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Misusing the IRS to intimidate and harass anyone who disagreed, Effective tool during the Hillary and Bill Clinton White House years

Hillary & Bill Clinton Redux: Obama’s IRS Scandal from Clinton Playbook

By —— Bio and Archives--May 16, 2013

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Knock me over with a whisper. The mainstream press and politicians are outraged to discover that the Obama administration has been misusing the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) for political gain by deliberately targeting and harassing Conservative and Tea Party groups who applied for tax-exempt status.

These same people are also shocked that a government agency would illegally leak out confidential information to the media. Where have you been all these years? Did you not think it wouldn’t happen to you or anyone else? This is what happens when corrupt politicians are not held accountable. They are emboldened. Their abuse of power grows like cancer and more innocent people are caught in their crosshairs. Newsflash: the Obama administration has taken a page out of the Clinton playbook.

Misusing the IRS to intimidate and harass anyone who disagreed with them or dared to speak truth to power worked superbly and was an effective tool during the Hillary and Bill Clinton White House years—and they got away with it. So why wouldn’t the Obama White House do it as well? After all, Obama and the Clintons share the same ideology, where the end justifies the means, and the Obama White House has been a revolving employment center for wayward Clintonites, including Ms. Hillary! herself. Are you only now waking up to the fact that politicians have been abusing their power? Sorry to tell you but America has been lawless for a long time.

As I reported in The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House and on the World Stage (page 119):

“The Clintons’ history of attempting to keep people silent is well documented, not exclusive to women, and includes Actress Elizabeth Ward Gracen. She claimed she had a long-ago fling with President Clinton, and came under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scrutiny just weeks after receiving a warning that she could be audited if she didn’t keep quiet. “I was physically scared,” she said, “... between the ‘friendly’ calls ... telling me to get out of town for my own good and then talking about the smear tactics on the other. I got scared.”

The Clinton-critical The American Spectator was burglarized three times and audited by the IRS. “The National Rifle Association, The Heritage Foundation, The National Review, Freedom Alliance, National Center for Public Policy Research, American Policy Center, American Cause, Citizens Against Government Waste, Citizens for Honest Government, Progress and Freedom Foundation, Concerned Women for America, and the San Diego Chapter of Christian Coalition,” and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly were also among those audited by the IRS. “

History repeats itself. In 2011, the Obama Administration kicked up the IRS intimidation tactic, “harassment by regulation,” by asking the Federal Communications Commission “to require groups that run political ads to disclose their high-dollar donors.”

Hello—it is 2013 now.

What? Obama’s IRS Illegally leaked information out on American citizens to members of the press? Paraphrasing for Hillary and Bill Clinton: “Been there, done that.” And you, the lucky taxpayer, got to pay $595,000 in damages for that abuse of power that occurred under the Clinton Department of Defense/Pentagon.

Remember this? From The Whistleblower (page 139):

“Swiftly ex-spouses and schoolmates were hunted down. Linda’s confidential FBI file was illegally leaked, violating the 1974 Privacy Act, by Clinton-appointed Pentagon officials, to The New Yorker, misrepresenting a teenage accusation of theft (charges were dismissed) as an arrest. The article accused Linda of lying about whether she had been arrested in a 1987 security-clearance form. The 1974 Privacy Act “prohibits the government from releasing unauthorized personal information about individual Americans to nonfederal organizations.” That leak sparked another taxpayer-funded investigation and more hell for Linda [Tripp]. Everything and anything to discredit and destroy the Clintons’ so-called political enemies was fair game.”

Did anyone go to jail then? No. Did Hillary (and other Clintonites) move on to the Obama White House, and be in a position to lie to America about Benghazi by falsely blaming a terrorist attack that killed four Americans on a non-existent protest and a YouTube video? Yes.

The Obama White House is the Clinton White House on steroids and just like the Clinton era, Christians, gun owners, patriots (today’s Tea Party), and journalists, who report truthfully, are all fair game. Misusing a government agency is an abuse of power and illegal. Politicians and federal employees who engage in such behavior should be held accountable—had the Clinton White House been held accountable in the 1990’s perhaps the Obama White House would not be misusing the IRS today.

Tip to incredulous mainstream media: It is not just the IRS but the USCIS (former INS) that has been misused as well.

Why deny what is obvious? There is a special justice system for politicians in America that doesn’t apply to everyday Americans.

Indeed, America has embraced lawlessness for a bill of goods and now it is coming to your house. The question is will you continue to remain silent or stand?

Once again, you have been warned.

Marinka Peschmann -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Marinka, the author of The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House and on the World Stage (One Rock Ink), and Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer (One Rock Ink), is a freelance journalist. She has collaborated, ghostwritten, and contributed to books and stories from showbiz and celebrities to true crime, politics, and the United Nations. After freelancing behind the scenes in both the mainstream press and the new media, it was time to step forward. For more info visit:

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