CNN, Newsfront Cult called Obamamania

By —— Bio and Archives January 30, 2009

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imageThe never-ending campaign of President Barack Obama finds a cornerstone in 24-hour television network CNN. 

CNN, home of Wolf Blitzer and Larry King Live among other talking heads, now leads the Newsfront Cult called Obamamania.

While the viewers of most television networks watch the news, CNN viewers “wear the news”:

“Apparently CNN, having abandoned any effort to appear impartial, is now selling T-shirts that commemorate Obama’s newborn presidency,” reader Fred Dardick wrote in a Canada Free Press (CFP)  letter to the editor yesterday.

  CNN T-shirts include slogans such as “Obama raises hand, lifts a nation” and “Obama: It’s time to remake America”.

  “How is it possible for a major news organization to get away with this?” asks Dardick.

  “This is anti-American to the core as far as I am concerned.  CNN may as well be considered an extension of the apparently never ending Obama campaign.”

  CFP would answer Dardick’s question in this way:  Major television networks started moving away from the delivery of the news long before Senator Barack Obama appeared on the scene.

  In those days, the news was quickly morphing into—”Entertainment”.

  During the presidential election campaign, television networks were joined by members of the print media, who jumped into the tank with Obama paving the way for the reality: “2008 the Year the Mainstream Media Died”.

  CNN is not only cashing in on the sales of the T-shirts, it provides tangible proof that “The News is Propaganda”.


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