Obama bows to Japanese emperor, Saudi King

By —— Bio and Archives November 14, 2009

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I cannot describe the anger when I saw this. Americans bow to no one except Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Our a**-kissing, Muslim, Marxist “great leader of the NWO,“a legend in his own mind, bowing to Emperor Akihito [son of Hirohito] of Japan, a nation that caused our entry into WWII.

This is a grave affront to anyone who has ever served, and every GI, and Marine, Sailor and Airman who died fighting the Japanese in the Pacific in WWII.

Once again, this “Prince John” usurper has disgraced the honor of The United States of America and brought us low!

Quit making excuses for this man America and recognize for who and what he and his Administration stand.

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William R. Mann, is a retired Lt. Colonel, US Army. He is a now a political observer, analyst, activist and writer for Conservative causes. He was educated at West Point [Bachelor of Science, 1971 ]and the Naval Postgraduate School [Masters, National Security Affairs, 1982].  He currently resides with his wife in Pensacola, Florida.  William can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)