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Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty barred from coverage

Globe and Mail hyperventilating on Harper picture misses the real news

By —— Bio and Archives--June 25, 2010

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imageLeave it to the Globe and Mail, “Canada’s national newspaper” to flag The Photo Harper doesn’t want you to see without giving details about the person that Harper purportedly doesn’t want you to see.

“At last night’s dinner in Ottawa in honour of President Hu, from left to right, Andre Desmarais, president and co-Chair of the Power Corporation Board of Directors…who has contributed greatly to the strengthening of China-Canada relations, Hu Jintao and the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.”  (The Globe and Mail, June 25, 2010).

The first colour photo released from last night’s dinner by the Prime Minister’s Office blocks out the person sitting to the right of Hu Jintao because of the angle the picture was taken from and the small Chinese flag on the table.

All it took to solve the mystery was a black and white photo from La Presse newspaper, revealing the person hidden by the flag to be none other than Andre Desmarais, Power Corp CEO and son-in-law of former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. 

Will heads be rolling today at La Presse?  After all, it is owned by Power Corp.

You can’t hide Andre Desmarais even when you’re the prime minister.

Power Corp. is the power behind the Canadian government, through both Liberal and Conservative governments.

There is ample proof that the roots of Power Corp. continued far beyond the anti-American Chretien dynasty.

Described by Raspberry Xpress in 2002, “Paul Desmarais is linked to the Privy Council, which influences the Prime Minister, the current Liberal Prime Minister, to Brian Mulroney, a former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister.  The probable future Liberal Prime Minister and now a surge of interest to reinstate the former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister as Progressive Conservative leader.  So who is controlling the federal government?”

Those who keep a watchful eye on international Pooh-bahs already know the answer to the question posed by Raspberry Xpress,  and many know too that it is the Privy Council and not parliament that runs the Land of the Maple Leaf.

Harper’s predecessor Prime Minister Paul Martin was hired in the 1960s to work for Paul Desmarais Sr. by UN Poster Boy and self-proclaimed world’s top environmentalist Maurice Strong.

The reach of the mighty Power Corp. goes far beyond Canadian interests.

Canada Free Press, who broke a 2005 story that former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, had not disclosed to the UN that he was a paid adviser to Power Corp. when he was handpicked by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to probe the UN’s scandalized Oil-for-Food program, a scandal that touched Power Corp., is to the present day, a financial adviser to President Barack Obama.

In spite of Globe and Mail hide-the-picture hype, the real story here is how the Canadian government allows the censorship of the out-of-line Chinese Embassy who, at the end of the day, successfully banned the Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty from the coverage of last night’s press conference.

Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty—both unabashedly linked to Falun Gong—have bravely continued to chip away at the shameful human rights record of China’s Communist Party.

Prime Minister Harper should investigate the goings on of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa.

Rather than the report filed by Helene Buzzetti, current president of the parliamentary press gallery in Ottawa, in a story headlined Harper agrees to Chinese censorship, the press gallery should have refused to cover the press conference and Canada’s national newspaper should have led the charge.

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