How DARE Harry Reid take MY money and tell the entire state of Nebraska that it will get many, many EXTRA billions of dollars for their Medicaid

By —— Bio and Archives December 20, 2009

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Who in God’s name gave Senator Harry Reid, liberal D-NV the power and the authority to just freely dole out the money that ALL America’s citizens have paid in taxes to the federal government?  How DARE that measly microchip of a person take MY money and tell the entire state of Nebraska that it will get many, many EXTRA billions of dollars for their Medicaid from now to eternity?

Someone in authority should obtain a warrant for his arrest and charge him with Grand Theft – Taxpayer’s Money.  He hasn’t got the authority to just GIVE AWAY the money that hard working citizens of these United States have had and will have to pay in taxes in accordance with laws written by the same gang of which Reid is a part: the unconscionable, untrustworthy and utterly dishonest United States Senate.

WHO MADE HIM GOD?  I’m surprised Obama isn’t complaining as I’m sure HE feels that HE is GOD, not Harry Reid.  The only perceivable reason why Obama hasn’t complained is because HE probably ordered Reid to do it in order to BUY the vote of one Senator named Nelson from the State ofNebraska, a state that will live in infamy and shame among its fellow states due to the Judas-like actions of that Senator.

Nelson further aggravated his position by insisting that this was just to make sure the bill would not have a provision that would pay government funds for abortions on demand and only caved when assured that the provision would NOT appear in the final version of the bill.

But if that was the case, why was the additional, and very heavy sweetener, of full Medicaid payments for eternity to Nebraska made part of Nelson’s quisling/Judas payoff for turning his back on the large majority of American citizens who oppose the Senate health care bill?

The American public should have some recourse to actions of this nature that border on treason or outright failure to command within the limits of the Constitution.  I would hope and expect that at least ONE of our ultra conservative Senators would immediately submit legislation allowing a recall of any person elected to either house of Congress who violates his oath to uphold the Constitution.

This traitorous conduct is condemned by any thinking and believing American citizen, and this is one that asks for the ultimate penalty of the perpetrators, Reid and Nelson in this case, expulsion.

Come on America; join me in this or we’ll never be the same country again.

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