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I don't think enough people really grasp what a major shift this is for the Badger State

Gov. Scott Walker Wows Crowd at AFP Summit

By —— Bio and Archives--August 4, 2012

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On Friday night Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin spoke before Americans For Prosperity’s event Defending the American Dream Summit and the crowd was loving it, I have to say.

Walker entered the room to a standing ovation and got an even bigger standing O when he finished and his comments of how the most progressive state in the union rolled over into conservative, fiscal sanity is quite a story.
I don’t think enough people really grasp what a major shift this is for the Badger State. Wisconsin is practically the birthplace for American socialism yet now it has an all-Republican government and executive and has led the country in fighting back against the rapacious government employee unions that are destroying each and every state on the country.

I live tweeted the Governor’s speech, so below are the key points and high applause lines that Walker delivered to us last night.

  • (AFP Prez. Tim Phillips introducing Gov. Walker) Guv Walker did something outrageous, he KEPT his campaign promises
  • Governor Walker took the stage to a standing ovation from the crowd.
  • They ask me, why’d I do the things I did? Because of our two sons.
  • It’s not just elections that matter it’s what happens after them that is important to our children.
  • Madison is 30 square miles surrounded by reality.
  • I decided to take the oath of office in front of our state constitution. (No other Gov. took the oath in front of the display of the Wis. State Constitution)
  • I did it because Part of the Wis. Constitution talks about frugality. I want to honor that.
  • Our state faced a fiscal disaster and after the election I went and fulfilled my promises to fix it.
  • I was interviewing to be the CEO of a troubled govt. So I started fixing it on the VERY first day in office.
  • I had a saying, “people create jobs, not the govt.”
  • We lowered property taxes, we changed the administrative burden for small business to grow and prosper.
  • We passed some of the most aggressive tort reform in the nation. The great part of it is, it’s working!
  • And in the recall I was proud to run on my record. It worked in Wis. and it can work in our nation’s capital!
  • We have in Wis. when you win the Superbowl you don’t win the Washington trophy, you win the Lombardi trophy!
  • Year before I was in office our business ranked 41, this year we are in the top 20 for the first time.
  • My Chamber of Commerce does a survey of state employers. 10% thought we were going in the right direction. Now it’s 94%
  • It’s not the govt that does this, we need govt to move out of the way to let small business to do it.
  • If you let you businessmen know your state govt is stable, it goes a long way to help.
  • Because of reforms worked, we avoided massive layoffs of state workers.
  • By reforming collective bargaining we we freed up local govt to be able to make fundamental changes.
  • We have been able to put money in rainy day funds and we will continue to do that.
  • The message to my legislature was “put up or shut up.” We’re going to show that we honor the voters that put us in office.
  • It’s our duty to think more about the next generation than to think about the next election.
  • The best thing we did was to make our govt work better than it did before. Small govt is better.
  • The false choice is “we either need to raise taxes of cut services.” This is just false.
  • The worst example of this is education.
  • False choice, either your property taxes go up or your education goes down. It’s just a false choice.
  • But I said we need to do a better job with the money we have!
  • Now in Wis we can hire and fire based on merit so when we have good teachers we can keep them there!
  • WE are the ones that care about the kids. Our reforms reward performance!
  • The reason I have great hope for America. In moments of crisis there have been men and women of courage…
  • … who have thought more about their children and grandchildren than they did their own political careers.
  • So let THIS be our time to say WE were there. We were there to stand up for freedom when it was threatened.
  • (Scott Walker leaves the stage to standing ovation.)

More photos of the night can be seen at the AFP Facebook page.

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