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Make no mistake about this election’s outcome: If a Democrat wins the 2016 presidency, Obama will run him/her from the safety of the sidelines

How Obama will get a Third Term

By --October 7, 2015

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Looks like Barack Obama has a third term as POTUS in the bag, and won’t be needing martial law or any other draconic measure to make it happen.

All Obama needs to remain in power and to press ahead with his deadly Fundamental Transformation of America is for a Democrat—any Democrat—to win the 2016 presidency.  Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and his twin sister Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren or the shop-worn and decrepit Bernie Sanders will do.

All Democrats pay homage to the hating-America obsessed Obama, and all would do his bidding once having gained the Oval Office.  The Messiah, who came from their midst, is after all their very own creation.

Millions wait with bated breath for the departure of the Obamas from the White House, not all of them in America.

But even with many Western leaders selling out their own nations by overwhelming them with their immigrant intakes and the celebrity culture having a big say in all we do, including elections,  a Democrat president on election night is all but a given.

No, Obama doesn’t need suspension of elections through martial law to hang on to lawless power.  That’s only what he and the progressives want the doomsayers to think.  Keeping the dissenters among the masses unhinged, worried and home on Election Day is how the Democrats work to keep a stranglehold on the White House.

The bad and most depressing news is that the Democrats all the way to the bottom of the heap intuit that they are headed to another election victory.

You can read where the Democrats are going by following the Tweets of their most despicable stalwarts like domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, now that Arne Duncan’s on his way out as Secretary of Education.

On Friday, Ayers tweeted out, “I’m officially available to be the next Secretary of Education. Call POTUS. We need a radical new direction. Free people/ free minds!” 

There’s no “Free People” and only tightly closed minds where all Marxists are concerned.

“What Ayers actually means is that we need a domestic terrorist in that position who will enslave minds through Marxism and Common Core, a curriculum that even a Chinese migrant to the united States recognizes as Communist in origin!  (Freedom Outpost, Oct. 6, 2015)

“Consider that we are talking about this Bill Ayers: 

And Ayers is only one of the flashiest jewels in the USA crown snatched by Barack Hussein Obama.

Americans who want their country back should set aside unattainable perfection for freedom.  No Republican contender is perfect but anyone of them is better than a Hillary, Fauxcahontas Joe or a blinkered Bernie.

We have reached a stage in time where people believe more in the image politicians cast on TV than the one they cast in real life.  For some Hilary Clinton on Saturday Night Live is more real than Hillary, Butcher of Benghazi.

The pervasive celebrity cult and reality TV go a long way in leading the public to its own destruction.

But if the celebrity cult from which he sprang gets Donald Trump elected it would have finally done something worthwhile for a long-suffering society.

Make no mistake about this election’s outcome:  If a Democrat wins the 2016 presidency, Obama will run him/her from the safety of the sidelines.

Post election, the motto will have gone from “Make America Great Again” to a despairing: “Nothing’s changed!”

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