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"I have regrets that everybody has misinterpreted it, and distorted it"

Helen Thomas Blows Shot At Redemption

By —— Bio and Archives--February 18, 2011

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In her first national television interview since leaving her job last year former White House correspondent Helen Thomas sat down with Joy Behar and revisited her remarks on Jews and Israel.

Behar called her remarks insensitive and asked Thomas if she didn’t see that as well.  Thomas replied that she didn’t think it would ring that many bells because they (Jews) have been free ever since.  Thomas then confused Behar as she was trying to make a point about Poland, Germany, Dachau and Auschwitz when she interjected the United States prompting Behar to ask “And the United States what?”

There is no doubt that Behar invited Thomas on the program to give her the chance to clarify if not repudiate her remarks but Thomas only dug in her heels even more so when questioned about whether or not she cared about what people thought of her and she answered “Hell no!”

Asked whether or not she regretted what she said Thomas replied:

“I have regrets that everybody has misinterpreted it, and distorted it”

Just like a typical liberal.  It’s not her fault that she said Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine” She is a victim of misinterpretation and distortion.



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Don Irvine is the chairman of Accuracy in Media and its sister organization Accuracy in Academia. As the son of Reed Irvine, who launched AIM in 1969, he developed an understanding of media bias at an early age, and has been actively involved with AIM for over 30 years.

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