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Taking advantage of childrens' deaths for political purposes

Gun nut in the White House

By --January 21, 2013

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President Obama’s response to the mass murder in Newtown, Connecticut, reeks of opportunism and hypocrisy. It was, is, a callous, coldblooded, heartless effort to take advantage of a horrific event for political gain.

Prior to the mass murder in Newtown, Obama and the Democrats paid lip service to the issue of gun control in the U.S. and basically ignored it and stayed as far away from it as possible because there was no political advantage in taking it on and because taking it on could have hurt them substantially politically. Virtually as soon as the first shot was fired Obama and the Democrats tugged on the nation’s heartstrings and began advocating for gun control as loudly and forcefully as they could. Not only was that callous, coldblooded and heartless, it was also transparent and despicable…taking advantage of childrens’ deaths for political purposes…it doesn’t get much lower than that.

Especially since Obama’s proposals and Executive Orders will do nothing to prevent mass murders like Newtown from taking place in the future, or to reduce gun violence in the country either..

The vast majority of gun owners in the United States are ordinary, responsible people who pose no threat to their neighbors or anyone else. Taking guns, yes, even assault rifles like the one used in Newtown, out of their hands is pointless because the likelihood of them using their weapons against anyone except for self-defence is practically infinitesimal. Even though Obama and the Democrats have attempted to demonize and vilify gun owners and cast them all as crazed, right wing lunatics the reality is very different…the vast majority of gun owners in the U.S. pose no danger to anyone and taking guns out of their hands as a measure to reduce gun violence is simplistic, unrealistic and just doesn’t jibe with the facts.

The United States has a serious problem with gun violence, alright, but it isn’t caused by ordinary, responsible gun owners in the country. They should be left alone. The use of handguns by criminals, especially young black males, and keeping guns out the hands of the mentally ill…those are the real issues, the real problems, and Obama’s proposals do nothing to deal with them, nothing at all.

Obama’s reaction was more than ill-conceived, meaningless and politically motivated. It was, is, also an abuse of power and a serious threat to Americans civil liberties and the rule of law in the United States. Putting proposals before Congress for debate, consideration and approval is one thing and clearly within a Presidents authority. Obama did that. Unilaterally enacting Executive Orders and in effect bypassing Congress to effectively create new legislation clearly is not. Obama did that too. He bypassed Congress, ignored his responsibility under the Constitution, flouted the rule of law and enacted 23 Executive Orders in response to Newtown…he used the tragedy to gather power unto himself. That really is an abuse of power and a serious threat to civil liberties and the rule of law. Obama wants to rule as a dictator instead of lead like a President and that is precisely what he has done by enacting the Executive Orders. Unless he is stopped it will happen time and time again and a dictator is exactly what Obama will become.

Last Saturday there were large rallies against Obama’s behavior at state capitals in all 50 states in the union. Gun owners and other ordinary Americans of all political persuasions let Obama know in no uncertain terms that his proposed solutions aren’t really solutions at all and that his dictatorial behavior is entirely unacceptable. The rallies were a real grass roots response and a repudiation of Obama and the Democrats and there will be many more of them unless they change their ways.

Thank goodness. Politicians are obviously not going to do anything to curb Obama’s behavior and that leaves it to the people themselves. Obama is beyond doubt the worst President in American history and has brought the United States to the brink of rack and ruin. Unless the American people stop him he will drive the country over the edge. Large bi-partisan rallies in the state capitols of all 50 states on the same day are a very good start.

Obama recently authorized secret service protection for him and his family for life, which is a first in American history. You can bet that the agents will be protecting him and his family with guns and that they won’t hesitate to use them if they think it is necessary. He also sends his children to a school bristling with armed guards who are there for one reason only…to protect the children and keep them from being killed or wounded by some mentally ill individual or a criminal or terrorist of some sort.

Which they will.

With guns.

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Jerry Philipson is a retired grandfather who has spent many years working in non-profit social service agencies in Canada and the United States. He holds dual Canadian and American citizenship and has been passionate about politics, civil liberties, freedom and democracy for virtually his whole life. He is particularly interested in the Middle East and America and believes that it is vital for people of good heart and good conscience to speak out against tyranny and dishonesty and to stand up and defend and protect Western values, principles and institutions.

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