishes we like, as loud as we see fit, and be proud of our freedom to be diverse.   

All legitimate businesses should demonstrate on Global Freedom Day the laws and bureaucracies that take away our economic freedom. Tell us the benefits to our economic development if capitalism were free of unnecessary controls and had access to sufficient clean and affordable energy.  Tell us about the proposed and recently passed laws that would strip us of the freedoms that are left.

Celebrate coal, oil, nuclear, and hydro-electric energy. Shine the light on the issues with Green Energy. Make the failures of wind and solar energy highly visible. Light up all the oil platforms and drilling rigs, shine your lights on coal mines and nuclear generators. Leave your lights and appliances on all day while we can still afford to do so.   

Make visible the difference between a real environmentalist and David Suzuki or Al Gore. Celebrate those that truly care about our forests, lakes, air, and wildlife. We should commit to doing our part to keep our planet clean and safe for all, but not let anyone claim that CO2 is guilty of doing anything other than feeding all of us, including unfortunately Suzuki and Gore. Set CO2 free to grow our future. 

Shine your lights on your children. Look at what they are being taught in school. Tell them about freedom and what it would mean to lose theirs, but don’t try to scare them. Light the path to your children’s schools, colleges, and universities, and open their books and curriculums. Look for those that push a left wing agenda rather than teach your children about proven facts, unproven theories, and the scientific method. Share what you find with neighbors, your elected representatives, and your favorite weblog. 

  • Set Achievement and Excellence free. Rebel against mediocrity. Teach your children what can be achieved through their skills and efforts. Don’t allow your children to be dumbed down to the lowest level of achievement as displayed by the losers in Hollywood or on TV. Shine your lights on success.
  • Set Failure free. Allow yourself and your children to fail and to learn from failure. Make failure just a simple step that leads to success.
  • Set Honesty free. Don’t allow anyone to lie to you, whether it is the press, your government, or your prime minister or president. If you know it is a lie, then say so. Tell them “YOU LIE”! 
  • Set Information free. Use the Freedom of Information laws to release information that is not free. Target NGOs with green agendas. Target the UN. Target the universities, the press, the lobbyists, etc. 

Help set the people of the world free. If the people of Iran have not yet gained their freedom from tyranny and unelected government by April 22, then they should receive our special attention on Global Freedom Day. A few pre-announced Bunker Busters on some nuclear installations on April 22 sure could help the cause. If they are free by April 22 we should celebrate their freedom. Each year I am sure we will be able to focus on a group in the world struggling to be free, or who have recently found freedom. Celebrate them. 

Most of all, we must celebrate our right to vote. When we turn on our lights, open our eyes, and realize what has been happening to our freedoms while we were sleeping, we must end the day with a world wide call to Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote out of office those that would steal our freedoms! 
When 193 nations got together in Copenhagen in December, they should have learned the lesson that there is not one answer for the entire world. There are many different answers for all of our different issues and cultures. They should have learned also that One World Government will also fail to provide a single answer to governance. We already have the right answer. National Sovereignty of 193 countries. Yet the UN will continue in Bonn in June and in Mexico next December to strike a global agreement, with the hope that the lessons of Copenhagen will have been forgotten. We must ensure that the lessons of Copenhagen are not forgotten. April 22 would be a good time to remind the world before they head off to Bonn in June. 

Hopefully you are now asking yourself:  “What happens next?” “What can I do?”

What I am doing is spreading the idea as far as I can with the hope that I can get some organizations who know how to do this stuff interested in helping. I am sending this article to a long list of contacts and to all my favorite blogs. I hope to reach groups like the American Tea Parties, Fox News, The Heritage Foundation, The Science & Public Policy Institute etc. etc. My hope is that everyone who supports the idea will pass it on to their contacts and talk about it whenever and wherever appropriate, using either my words and ideas or their own. The Canada Free Press and others have already agreed to help spread the idea and our hope is that the idea and possibly this document will go viral. You can help make that happen.
Ideally we will find some organizations that know how to cause a world wide event to happen. The folks at the UN are the pros at this, but somehow I don’t think they would help us. It doesn’t have to be an earth shattering event for the first year. It only has to be big enough to get the idea started and to help get the Progressives out of power in Washington and win a majority for the Conservatives in Ottawa in 2010.

I don’t need this to be my idea nor to have my name on it. I would prefer that the freedom loving world own this idea and the Global Freedom Day and make it their own. I will, of course do whatever I can to help make it happen, and I will have all my lights on this April 22.

John Ziraldo retired from IBM in Toronto after 40 years as a computer and security technician and manager. John Ziraldo can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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